FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game – Tutorial Series

We take you through the basics of the FFTCG with game creator Taro Kageyama! In this first part, we will talk about the different cards and their utility as well as show you a couple turns. Don’t forget to check our official website for the latest news and stay tuned for Episode 2 where we will dive more into the gameplay details!


NegikunTV says:

Discards Barret the first chance he gets smh lmfao

NeXus says:

Question. Once you discard a card for Crystals, do you permanently have those crystals?

alabaster says:

I have question regarding how to use summons: summons can be played during an opponent’s turn in response to an ability or effect, but you also have to pay their CP to use them, so does this mean that you can generate CP during your opponent’s turn by activating and then dulling a backup, and/or discarding cards? If so is this also the case with Special Abilities which activate on an opponent’s turn, but require a cost, such as Snow’s Vendetta, which costs 1 Ice CP to use and can only be used when Snow is blocking? The rules seem a little vague in these areas. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Tyree Young says:

I don’t know why but I feel like this is heavily influenced by Cardfight Vanguard

Mark Salazar says:

Sleeve it you bitch

Brandon Vipperman says:

seriously. where can I buy the play mat.

Emil Lopez says:

Can I put a dollar on the table to get a free turn? ; )

Scho0rschi says:

The only good thing about this TCG is apparently the music of the tutorial-

Snake says:

What did he do at 2:58 I didn’t understand that flip he made. Trying to learn this game

Dubstep articuno says:

Thank you so much it’s helpful to my playgroup to have this eazy to understand toutorial

rjarana says:

I would really like that game mat! Please tell me it’s available somewhere or an Image of it I can use to get one custom made.

eliza hastings says:

still waiting for a physical “Triple Triad card game” not digital, already playing digital version. XD I got a set today from my bae, but i wonder if one even is going to be able to play it, i don’t know anyone interested in card games expect from him&his fellows XD

CptSkillet says:

Where have I been where I haven’t known this till now?!

Daiki Ochoa says:

Are you going to be able to use the Japanese cards with the English sets?

SaturnHollow says:

I imported each starter pack… then I realized I have no one to play with other than my little sister… who throws tantrums and throws stuff when she loses at any game… well shit. I need to start converting people into FF fans so I’ll have people to play this with.


to be honest im gonna buy the cards to collect them i’m not gonna play the game cause i got no one to play with

Baka Bakashii says:

Guy on the right bends the card every time he puts one down… fucking painful to watch.

EightHandedMaya says:

he’s bending the cards.

Wunlee Buxton says:

You should make this digital like Hearthstone. You need to know people IRL to play this like Magic the Gathering. Hearthstone is so good because you enter the game, you can choose to play against AI or from a random opponent online.

gpcyan3 says:

Where can you get those exact play mats?

Mut4ntG4m3r says:

Ist amazng how perfectly you transported the FF Fight System into this TCG 😀

bboyairness says:

ok i want this

ajtame says:

Release is soon, where’s part 2?

Sway2thaZ says:

where can i get the FF6 mat? i need it!

TedTheZombie says:

People, play this game. I need more win fodder

Commander Squall says:

I play it online with Tabletop Simulator since nobody wants to get physical cards here xD

Poke Hype says:

Ain’t this just like magic

twitchster77 says:

/looks up and down for the setting to turn down the background music.

InfamousMuso says:

Is there gonna be an easy way to keep track of how many CP you have accumulated? Cos I can see myself easily forgetting

gustinex says:

Bought this today. Its kinda fun!

Lestat says:

Would’ve been nice if the card company that made the artwork made original art for the card game instead of just using old artwork from the games. Also…squeenix, get rid of the music in these videos. I could barely understand the words coming out of their mouths.

mario fisher says:

but hows the jund match up

Senior Adrian says:

please Square Enix dont speed up the game like yugioh and hearthstone did dont get greedy stay slow pace pls.

JaceMD015 says:

So is this Cheaper than a Modern Jund Deck?

Lynson Swa says:

Will there be damage or cp counters? how do i remember how many cp i have?

Dark Hero says:

so that means i cant attack dull forwards or backups. and neither discard any backups from my field to cast new ones, is that right?

Mafia Cod says:

So its like magic but not as good?

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