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Let’s look back on one of the most underrated and under appreciated franchises from the late 2000’s.


Catlord says:

I really loved this show back when I was younger. I even recently rewatched the show as an adult and I, to my surprise, I didn’t hate it like I do with a lot of stuff I loved as a kid.

TheUnikronus says:

I watched the show and collected the cards because it was interesting to me as a kid but I only ever knew 1 other person that played the card game. It was a blip on the radar where I lived and at 1 point I even questioned if it existed at all honestly

Beneditkt Rossmanith says:

this waa MY SHIT

tonygoggles says:


Josh Solders says:

A good friend of mine is a huge fan of this game

God Speed Crow says:

Chaotic was that filler cartoon that was hella arse

Red x says:

dude thanks searching toe show for so long thanks

azhar hashim says:

you stupid
you do know anything about chaotic

packers12to80 says:

They came out with a ds game too….I have it in my collection but never played it lol. I know it’s gonna be bad

Lorenzo Jones says:

LMAO “all 9 of them”

Altaru554 Temmie says:

For some reason, I remember the show having a way different artstyle

TCG League says:

Pokemon is repetitive AF too back and forth to destroy a fucking Pokemon.

Predator_Rengar says:

i remembered i loved watching chaotic

ErengoRPG says:

Still can”t be a Patreon… CUS YOU AINT ALLOWING IT ! XD

RokuNami4ever (Sora Lockhart) says:

Fuck 4kids for killing this game with their greed.

Brooklyn Bey says:

I lowkey wouldn’t mind a reboot of the series.

Nathen Warz says:

I loves this series

DR.Acula Anderson says:

the show was good thoe well good enuf

Technimechanical says:

I only ever played with the cards

Nate says:

The show was my shit, and thats like the only reason I played the card game as a kid

HelloThere says:

RIP a real one

Peter McEwen says:

and magic is still the most popular and no anime

Talmorne says:

I only ever paid attention to the show, didn’t care about the cards XD

Maxon Mendel says:

Just found this and your digimon video. Subbed. Great content. Wish I could make videos like this


I loved playing the Chaotic video game, lol. I feel like I was one of the few who liked it.

Grant Andrews says:

Great research, great video flow, little too much forced humor. Relax, your content is more than strong enough without all the shouting. 🙂

Then again, you do you.

Nerd With an Opinion says:

I member

Cheek Loins says:

I still have all my cards. I loved this game.

Zora n says:

I remember watching it whne I was a kid, good times.

Maxon Mendel says:

I arrived here after watching NegativeLegends video on a Chaotic playlist. I still dont have a clue how I found that playlist. Lol I had just about forgotten this TV show.

Goth Hyena says:

They went bankrupt by yu-gi-oh lol

GAYLIEN the Gay Alien says:

Ok so good to know I didn’t hallucinate this show

Matthew Izzo says:

Honestly, with this game and the VR technology we have now it could be really big with the right marketing and game development.

Nerd With an Opinion says:

Redakai anyone?

Goat on Molly says:

It was kinda trash lol

UnRated PvP says:

i remeber this show. had like one deck

Adventure Balloon Boy says:

What was the cartoon with a kid drawing some characters?

Aurora Borealis says:

Man I remember this show! I never played the card game but I vividly remember watching the show. Thought it was cool that they turned into the creatures they were fighting against eachother. I really wouldnt mind a reboot of this series if the original owners were to keep that general premise and rebuild it from the ground up. It might make for an interesting hybrid of monster catching, card collecting and fighting games.

canis Root says:

I had an atismo friend who got pulled into every shitty card game and he would always try to hook me on them, this was the one I laughed at the most.
Still play yugioh tho. Paliofrogs4LYF.

L. g. t card game channel says:

How did u get so many subs I trying. Best on that

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