How to Play Bakugan 2018

How to play the new Bakugan (advanced rules only). I’ll be showing you a guide and an example of how to play the new rules from the cartoon series Bakugan Battle Planet.

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Quinton Craig says:

Are they compatible with the old game?

Tyler Pomplun says:

Do you untap your energy after every turn completes? Or a certain phase?

Xxxtentabletop says:

My bro is an OG bakugan player so if u new DONT MESS WITH ‘EM

Soro_G says:

Ty bro you helped me to play this epic game I was fan of bakugan when I was a kid and I forgot about it but I start rewatching it and I was confused of how to play it ty bro

ciel says:

flip cards often have conditions like “stop a non-pyrus attack.” during a team attack, do those conditions still apply? in that example, if only 1 of the attacking bakugan is pyrus, will the flip card still be unable to activate? basically, do team attacks have color types? thanks, the video was super helpful!

Claudia maria says:

i still do no understand what to use the card and when to use them

Psyferno says:

I love how honest that kid was. “Do they really know what they’re doing?” I coulda sworn that’s what I heard.

Shiny Minior says:

You are pale

DriveKnight -Gaming says:

Is it just your lighting or are you really pale?

GR1M Equixz0r says:

Anybody wanting to play in the Birmingham, AL area let me know!!

Ben Jamin says:

Can you have two different factions like pyrus hydorous and a haos hydorous

Bob Mahni says:

Quick question: do the bakugan HAVE to be 3 different types as in pyro, aqua and terra

John Fritz says:

Am I going to get hate for wanting to play the bakugan game with the bakugan from season 2, 3, and 4 of the bakugan series?? The rules just seem better then before these new bakugan came into the mix!! I mainly like all the drago evolutions before battle planet!!

Daan says:

This is actually pretty interesting

call me kk says:

soo this like yu gi ho

Stomach Pains says:

To clarify, you CAN use an Aquos action card on a Pyrus Bakugan during battle? (Or whatever other non matching factions.) I thought you can only use the right faction card to boost a Bakugan.

Also, what happens if I have someone did damage to me to where I have 1 card left, and then I draw it next turn and have nothing left? If I don’t lose because I didn’t run out due to damage, what happens? Do we need to reshuffle cards?

Feedback is appreciated, thanks.

Marcel Gehrmann says:

did you have to use the samne bakugan when you lose a fight or could you switch ?

Egyptian Gamer says:

Using the energy is a lot like magic the gathering

Bianca Cook says:

When it comes to the Bakucores, do you return the core you picked up if you lose a duel and the other player keeps his?

PlasmaWisp100 says:

I was a kid back when I just played with OG Bakugan… is it weird that I really want to purchase some of the new ones despite being much too old for toys at this point? Lol…

Dan Man says:

There was a different style to play it but the new one looks ok

Juan Flores says:

Oye apoyen el viejo Bakugan

Bradley Cain says:

So when can I summon Exodia?

Nick Pyro says:

Wait the deck is the life bar? Damn it, I was fan redesigning the Shaman King tcg with a similar idea.

Alec Manke says:

Very neat! I especially like how you froze the video to clarify how the game was progressing. That made the game really easy to follow.

Trupon says:

So what if you pick up a flip card does it stay in your hand the whole game or do you put it in your discard pile

HotRodder47 says:

I don’t really care for this new bakugan it seems a little to complicated than the original of adding up points with gate and ability cards to collect 3 gates to win double stand and win a battle to get gate cards

Skyler Jackson says:

I bought several bakugan but one did not come with its character card

Savage_banana-808 says:

Very well explained now I know how to play

Frank Feanix says:

I don’t mean to be mean but is negative legend transgender

Tunakann says:

40 card deck?! I only have 6 XD

Yugiboy 1 says:

bro i subed to both of this youtubers

Justin C. says:

Well I get why they had to make bakugan more complicated for the variance of choice but that just makes the game less easy to play and more time consuming

big blader says:

7:42 illinuc

Negative Legend says:

I WAS WRONG! All three of your Bakugan can be Ultra. Thank you, Ventus Knight.
1. No, you cannot play with your old Bakugan. The old Bakugan are smaller and they affect gameplay.
2.If your Bakugan opens due to it connecting to a BakuCore, but it loses that BakuCore, then that is legal. You still Brawl, you just don’t get any extra effects from the BakuCore.
3. During a Team Attack, you only include the extra damage from the BakuCores you’ve collected. NOTHING ELSE!
4. I don’t feel like I explained STOP cards well-enough. It doesn’t stop ALL the damage, it stop THE REST of the damage.
5. If a BakuCore sticks to your Bakugan, and it doesn’t open, then it’s still legal and it Brawls.
6. The cards are standard size.
7. You can place any card as an energy card.
8. You don’t HAVE to place down a card for energy if you don’t want to.
9. Yes, you do keep the BakuCores your Bakugan collected after you win a brawl. Only after a Team Attack do you replace the BakuCores.
10. You can only place one energy card per turn.
11. Turn order goes: Draw, Energy Phase, Roll, Brawl, Victory Phase, Damage Phase, End of Turn.
12. You are allowed to use any of your cards on any Bakugan. The factions are only a restriction while deck-building (you can use your Aquos card on your Pyrus Dragonoid).

Master assassination says:

Next thing you know beyblades will be eloborate and have cards

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