Failed Card Games = What on earth is WYVERN Trading Card Game !?

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Rudy’s Magic Store
10950-60 San Jose Blvd.
Box # 139
Jacksonville, FL 32223

MTG – Battle Bond – 79.99 Shipped
MTG – Challenger Decks
MTG – Dominaria – Temporarily Sold out
MTG – Masters 25
MTG – Iconic Masters
MTG – Rivals of Ixalan
MTG – Ixalan
MTG – Hour of Devastation
MTG – Amonkhet

Force of Will – Winds of the Ominous Moon
Force of Will – Advent of the Demon King
Force of Will – Ancient Nights

Final Fantasy Opus VI
Final Fantasy Opus V
Final Fantasy Opus IV
Final Fantasy Opus III

Pokemon – Forbidden Light
Pokemon – Crimson Invasion
Pokemon – Guardians Rising
Pokemon – Burning Shadows


Rave partycat says:

i would have never known about this if it where now for you , im going to be buying up some of these wonderful cards 😀

Raklödder says:

I just love dragons (don’t ask me why)…

Sean Thompson says:

The artwork is absolutely amazing. None of the garbage that WotC is putting out now.

KDD0063 says:

“somebody took the time to actually draw these things” I can absolutely guarantee you that the modern artists of mtg put more time and skill and effort into their drawings than any of these.

Drew says:

“It’s all about censorship”. Dipshit.

Cringerbread Man says:

It’s pronounced “Why-Vern”

Tyler Pittman says:

Did you know these were printed in the same factory as fallen empires? And that you have a chance of getting MTG face cards on Wyvern backs as misprints.

MTGfoilCandy says:

Swag = Burglar Rudy

Dylan Wilson says:

OH! MY! GOD! This is SO cool! I don’t usually like the look of early 90’s TCG’s but these are AMAZING. Why can’t we have this TCG back again? I would SO play it.

n/a n/a says:

My local bar has a countertop with sports cards embeded in clear plastic. It would be cool if somebody were to make such a countertop with oldschool cards like these. Like how people arrange pennies on floors and pour epoxy over them.

Black Frost says:

I had these. I don’t know anybody else who did and I remember almost nothing about them. In fact I wasn’t even 100% sure that this was them until about 3/4 of the way through the video (When he mentioned Subterranean Dragons, I distinctly remember that was a thing.)
My guess would be that this played too similarly to Magic and didn’t really have anything to differentiate it and give it its own distinct identity. I’m pretty sure the same thing happened to Duel Masters.

Evan Coffey says:

“the artwork is gonna blow you” I’m sold.

RagDollRat says:

the concept of a fireball is not from magic….

Saint Dong says:

would love to see someone make this digital tbf, everything’s already there, and its not like we’d really be able to find other people to play this with physically

Washcloth says:

Classic green screen Rudy

Robert Harding says:

I really enjoyed Wyvern. Still have a few decks around in case I can find someone to play with… also a few sealed items as well 🙂

sw gs says:

Art looks like 3rd grade of primary made it. No comparison to MTG.

Sawderf says:

Wyvern is a type of Dragon

Private_81f92e61 says:

Holy shit don’t ejaculate!

1MinuteFlipDoc says:

a me too / copy cat product.


Have you heard of Steemmonsters?

Heather S. says:

You…you *do* know that the artists who draw the current MTG cards actually draw that art, right…?

I feel like the descriptor you’re probably looking for when you say “hand drawn art” is that it has a more painterly look, and that’s fair. I like painterly art too. Rebecca Guay is far and away my fave MTG artist and Elvish Piper is my favorite art in the entire game. But honestly, there’s nothing wrong with digital painting, and as a production method it’s much cheaper and faster to do than the alternative. I can’t even imagine how expensive MTG cards would be if they required their artists to submit their work via traditional media.

weavergrad says:

I used to play a vampire card game in the 90s, but forgot what it was called. I remember a card called hector Sosa. This is called Wivern.

Sean Thompson says:

Old card game I have a ton of is Blood Wars. I rather like that game even though it’s tough to decipher the rules.
I wish I had collected Spellfire when it came out.

DrowFighterMage says:

I loved that game.

Haeze says:

Unfortunately, Wyvern failed because of the game theory where if there is a mechanic that can be exploited to make one configuration overpowered, everyone uses it, and the game gets boring. I worked at a comic shop back in the days of Revised MtG, which is when all of these new TCGs were coming out in droves. I was put in charge of testing each of the new TCGs that came in to see which are worth playing (and thus which were worth keeping in stock)
These are some of the games I remember testing.
Gridiron – A football themed TCG, but was too clunky to bother.
Wyvern – Great game but too easy to make an overpowered deck to crush them all.
Shadowfist – Great art, great game concept, but the difference in power from common and rare cards was too drastic, so it was too “pay to win”
Jyhad (Became Vampire: The Eternal Struggle) – As good, if not better than MtG, but because of the name change, players were forced to abandon their entire card sets and start over. Not good for maintaining customers. Nowadays it would be fine since everyone uses sleeves with solid backs.
On The Edge – Another great game that should have caught on.

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