Exodus TCG Expands: New Expansion with Solid METAL Cards !?


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Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

~August Special~
Theros /Born Of Gods/ Nyx Combo

MTG – Commander 2018 – 119.99 Shipped
MTG – Core 2019 – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Global Series – 19.99 Shipped
MTG – Challenger Decks 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Dominaria – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Masters 25 139.99 Shipped
MTG – Iconic Masters 139.99 Shipped

Force of Will – Advent of the Demon King

Pokemon – Forbidden Light
Pokemon – Roaring Skies


skizzik121 says:

ok so i wasnt impressed until i saw the SR, thats a solid foiling effect. i must say though the corners on these cards make mtg look like a high end product….

The Goth King says:

Box Toppers should be in clear packaging to prevent damage.

sgr7th says:

that little dragon looks like he coming out of a pair of balls…

Isaac says:

How do you find Rudy’s e-mail if you want to ask him something or inquire about a sale?

john smith says:

so i just started thinking about investments in mtg i was wondering if you could tell me some more current sets that you think will age well i was thinking like unstable, aether revolt, kaledesh …. just some thoughts

Vincent Heslin says:

Love seeing new tcgs-but my god, all the newer tcgs have the absolutely busiest, eye-burning designs. My god, dial everything done and tighten everything up. It’s so hard to look at. That being said, worth a try!

augmenautus rex says:

Looks cool. I hope they take off.

a e s t h e t i c . s u i c i d e says:

Almost 10% women, my boi.

Tragic The Garnering says:

I just ordered some.

RizzyWow says:

That typography ruins the cards. They should use a serif font to keep the same feel all through.

Aussa Kagamine says:

aaaaaaaaa beautiful angels must be mine~

Cringerbread Man says:

Mox Rudy

augmenautus rex says:

https://youtu.be/npc3iqw_jQ0?t=909 The SJW’s just had a heart attack.

Galvonetta says:

I feel like… the visual design of these things is a mess. Like how they jam the creature type and whatnot in to the top right corner which is a weird, place for that kind of information to be. Or how the names of the cards are forced on to two lines because the art cuts in to the top area for whatever reason? Also, making the text for rarity that prominent is just silly. Give it a particular symbol, or some text at the bottom or something. If it’s not relevant to gameplay, it shouldn’t be taking up that much valuable space on the card.

It doesn’t make it unplayable or anything, it just makes it look like they prioritized showing off the art far more than making well designed, readable cards.

Also, abilities referencing card rarity is lame. Usually cards have synergies with things that make sense in context like, you have a robots deck, or an elf deck, or etc. Not, I have a RARE deck, or my deck focuses on UNCOMMONS. That’s such a lame way to use synergy mechanics.

idk. I like a lot of the weirdo, non-Magic stuff you show (Force of Will is dope), but this one just feels…. woof. I like a lot of the marketing stuff. Having a magazine is cool, and the art itself seems great. But man, it does NOT look like something I’d actually want to play :/

Dung Pie says:

the only reason why i don’t like other TCGs other than MTG, is that the art just sucks, cringy and mostly catered towards children or weebs…. i like the darker side of old MTG cards. Hence why I only care about black zombie cards…..

Varaxus says:

i feel like not having a rare in every pack will mean the rares will actually be rare and have value unlike mtg with 20 cent rares tht nobody uses

casey roggow says:

Talk about KeyForge that just got announced at Gen Con

KMHH1976 says:

Hey Rudy can you do an update video on the megacorp game.

YayMKayay says:

Is it just me, or is that Nicol Bolas at @21:14

pokemon card Seeker says:

Looks good 🙂 would be great if they did the metal ones small size in all the card games

Logan Sullivan says:

No stores in texas are playing this? feelsbadman

Alex Diotto says:

I’m not feeling the art on the cards

BattleBrothers Gaming says:

Wizards take note on other card games with good card stock and other tcg companies are doing fine with decent card stock i bought a pack of M19 yesterday and immediately the cards started to bend for me personally i haven’t had any problems with M19 card stock but yesterday was the first pack i bought that the cards bend

Jason Barry says:

I find it very suspicious that anybody, let alone a collector, would ever talk up that card frame. It’s atrocious.

Kidicoris says:

Rudy, you’re making me miss scry magazine. RIP scry.

James Mullord says:

Sounds like T6 aluminium when you tap it

Im Mars says:

damn this art is awesome

Andre Höhnke says:

where can I buy singles?

DreamPurpleFloyd says:

0:00 The new Nightwish album art looks great

chad larochelle says:

I actually really like that art,i seriously cant stand that cgi busy artwork some of the new tcg have much rather have it look like a painting or drawing I mean im a 90s kid and im not gonna lie,the new pokemon cards look like crap compared to the old base sets and jungle

Angel Martinez says:


Ga Bo says:

looks like the uncommon card is upside down so you can do the “card pull trick” from pokemon where you grab the back 4 cards from the pack and put them to the front of the pack so your rare/sr card is the last one you pull from the pack. 🙂 I like this!

Lucien Star says:

this is a tcg id buy just for the art.

Muertesfavor says:

Looks like the SR’s were at the bottom of the box …

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