Failed Card Games : Who remembers Battletech and Redemption? Free Nostalgia!

While few Games survive the test of time….a long list of companies and people have lost everything trying to make it in the cardboard industry :-/



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Farts ‘n Sharts says:

There were several of these in the late 90s-2000s but most of em had no support in my area and the rules were such trash on some of em that you needed to have a guide book just to play em…. like Star Wars TCG… member that? member all those rules? me neither… hahah

madbear3512 says:

Is there any value to the cards. I never played but magic the gathering and yugioh looks cooler.

Alexander Tsoo says:

I can see why the battletech card game didn’t take off… to bad no one has tried again in a non wizards format

javvy156 javvy156 says:

They actually had a few exspansions.

CrossWindCrucible says:

Oh man, I’ve got some boxes of Redemption lying around haha

Michael Hannah says:

I really like these videos. Have you dabbled in or ever looked at old miniatures games, like Mage Knights?

ExtraLifeWithNoLife says:

The old card look for Redemption overall is great, the huge pieces of art is awesome, but overall, kind of impractical when you realize the text box in the bottom is the quote from the bible, while a card’s special ability or effect are placed on top of the art in either or black or white text. Luckily, the newer cards fix this by placing both the quote and effect in the box, but they no longer have the nice scroll design to then, which saddens me.

Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

Got any failed collectible miniatures games?

Cade Johnson says:

When I was a kid I brought my Magic cards on a Boy Scout camping trip. I couldn’t find a game. I ended up playing a righteous game of Redemption with a couple of young chaps instead. I even ended up trading them some of my Magic: The Gathering cards for some of their Redemption cards, thus tainting their souls and damning them to hell. The good old days.

piluex2 says:

The art for the redemption tcg looks pretty good, I wonder if the game is fun.

Frontier Life says:

Yeah Nationals for Redemption was just held in Tx this Aug 2018 and 100 + players it’s a great game with the new sets the last 3 years that’s been around since CCG came out 1994 -still going.

Alecks Awklr says:

I remember the older kids playing this at comic stores in the late 90s

james staggs says:

Bummer about Battletech. Such a cool world.

MTGRaven878 says:

Alpha, you’ll be suprised to know, redemption is still going on even to today, doesnt get alot of exposure but if i had to choose between mtg and redemption, sorry to say but id go for redemption any day of the week, been going on since 94 and is still a game thats going on today even with expansions being released evn to this day. To me redemption is a game i cannot and will not get away from

Janice Johnson says:

bro redemption is still going on very fun

Z Frank says:

Redemption is still around. I still have the cards and play with my dad every once in awhile

Jaxen Carter says:

Your terabile these games are awesome

Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

Looks cool

Jackson Chance says:

Battletech boxes are over $150! Why?

Edgar Tarly says:

Redemption is still going strong. Pretty fun game. I’m hoping to incorporate it into Sunday School activities.

Thad Lozensky says:

Battletech has one of the most amazing worlds ever created. It’s the best sci-fi world out there imo

Three Lions Gaming says:

New set coming in out November 2018 with the Prophecies of Christ. Visit to pick your boxes up now!

me0262 says:

^_^ Loved the Battletech card game! I absolutely love the entire universe from the tabletop, the computer games, and the novels and RPG. It’s a shame the card game didn’t catch on as much as it did.
Oddly, the limited edition is the least value holding in the series. There’s a trade group up on Facebook that deals with these.

Daniel Mihalko says:

It’s essentially played almost exactly like mtg

Mike Ramey says:

Redemption box looks like a cigar box haha

Rodney Hedger says:

I’ve enough Battletech cards to fill a fatpack box, still no idea on how to build a deck for it. There was a Star Trek CCG continental run last year in Australia, though the community apparently has moved onto using proxy cards due to the unobtanalbity of some cards & how they add new cards to the game.

Michael Rodriguez says:

Redemption is still making more cards and still having tournament play local city state and national.

spaice32 says:

Redemption has been around almost as long as magic the gathering. They have put out a new set or starter deck consistently every year. If you would like to learn there is a play group near you in Florida. Or you can contact me and I will help get you to where you can go. There is even an online version where you can earn national ranking points playing online.

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