CGRundertow VG POCKET CAPLET Video Game Hardware Review

VG Pocket Caplet review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow hardware review of the VG Pocket Caplet from Pelican Accessories. The VG Pocket Caplet is a portable gaming device. We hesitate to call it a console because, well, it doesn’t take cartridges. Some lines can’t be crossed. Nonetheless, the VG Pocket Caplet is a later model of the VG Pocket with an improved screen and the addition of three licensed games from Taito. Space Invaders, Bust-a-Move and Burger Time, which is Derek’s eternal nemesis. This video review features video gameplay footage of the VG Pocket Caplet and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.

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noideac says:

a sense ashens wannabes…

Jam35Var1ety says:


eliam1992x says:

have more games than psvita…

the Awsomemay cult says:

I have that

eclipsedsm2 says:

Holy crap what are those cylinders he put in the back?? Oh disposable batteries. We learned about those in history class 😛

Potatosaremyfriends1 says:

Gooby pls.

BritsBoy122 says:

I know. Joke that is 6 months late must be deleted from internets. Done.

Zapkin (⌐►_◄) says:

is not that bad

lil Kunt says:

fan boi? I waz juts sayin dat ps3 < xbocks an dat the psp is a pece of shit hav u evn seen da new1? it kant evn play halo

jahmarr sai says:

What is with these dumb ass people writing gibberish. Don’t y’all know how to write or type

iTweak0r * says:

2:54 They used that name before Nintendo did?

lil Kunt says:

The graphiks r basicli the sam thing plus ders no xbox live so its gay.

Dorp S says:

NGP stands for NeoGeo Pocket and it’s by SNK, bro. Probably a much better system that whatever you’re holding too.

Phredreeke says:

When LCD screen manufacturers wants to show a higher resolution in specs they count each color channel separately, as such 960 x 240 is really just 320 x 240.

Lonewolfx3 says:

its a Cool tiny Candy Dispensor 😀

2RandomStudios says:

Commenting on my Microsoft Computational Device

SkellART says:

That looks like the GBA Version of Bust-A-Move

Anonymous Idea says:

win or lose is also on somthing else. I dont remember what it is.

doperification says:

0/10 trolling

Matthew Neathery says:

great vid and to be honest i thought bubble wobble would be a bubble bobble ripoff not a mutant tetris ripoff

Nesasta says:


The Awesome Gamer says:

pleasantly surprised with this console 🙂

colin571 says:

No this is nothing like a psp

Marc Miller says:

I see that name differently… VGpocket V… G… Hmm….?

Carter Herrigstad says:

Bruh, I totally remember playing this all time. Bust a move, Deep Storm and Boxboy were my favorite

eclipsedsm2 says:

Box looks more fun to play with then that blue turd

kenneth cordova says:

I have that console and I love playing it when I’m bored

Clint Redwood says:

Ouija board is better


this is much, much, brtter than PCP

abdul ajeez says:

Ya plz do this

lil Kunt says:

u dient even get a point mad u fag stop u just stop u quere psp an ps3 ar mad trash.

Fieldpiece says:

use to have one loved it, they where cool because they had different colors and had different games frim each other

Jasmin Iris Dy says:

Hi, can you please make a review on
“iCore iPocket Game On iC-i1000”
I cant find any reviews about it. Thanks!

crazt says:

Me and my team of highly trained seintists are working 24/7 just to figure out what you just said!

Jack Gray says:

Replied to the wrong comment, dude. That and It’s 3 months past relevancy,

AlPalC says:

I have had 2 vg pockets before they are pretty cool.

Jam35Var1ety says:

oh lol ok.

KittehKreeper says:

I used to have one of these, i loved it very much. played it all the time!

Awesome Wikid Studios says:

How much is this?

lil Kunt says:

wut da fuk r u saein? i kant evn undrestannd dat stueiped reponse u shud glu bak 2 ur ps5 u faget. keil ur sealf. long liv da x bocx 369

Eau1983 says:

I didn’t know George Michael Bluth did console reviews.

Falc0n says:

At first it looked like action 52 but in console form -__

coolguy1892 says:

I just ordered this VG Pocket on eBay for $25 bucks so WHOOHOO!

Sly88Frye says:

Interesting little device. Looks pretty cool! I bet the price is quite fair too.

Willi Kampmann says:

The 960×240 resolution claim is the typical marketing trick of advertising sub pixels rather than full RGB pixels – it’s 320×240 with 3 subpixels per RGB channel (320 times 3 = 960).

colin571 says:

Fuck off fanboy

Marc Standley says:

$25 for portable Bust-A-Move alone is totally worth it!

Guru Laghima says:

`”Brilliant color graphics”

For once, this wasn’t a lie.

Jack Gray says:

That joke is about 6 months too late.

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