Force of Will TCG Review and Tutorial

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In this video Kudou looks over the card game released today, Force of Will. Can FoW survive in todays card gaming market? Take a look and see! We will also look over how to play the game.

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nethrium says:

14:09 “Magic steck done” lol 😉

animarble3 says:

For players learning about the game please NOTE: For all new rules and regulations go to for new rules.  The part about J-Ruler he mentioned where if it dies it will take half of ur LP is removed since December 2014.  Now u lose nothing.  =) Kudos!

Covencast says:

Those looking for a TCG with original gameplay mechanics and layered RPG elements should check out COVEN. There’s a video on our page. Check out the website to learn more about the game. covenofficial dot com

nightbringerx72 says:

Yooo 5:05 Ganondorf

EntheogenShaman says:

A lot like MTG but not so similar that I’d call it a ripoff. Cool.

gibran grantonz says:

What’s the song in the background? I like it

Purple Mayo says:

What size are the cards? YGO or MTG sleeves?

Informal Fallacy says:

They have even been making Lovecraft shit!

darklotuz says:

All your base are belong to us.

william waddell says:

went to local nerd store to buy Japanese snacks and soda and saw packs of these cards and had to buy a pack and ended up buying another cus I liked the are work so much now I am even more interested because of the fairy tail theme

Chupil Kampfer says:

so does anyone think it will be on trade cards online?

Chad Loucks says:

Some of the typos are just beyond broken English, there are a few typos totally change the intended effect of the card forcing you to check the errata on all cards just to make sure you are playing them as intended. Was rather annoying as a new player to find out I had been playing my cards incorrectly because the printed text was incorrect.

fightpsas says:

I’ve played Pokemon (1 year) , Magic (2 years) , Yugioh (8+ years) , and Dragon Ball Z (1 year), and this game looks like shit, and looks to play like shit, with clear and un-interesting knockoff points of better tcgs. No thanks.

ArmedDarkly says:

does anyone else think this game is expensive? i dont know prices yet but iv heard from friends cards are expensive

lightspeedasH says:

you amazing guy you first video i saw was the weiss tutorial and now I’m here planning to start FoW but gonna be adhereing to my usual rule only make decks with the majority of characters or primary cards with a substantial amount of plot, juvenile perhaps but also keeps me from going ham in any one card game good safety valve is good

LoadingReadyLover says:

This seems like a rip off of magic

AyaneSensei says:

Have you made or are you going to make a video for the changes to the game? Never played a TCG and am hoping for a babyfied intro to this game lol :b

Benjamin Santiago says:

Did you just buy enough to play with yourself and a friend? I came across this at Toys R Us and it was honestly just mixed in with Yugioh/Magic/Pokemon cards, I thought it was just a Yu-Gi-Oh structure deck until I looked closer. 

Seems like they are banking on the quality of the art. The actual graphic design/typography on the cards is not super great, but pretty minimal, and maximizes the art, and certainly better than Yugioh (who can tell the difference between a line of 9 circles vs a line of 10 circles at first glance?). I wish they would add artist credits. The painterly ones are really nice. 

I’m not this sensitive about this stuff but I used to do animations for educational videos so I had to anticipate a lot of stuff. The name “Force of Will” is a really unfortunate transliteration (very vaguely rapey), especially if you have scantily clad women all over the cards. I’m mostly joking.

Honestly some of the rules I glazed over a little (J-Ruler is such a weird and pointless name), I wish they’d just get card game enthusiasts from forums or something and let them help translate. I do like the Life Break idea, seems like a good way to take a risk if you know you’re losing, which is often when a game feels boring and it gives you an option besides conceding. Kind of like street fighter-type video games where you get a super move when your life is low. 

I’ll keep watch on your channel, seems like a good idea to get into a TCG before stuff like power creep sets in.

Jon Brumfield says:

So my FLGS just got this game in and I work there and even I as a retailer had never heard of this game. But being addicted to cardboard crack as I am, I bought a trail deck and going to give this a try tomorrow.

LoadingReadyLover says:

No game will ever surpass mtg

Destroyer Inazuma says:

Which set does the black witch card belong to ? (4:43) thanks

VvNeo2000vV says:

Evolution and the first thing that comes to mind is My Little Pony??…….not Pokémon the second most popular card game on the planet? Lol

coolwhoami says:

Life loss upon j-ruler destruction is no longer a rule

Kapuzenwurm says:

i bought my first decks yesterday at our local store, it’s a card game store called (spielraum wien, austria) for yugioh/magic/pokemon players and force of will.
I will try to support it as best as i can there, so don’t wait for an “succeed” do your best and buy some decks/booster then it will succeed!

Dan Alloway says:

the SKL pack just came out at our local Wal-mart

Roger Price says:

why did you not explain abilities like swiftness pierce for those that dont know what that kind of stuff means.

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