Full Sun and Moon Set Analysis and Review – Pokemon Trading Card Game

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Today Joe and Jack gather all of their thoughts into one tidy video about all of the new cards that are going to influence the game when the Sun and Moon set finally arrives in stores! Enjoy!


Blue Paki says:

Isn’t pinsir similar to the now-banned shiftry?

Shivam Salgaocar says:

Does volcanion ex count as a fire Pokémon for incineroar gx?

Nick Teves says:

With team skull grunt though we are in a meta where if you don’t have to drop a DCE or special energy until next turn or whatever you keep it in your hand in fear of EH or TFG team skull grunt will now punish those plays as well. I think it could be impactful making players think twice about not dropping that DCE or DDE t1 because they won’t be able to attack and fear the hammers and grunt. It’ll be interesting. Definitely a 1 of I think initially when the set drops to see that exact situation unfold.

Phoneguy 21 says:

I think grass is now busted again just because of shiinotic and lurantis gx

The Thunderbro says:

The Spanish Yveltal though, perfect

AJ Perez says:

as always, the best set review on the web, so informative and so long and never dull, im so happy that it was such a long reviewbtw this is aj 🙂

Kryptonite says:

you mentioned Talonflame alongside the Alola Raticate. Do you ever see dropping the talons and getting 2-2 alola raticate as your consistency for Greninja?

adam opatrny says:

Lurantis mega beedrill seems like it would be a very fun deck for me as well.

CG says:

as soon as I saw the ability on the small wishiwashi, I had an idea for the schooling form. what if the schooling form is a big basic with two good attacks, and it’s ability says that you need another wishiwashi in your hand to play it down.

Woopercast says:

loved the length guys, killed two bus journeys for me 😀

Adam Jay says:

Super informational. Really excited to pull all of these on my channel! Thanks for all of the info ! 🙂 Have a great day!

Darkpoision64 says:

you can use gumshoes gx inspect then use team skull grunt maybe they have 2 double coloress energy in hand along with houndoom ex mill

Soggy Waffles says:

Dark Design into 4 hammers + 4 puzzles o.o

Nick Teves says:

I think a split deck with umbreon and espeon would be fun to test since umbreons GX attack isn’t too great and shadow bullets 30 snipe can help with espeon GX’s GX attack and they both also utilize DCE. That’s the way I’d wanna try, to me they seem to compliment each other.

minecraftnor says:

you guys do realise that solgalelo and lunala attack costs are revealed?

Raising Ash says:

I’d be curious to know how ninetales (EV) / Break runs against the Lurantis. I play the deck a bit online and the attack Lure is good. Paired with Gartinia break, baby Volcanian and Octillary, it can put a lot of decks in awkward positions. The idea is to Lure around the game table until you charge the break up and start taking knockouts. It takes advantage of players that heavily rely on free retreat and float stone. Because the format is heavily reliant on those tactics, it wins quite often online. It is an incredibly irritating deck to play against, but effective because of the prize exchange.

Nick Teves says:

Trev break plus Alolan muk.

Nick Teves says:

How do you guys think they’re going to give us everything from the strengthening set or whatever? Some good cards are in there.

Vespen Developer says:

First <3

Diogo Castelo says:

This is so awesome! Keep doing this for every sun and moon set! I’m a new subscriber but so far i can see you are one of the best and most dedicated Pokemon channel.

Joe Bucci says:

Passimian tauros seems really cool with brock and nest ball, and steam siege toxicroak benefits from all the poison support and might be good when garbodor goes away

Semeai says:

no love for pyukumuku? with burst balloon attached, it forces lysandre, pass, or 120 damage for 1 prize. maybe with umbreon-gx it can work due to strafe?

Darkpoision64 says:

toxapex crogunk./raticate break with a poison barb would be an anyoying to face

Cristopher says:

I hope for the future a big Gengar GX

Brian Ortiz says:

PM’d you on FB. 😀

Porygon2ube says:

Dragonair in prerelease could be great haha!

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