Bible Battles Trading Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel reviews Bible Battles Trading Card Game

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dtigertron says:

@nekosama23 seriously? From my understanding of the game, it is about using some of the wars that are created in the bible and trying to create a game out of it. No one said that if you played the game, you would be saved or would even be a better person. Likely as not, if they had made a good game, people would have went to look up those references. Now you have non=Christians reading the Bible which is good! Don’t forget that Jesus hung out with people that religious leaders didn’t like.

Jeremy Fridy says:

I remember the old Bible CCG, Redemption. It was sort of a magic light, but not too memorable. Then they put out a game called City of Bandage, where you basically played a dungeon hack board game (most like the old TSR game Dungeon,) with biblical heroes.

bytorism says:

lol god is not real lol

dragondisaster says:

Why didn’t they just call this Ancient Civilizations the card game.

Edguardian says:

Sounds demonic )))

Masticina Akicta says:

Wow another christian “approved” version of a much better game. And this versions is bad.. who had thought that *gazes at certain people* Just get with the program and enjoy magic the gathering.

Chase Reinhard says:

This game proves you can make a card game out of anything, and I mean anything.

little darlings says:

“There’s a cost value up there next to that piece or cheese or whatever it is…” LOL

Joshua H. says:

i didnt know he was a pastor.

RhinoBarbarian says:

As a Christian, I think it would be pretty funny too. Alas, I am one of those non-religious Christians that doesn’t take things as seriously as most. Very few of us out there it seems.
But hey, let’s get to designing it. You looking for a partner in the endeavor?

grizzman1995 says:

is there a jesus christ card ?

Chessmaster777 says:

the die sounded like GIR

The Dice Tower says:

Ah, this sounds like so many of my yearbook signatures!

thecrackllama says:

lol why is bribery on islam

Oshyrath says:

Hey Tom, who’s the new guy at the beginning?

James Justus says:

You seriously need to do a review of Redemption. Best TCG ever. Second longest lasting TCG.


Vanessa Kindell says:

They could have done so much better if they had designed it around the conflict between Angels and Demons using human souls as mana and pulling from the hierarchys of heaven and hell as creatures, instead of what they did.

Austin Awesome says:

This game has potential!!!!

Mattman91c says:

this has nothing to do with the review but when you where going through the cards there was a speck of dirt that was really bothering me haha Im so OCD

The Pathetic Club says:

“next to that piece of cheese or whatever it is”


Joshua H. says:

I got magic the gathering, and im Christain, so i threw out magic and got bible battles because it magic but not filled with demons and curses. Michael Nelson just explained this.

RhinoBarbarian says:

I would like to point out that glasses do work for Clak Kent/Superman.

R0M says:

I didn’t know you are a pastor.

Sandrockcstm Gaming says:

Completely disagree. It’s fun to build decks because the game itself is fun. The gameplay inspires you to build your own decks. If the gameplay was only a formality then nobody would bother to build decks, as is the case with this game.

Fairy GoodMüller says:

you cannot prove it either way… so as zapetheape said, no one cares

Burnth eKoran says:

This whole time I thought it was “The Dice THROWER” (not tower, lol,oops!)

Andrew Lau says:

Tom, I love your reviews, but I think you miss the point of trading card games (CCG)

95% of the joy from these games comes from collecting the cards, trading for the cards you need to build your deck, spending hours testing and tweaking your deck so the combos will work, and then ultimately defeating someone else who spent the same countless hours doing the same. you won’t get that by just buying a couple starters and boosters, and playing the game. The actual game play is just a formality.

Zontar82 says:

seems like a nice and original concept.although i can’t stop thinking that this is the game that ned flanders would like to play..

Phreakiboi says:

I like the design of the cards. They’re stylish without looking cheap or confusing. Don’t really care for the bad grammar in the “Illus. by:” though. If they’re going to make Bible games, they should make them more original. Perhaps someone needs to “inspire” religious game designers!

Talloweed says:

@timidstance Translated, that means, “Yes. I agree with your point entirely. Sorry that I lashed out, but you made a point that I couldn’t argue against and it hurt my tender feelings. My original statement was based on inconsistent bias, and I apologize to xtians everywhere.”

Fiddlewheel says:

I always thaught a game based on Christianity should be some sort of Abstract Strategy game…

Joshua H. says:

He said combats confusing, its the exact same to magic.

TyphoidBryan says:

Tap your Adam’s Fig Leaf to untap your Bone Flute. If you have Eve in play, you will gain Giant Growth. It lasts for one turn, but if it happens to persist for four hours or longer, notify your physician.

stoneywithaboney says:

lol no one gives a crap about your opinion lol

Mania497 says:

That sounds bloody awesome indeed.

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