Crimson Invasion – Pokemon TCG Set Review

Andrew Mahone reviews the Crimson Invasion Pokemon TCG Set.

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Toni Bresadola says:

i wish the cards were in english so i could actually read them

SleepyEspurr says:

One card that I really like is Cinccino in Crimson Invasion. It’s either you take 80 damage or I get my cards back.

giallo pallo says:

nice video as always, btw love the shirt and hat, not sure about the transparent glasses but the outift gets an A+ from me ahah

id be very interested if you could talk about the “less rare” cards in this set like gengar or cacturne and discuss some ideas for cheap fun decks, although then it wouldnt be “deriums competitive pokemon” anymore but still ahah

Callum says:

Psychic memory + dimension valley + silvally. DCE 120, 1 shot buzzwole, espeon, nihelego etc

Kart Griffin says:

Do you think Gyarados would be good with lusamine and po town? With bodybuilding dumbbells he has 280 hp, 250 if you go through po town, which is amazing at stage 1. You could pair him with kiawe or the new Venusaur to charge him up and lusamine your stadiums back. I think it’d be hard for your opponent to keep up with 200 damage per turn for very long

Tim Melton says:

I’ve been seeing a lot of people griping about this set, but I honestly think that the player base has been spoiled by the last two sets, which each introduced a ton of game-changing cards. I appreciate Crimson Invasion for being a more modest addition to the game, and I think there are a lot of cards in the set that could have great potential.

Competitively speaking, at least it isn’t the barren wasteland that was Evolutions… haha

erki Bladh says:

Gengar seems cool as well, not sure how good it’s going to be. Aggron would’ve been amazing if its main attack had a cost of 2 instead of 3, but I’m still going to try it out.

ElectricVibez HD says:

When does the new solgaleo come out

Lakehouse 160 says:

You would never use the stadium for boosting dark because you can use reverse valley, (which is a 2 way stadium card) and gives your darks +10 and your opponents steel -10 so it gives you the same boost, and gives no boost to your opponent

The Gaming Masters says:

Can you build a fresh gardevoir deck with that new card

hobojoe pokevids says:

I tested mawile in my decks as a 2 of and it made my deck more consistent then it was when I played Bridgette

cochiselol1232 says:

Can you use these cards straight away in expanded format?

MysticOwl 12 says:

I’m so annoyed that the set comes out the day after my birthday

AscendingPhoenix says:

Nihilego gx with tsareena gx with chaos tower and things like super scoop up, acerola to help keep the ability of nihilego consistent to buy for big damage with tsareena gx

Gustavo Chagas says:

Hey Andrew, what do you think about Gengar’s family in the set?

Yorick Abrego says:

Thinking about a metagross gx / kartana gx / zoroark gx deck. What’s your guys opinions?

BearJaw PKMNbattoru says:

Awesome shirt, man.

Poke' Apocalypse says:

Awesome! Was wanting around for this video, this set has some pretty great looking stuff in it! Gyarados GX looks amazing and so does Golem GX.

Jamesta James says:

Guzzlord/Wishful Baton….. that’s how you make it work

Evan Barrett Nadon says:

the miltank is god! healing 90 for and energy attachment! THAT IS GAME CHANGING!
(i know it is good because i went 4,1,0 at the local prerelease!

All Things Eevee says:

Nice job on the video, dude! <3

Eric Naves Martins says:

buzzwole wins guzzlord in pre-release. Guzz doesnt 1hko buzzwole

BlazingAura97 says:

A Moo Moo Malt sounds so delicious…

Dave Hébert says:

they is a good garydos in expanded, the ancient origin one, i could see that magicarp in it

Brendan Irvine says:

if counter energy was a DCE if you have at least 2 prizes ahead it would totally be great. With the EX/GX rule i think it just kills the possibilities.

Pmon Tcg Guild says:

Selling cards. On my snupps. My username is @PmonGuild

alex sell says:

It doesn’t work with the guzzlord, it has x2 weakness to fighting so you have the LIKES of buzzwhole and things like that at a prerelease, I tried it and went 2-0-1

tapu gaming says:

14:00 all electrode type decks will be playing it alot.conter cacher is a item you do get it right?
You know setup pokemon get knock out so you can use counter cacher to get 2 prize cards.

Brandon Muto says:

Guzzlord in prerelease is beatable here is what to do

Guzzlord will always want to go second so they can attack first turn, so either way on the coin flip you will go first
Turn 1 (you)
1 active pokemon 1 benched regirock (attach an energy to regi) pass
Turn 1 (Guzzlord)
they attach an energy and then eat sloppy (which discard the top 5 cards of their deck and attach energy they find there. leaving their guzzlord with 6 energy)
Turn 2 (you)
attach another energy to your benched regirock and pass
Turn 2 (Guzzlord)
They will gx you taking 3 prizes (you move your regirock with 2 energies on it to your new active pokemon)
Turn 3 (You)
Attach your 3rd energy to regirock. attacking guzzlord hitting 110×2=220 knocking out guzzlord and taking 2 prizes. they no longer have a pokemon in play. you win

A And M Toys says:

Went to a pre Realease. Got a nihilego GX first pack

Jeremy Lam says:

Love the vids Mahone! Sick shirt btw

Andrew Underwood says:

set is trash

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