Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Booster Box Review

Here’s the Final Fantasy TCG Booster Box. It has 20 packs, with 8 cards each. Each pack retails for 330yen.

There are a total of 160 cards plus 162 premium cards (shiny version of the 160 cards + 2 specials I assume).

There are Common (C), Uncommon (U), Super Rare (R), and Premium Availability (S) cards.


sgr7th says:

it would’ve been nice if they numbered these sets to tell which box i should buy…good stuff

Zack Fair says:

that fang foil card is sexy!

jayceeuk42 says:

Nice card collection, thanks for showing us!

Goddess Diana says:

yes bring it to usa

Raynelm says:

Does anyone know if there is going to be a U.S. release of this? Lets sign a petition people.

SonicMoon1 says:

The highlight of my week! Kibo!!! Nice review as always, but these cards look really disappointing. They avabile here in the US?

illogical Ferret says:

I want to play this so bad.

geek2the2ndpower says:

Nice video. I like the sound of the cards.

Dracotonis says:

We need an English release!!!!

timothy jayjohn says:

COLORS represent their element type, you need to ACTIVATE your BACKROW to PLAY FRONTROW cardsn but they have to be of the same type, so its alot like MAgic

Sephiroth Vale says:

game looks awesome and interesting esp. considering the new expansions of the series 😀
for translations of the rules and translations of the card abilities check this site out 🙂
chrysaliswiki(dot)wikispaces(dot)com/Trading(+ sign)Card(+ sign)Game
have fun 🙂

C.J. Jones says:

does it rly matter its all gone to shit compared to soft

Japanese Dragonball Cards says:

@metdevil678 Yea. I’m actually a little disappointed how they make the premium cards. The holographic effect is not as nice as other cards I’ve seen.

HitomiLove says:

Do you have the Triple Triad too? Check out mine : )

Boseo88 says:

I’m loving the cards! The ramza delita and argus cards are awesome. Love me some FF7 and FF Tactics

SirMurkum says:

if you haven’t heard of the ASMR youtube community then you should look them up. if you just whispered and did what you’re doing a little bit slower and maybe tapped on the cards sometimes, i guarantee you a million hits and a partnership with youtube.


@KiboCollection Haha, yeah I can tell. The one character I’d want to go along with Cloud is Sephiroth, but the one card you got that I REALLY want is Lightning, she’s one of my top 5 favorite FF Heroes 🙂

Squirtle Squad says:

horrible art work

Black Beard says:

I liked this video, until you said that cloud is one of your favorites >_> … Zack is the real hero dammit!

anyways, are the english cards out? i mean, this was uploaded 2011..

Charmancer says:

CHOCOBO!(KWEH!^v^ ‘v’ ^v^!)

Leonardo Aquino says:

You have the best quality videos i have ever seen, please try to cover other TCG’s like you just did here instead of only Dragon Ball cards.

Ice E says:

@Raynelm Yes let’s. I want to play this game! Looms like so much fun.


I want to start collecting these cards… I’ve been waiting for a Final Fantasy TCG for a LONG time so I’ll start collecting these along with Queen’s Blade TCs.. Thanks for showing these off! 😀

Japanese Dragonball Cards says:

@RomiEX400 That’s why I said I wished I had collected it. It was available as a full set on ebay years ago but I didn’t buy it.

Trunks3789 says:

its pronounced square N-IX NOT EEENIX

RuthlessKenpachi says:

I actually think the rarest final fantasy trading cards are the final fantasy 7 cardass master gold card promo set it’s 4 cards aerith cloud sephiroth and tifa only 500 were made on eBay the starting bid is 800.00 and buy noe is like 2.000 to expensive for me lol

Japanese Dragonball Cards says:

@HitomiLove Nope. I never got into collecting it. I wish I collected the FF7 cards though.

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