CGRundertow POKEMON SILVER for Game Boy Color Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Pokemon Silver for the Game Boy Color. Game Freak always makes the best Pokemon games. With Pokemon Silver this is nothing short of the truth. In this you join your hero on his adventure in the new land of Johto as he quests to be a Pokemon master. This CGRundertow review features Pokemon Silver gameplay and is by CGR’s Amanda.

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Shrasha says:

Then there was the cloning Pokémon/held item glitch. =P

Bl00G8R says:

bitch she’s too old for you

Thepianist126 says:

I loved this game it was my childhood.

goy says:

She could be 20.

will herig says:

Pok(e)mon not pokamon ughhh

Joseph Zammito says:

My Silver’s battery dried out so I can’t play it on Pokemon Stadium 2 anymore .  Sadness fills my heart.

Razerek says:

nostalgia. Like, wow.

Cristian Ibarra says:

I used to play pokemon crystal alot when i was a child, i love that game… i wish i find a cheap used pokemon crystal copy so i can play it again and actually finish it for the first time lol

KevBig1997 says:

They should release all the classic Pokemon games on Virtual Console (3DS)

Ian Combs says:

That IS Lance.

popo237 says:

How do you play the older games?

J&B Films says:

this vid must be fudgin old!!!!!!!!!!

Mohhamad Aliff says:

The only bad thing about this game: Joey and his fuckin Rattatas……..

Lazydesmond says:

My parents took my gameboy from me, and when I got it back they somehow lost nearly all my games too. This was the one I was the most pissed about, obviously (although I was also really mad about Link’s awakening). Years later when the Visualboy emulator came out, I managed to beat this game and get all of the pokemon. This brings back so many memories of me having to run to the store for AA batteries, me and my brother swapping games when he got his new gameboy advance and him being really pissed because I could buy a crap ton of gbc games for the same price as a single GBA cartridge, blockbuster video, trading pokemon cards in elementary, coming home and watching the TV show on pbs, and every kid in the neighborhood eventually moving away and me having to live my teenage years with practically nobody around. The new bark town theme is pretty much the theme of my childhood, and it was great. My teenage years sucked total ass, and now I have even more shit to worry about than ever before, still with nobody around me. Man, I wish I was a kid again.

WafflesInTheHouse says:

The music was so ace, plus I wanna cry

Christopher Sylvie says:

I love that Togepi is nicknamed EGGBERT in this video. Degrassi High reference anyone??

Jagar Tharn says:

Best Pokemon Games Silver/Gold, HANDS DOWN!

AprilsMoon92 says:

I loved these games, definitely my favorite ones in the series!


huge nostalgia man 🙁

Tampaterry54 says:

“game freak always makes the best pokemon games” probably because the pokemon series are FROM game freak

matt2battproductions says:

Derek is a way better commentator then she is. This girl is just boring.

Mike Pellegrino says:

What I got out of this review: Lugia is a jerk. Got it. 🙂

Jorendo says:

I owned gold, it is in my eyes still the best pokemon game they ever made. The world felt so alive to me back then, and i spend so many hours, days, weeks, months in that game. Thanks to the day night cycle, the events, the weekly lottery, etc. it all kept me playing and playing. Just wanted to be in that world. I can’t remember how old i was when it came out, but i was 15+ atleast. We had insane computer times for the PC, so the gameboy was my main gaming device back then. Man i miss those day’s when i could sit in my room for hours just playing on my old grey brick (didn’t even had a gameboy collor, and yes this game worked on a regular gameboy too).

Shame i can’t find my cartridge anywhere anymore.

Tyler Schmid says:

Should I play silver on my gameboy color or heartgold on my DS

Nathan X says:

I know, but there isn’t a bird type so I don’t know why they called Lugia a bird. I can understand Ho-oh because it looks like a bird. But Lugia…

PrinceZuko says:

The video creator didn’t mention the fact that you won’t be able to save your game in most of the original cartridges.

ghostko1235 says:

Lugia was easier to catch than ho oh to catch for me.

Liam Kay says:

You do know you can get both lugia and ho oh in bother versions?

TheSonicFan4 says:

Aren’t ‘cha glad Lugia remains at the bottom of the sea to contain its power? You asked for it. 🙂

nicxtrem21 says:

Well, doesn’t mean I played it when it came out…if it what you mean.

13gravedigga says:

Your mom hates yOu so much, she doesnt answer your calls in pokemon:))

Kalkas53 says:

ah couldnt remember which i got first i think gold (got thet with in a least a week of each other)
owned red and loved it got the new ones and my mind was blown
a clock with day light savings? night and day? gender and breading? held items? and an organized back back that allowed me to see the tm without having to look each one up
was the coolest game and most advanced game for me at the time

note i was 8 at the time and only owned a game boy color

hellraiserward says:

i caught lugia in a pokeball on my first try in both versions. had to use ultra balls in the remakes though.

TheAnonyxBros says:

I was five when I played it with my mom but you should know about that.

Anarchy Empire says:

Their very similar. Wtf is wrong with you lugia is a majestic hawk wile ho oh is a fcking Turkey!!!

Salty Bishop says:

1:55 That was a amazing impression.

burning255 says:

best pokemon game ever

Sitizen Kane says:

I played this for a bit. I borrowed it from my cousin, who wanted to play yellow (my first Pokemon game). Then I played red and loved it. The only other pokemon I played was Sapphire, and I enjoyed it.

Ric Flair says:

still got it

thepunisher666ebk says:

whats the difference between gold and silver

Alan Amadiz says:

She’s mine…

Nathan X says:

Ho-oh, not Ho-Ho. Also Lugia isn’t a bird.

Inti1415 says:

I had pokemon silver a long time ago as a kid and when I went to the horse track with my Dad me spilled a Drink on it and now its unusable. A week later I traded it to gamestop and they accepted it LOL

thepunisher666ebk says:

which one is better gold or silver

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