Cheap Damage: Nightmare Before Christmas TCG

I can’t sing…


Paladin Demo says:

My offer to teach you Horrorclix still stands.

Ghostietoastie says:

Also where did that Burton fan art come from? Who did it?

GG-27 says:

honestly thought you were done with cheap damage, glad to see it back

The Pyramid (N) says:

I like how this card game sounds ^_^.
Fantastic new episode you’ve got here

Mochi Squish says:

the song had me smiling super hard and giggling

Sketch Bud says:

So good to see more episode of your Cheap Damage series.
Will we be expecting to see more Familiar Faces too?

Dracomut says:


Also Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland needs more love

pokemaster123ism says:

finally, something not hearthstone

Suteivun says:

2:02 So hardcore he didn’t even notice that he stuck himself in the arm with a cigarette.

Andrew Schembri says:

WOW how long has it been since the last time you did one of these!?

jayblade2000 says:

Two things. That into was awesome, and I have that Ben10 DVD game you see in the intro as well

Tsuki Condor says:

I love the Card and Game shed

Ghostwriter says:

Please bring this series back

jacoblgames says:

Is that LOTR game really a rip-off of Dungeons & Dragons? Also, you have to make a Cheap Damage video about the Kingdom Hearts TCG. Anyone else wondering if he’ll make a Cheap Damage on Chaotic?

Falcovsleon21 says:

2:11 Uh CR. Pretty sure Yo-Kai Watch isn’t popular enough yet to be making fun of it.

Runescapeguides110 says:

just bought 3 booster boxes of Christmas town version of these at hastings. So excited. does the heat in the shed damage your games?

Chaos777 says:

how about scooby doo the Tcg? I would love to play it.

T4 wasHere says:


M Gallo says:

Congratulations. You got a like for the witty and cheeky What’s This? rip-off. Bravo sir. Bravo.

Mark Myers says:

That hot topic guy is my spirit animal for the day.

keimakoh says:

Well, that was certainly a thought-out game system. It looks interesting to play. Alas, it’s a dead TCG. Hell, a lot of licensed TCGs could have been better if it weren’t for the ‘T’, which makes getting into the game (and getting good) a daunting experience.

Valtharr says:

you mentioned it in this video, so I gotta ask…are you ever gonna review the Call of Cthulhu LCG? it’s one of my favorites and I was really bummed that it got discontinued (though admittedly, the new Arkham Horror LCG that replaces it looks even more up my alley…)

darkpegasus321 says:


tbonbrad says:

Nice seeing your video’s again.

Cari Hunt says:

actually you weren’t that bad

Chris Kimbrel says:

Overproduction much?

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