Doomtown TCG Another WOTC Failed Trading Card Game

A trip down memory lane for alot of former Doomtown TCG Players.


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Rubai Sora says:

I don’t know if you have heard of it, but I used to enjoy playing a TCG called .hack//ENEMY when it first came out. It had an interesting gameplay and tied in nicely with the anime series and video games that was out in the .hack franchise at the time.

Wizards of the Coast Terminal Stage 4 Dick Cancer says:

Doomtown Reloaded had one of the worst rulebooks I have ever seen.

Will Rachac says:

You should do a review of the game called Redemption

eziehm says:

Keep em comin! Im waiting for the Decipher Star wars TCG review. I played that a lot for the first few sets!

Deadmaxx says:

If you like “Weird West” Games you should look into a board game called ‘Shadows of Brimstone’ It’s REALLY fun! 🙂

Nico Mero says:

Dead TCG is my favorite series 🙂

krepsy K says:

Looks really fun. I’d play it. Would you consider covering Nightmare Before Christmas tcg?

Nomad 0036 says:

Took 4 or 5 reloads to get the ads, but I got them for you Jeremy. 🙂

Zink Shecoat says:

Man, Deadlands has always been one of may favorite Tabletop RPGs. I forgot they had a TCG.

Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus says:

My friends and I still play Original Doomtown TCG whenever we get bored of MTG. We found a lot of the terms are very similar to MTG but most of all the combat is so fun with the poker system adding that randomness LOL

Jason Lynch says:

Never played this, but remember reading about it years ago in Inquest or one of the other tcg mags.

Everwake says:

Fuck the Packers!

jball2k says:

Really like these videos!

MothM4n says:

YES! I love these videos, keep em comin dude

DJ Bioxic says:

Bro how much money would it be for that png of your face. I want it as a sticker for my car

WildCard2281 says:

You should play Yugioh it’s a fun game also they’re not plague with NPCs

T K says:

I still have my old deck!!!

lloyd3322 says:

Do duel masters (which was hybrid of yugioh and mtg). It is dead card game from wotc

Will Rachac says:

Card game*

Wanicki 357 says:


Joe B says:

Do Magination.

Drewbe _ says:

What is it with all the YouTuber’s I watch having awesome hoodies?

anxietydown says:

This is one of those games where they renamed every action to be thematic but at the same time made it real difficult to remember what anything ment.

R L says:

I’m a big Aaron Rodgers fan, but have to admit, the Packers front office really needs to get him help if they want to get anywhere. They are so lucky they have Rodgers able to work his magic against a 1-4 (now 1-5) team with a backup QB, at home.

kairutk says:

This sounds really intricate.

DataSeven1 says:

I used to play this. It was actually pretty neat. I still have my Jokers.

rifleman2c says:

Do battletech TCG, also by WoTC.

Andrew E says:

7th Sea

PhantomDragon1992 says:

Well YOU might be banned. But did they say people representing you or showing up as your proxy are banned? Something to think about. But won’t blame you for not going with it.

Richie Dagger says:

If you’re looking at defunct WOTC properties, Hecatomb was fun and had unique mechanics.

Morgan Bourke says:

At least WOTC didn’t fail L5R…it took FFG to do that.

Nicholas Koppean says:

I like these dead TCGs but I can never find anyone to play them with. I can’t even find someone to play Star Wars Destiny with and that game is supposedly active still.

TGF00Buck says:

Doomtown was a great game. I had a ton of fun with the original. I loved the poker mechanic, and who can forget Sun in your eyes. No secondary market around here.

Andrasy99 says:

I played the AEG rebooted version of 2014 (Doomtown Reloaded). While the game is cool and all, it has one of the steepest learning curves I ever encountered in a card game. Trying to learn the game with a friend, we always ended up wining/losing the game on turn one, because we lacked any sense of strategy, and went all in, kinda like poker. If you decide to try the game out, just remember it’s not noob friendly, and be patient with it.

James Harper says:

Ill go to GenCon for you.

Jacob Pieffle says:

Are you banned from mtg gameplay? Cause fuck you seem chill being a fellow wisconsinite

'Ello Guv'ner says:

I really want to know what’s up with that cowboy bebop ccg you’ve got in the back. You should do a video on that sometime.

Tadd And Chris says:

Is that the lead singer of Ghost in the thumbnail?

Grimlock Steve says:

It would be nice if they released these games as stand alone products after they fail

Loomis2459 says:

Doomtown was Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). They sold it to WotC. Then it died out as a CCG. AEG brought it back and rebooted it as an LCG then transferred the rights back to Pinnacle (who made the role-playing game) who is currently making new expansions for it. The mechanics were cleaned up and they got rid of the confusing things (like Terror levels that kept moving and out-of-town deeds being too powerful). It’s a good solid game. Just like Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea CCG.

DJexs says:

Watching sports are for idiots and layabouts. Watching sports does nothing for society, humans in general, or yourself. It’s a pure waste of time and anyone who participates in WATCHING a sport should do the human race a favor and remove yourself for the gene pool because you are nothing but a useless eater.

Brandon's Flowers says:


The Magic Historian says:

Holy fucking hell I god damn love the thumbnail on this video

Michael Connor says:

I would like to see, Battletech and Seventh Sea. Both were WOTC.
Seventh Sea was based of an RPG by the same name.

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