Final Fantasy TCG: First Impressions and Short Review

With the new Final Fantasy TCG just about to arrive in the West after being available in Japan for so long, I felt it was a good idea to post up a video explaining the things I thought were strong about the game as well as some of it’s weaker points.

Here’s a link to Square Enix’s own video on how to play:

If you’d like to see me post my own video on how to play, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do 😉

All in all, I like the game, and would like to post up more videos about it, including a more in-depth look at the advanced rules, card recommendations and things like ‘What starter do I buy?’ So stay tuned to Joesephyr for more videos on the Final Fantasy TCG!

For viewers looking for the next card painting, one will be posted tomorrow! 😉


JayCarlos Asmr says:

I’m picking up my starter decks this week and I’m super excited. Your videos are great and are very important to the FF TCG community. Thank you so much for taking your time and doing them.

Kaiyu says:

Awesome videos – PS i love your hair! What do you do with the fringe? What product do you use? 🙂

The Angel of Dice says:

Another quick question – I’ve had a very small exposure to Magic so I’m used to the whole dull(tap), etc and learning the flow of the game. My wife on the other hand is a total beginner. From your experience of the game so far, how easy is it to get into teh swing of things and know the synergy between the cards?

Manny Fresh says:

Did you ever figure out if Jihl Nabaat triggers when she’s played as a Backup /AND/ when she’s flipped for the EX Burst? When my friend and I play we play as it triggering for both so any clarification on that would be nice. Just started playing last week. XD

ajtame says:

If you checkout the diagram on –

you can see the field includes the damage zone.

so i’m guessing it just wants when it enters play, I can see the confusion, it’s probably because you have played magic so you are thinking something like, wait, is it an ability that triggers when it enters play or when it goes in the graveyard or whatever. That’s what I thought when i saw it

The Angel of Dice says:

I plan to have a look at this as well – Picking up the FF7 one today so be interesting to see the artwork. Be interesting to see what strategies there are to fully realise the decks. Looking at Six Sage Gaming to get a feel of the flow of the game.

TheBongSauce says:

You make a great point about the art. I haven’t bought into this yet, but something like this personally – does bug me a bit. In addition, the wording on the cards come off as direct translation from the Jap version; even though I hear they have changed things. if this is true, then both the art portion of this game and the verbiage in the oracle text is just coming off as being lazy.I want to buy the starters at least and maybe a few packs – but there’s just something really off putting about this initial run. that, and I have no idea where I’ll be able to play against other people — most shops I know play magic.. a couple others manage pokemon and yugioh, but that’s it.

Sam S says:

In the rules on their site it states the EX effect does happen either when the specific event on the card happens OR when it is put into your damage zone.

ashley chalmers says:

look forward to seeing some gameplay of this 🙂

Nathan B. says:

The art for this game really does bug me. Yes official artwork is nice, but we’ve already seen it all! Would it have killed to hire some artists for unique pieces?

Six Sages Gaming says:

Great video! We agree the resources system is one of the absolute best things about it.

snapefangirl says:

Hi! I am just getting into the FF TCG and I was wondering what you think the best starter deck would be or the best colour combo would be for a beginner. Also I was wondering if you could clarify for me EX BURST. Does the effect happen when you play the card on to the field and when the EX BURST happens or only when The card is put into the damage pile? Thank you! Your videos are awesome!

A-CasualVillain GamingHDTV says:

Hey Joesephyr I’m fairly new to the game and still learning, but I was wondering if I could ask a question about power reduction cards like cyclops or black mage. Power and health are 1 and the same correct? So let’s say I felt 5k dmg to a 8k power Guy so he’s sitting at 3k power then I play cyclops and reduce that by 3 does Guy go into break zone? Or does reducing power still leave him at 3k hp? Ive looked all over the web and it’s hard to find a straigh answer I figured you would know since you playbjn tournaments with a official ruling for this.

Waterhazrd says:

I know absolutely NOTHING about FF…but i do like the mechanics of the game. The art is inconsistent and does bother me, but im definitely going to give it a whirl.

Celes 20XX says:

I agree on your point in regards to the artwork, they should have used original images like they do for Pokemon.
Final Fantasy XI for example is a game I think that looks better in motion but in sets I’ve seen for the Japanese version they just use screenshots from that game and it just looks tacky and cheap.

The Jessie Card in the FFVII set looks really weird because it’s from the FFVII Remake trailer and you can see that they’ve had to zoom in on her, looks really strange, easily the worst looking card I think.

Lestat says:

I found the card stock to be quite impressive. The cards are durable and the artwork is quite good even though the art is from the strategy guides.

Total Justice Gaming says:

I can’t wait for this game!

The Moogliest Gaymer says:

1st time trying a TCG and really can’t wait. got starter decks on order for Xmas. Can’t wait to get my head around it all

BeauZo66 says:

why is everyone sold out of everything lol did they just not anticipate it being as popular? and does anyone know if they will be printing more soon?

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