How to Play Lightseekers Trading Card Game

Enter the fantastical world of Tantos in Lightseekers the Trading Card Game by PlayFusion! In this card game, players will pick a hero and fight for the elements until only one reigns supreme. Will you come out on top?

Check out Lightseekers:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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Abdul Rabiu says:

I just noticed that the editors update the number of players (in the how to play animation) when the sub count goes up!

Cerbyo says:

i clicked…im leaving now. k thxs bai

Jordi B says:

I love you becca

Brettbren says:

*This reminds me of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.*

Javier García says:

I’m in love lol

eddie drood says:

Good mechanic. Good overview. Nice dex work, Becca!

BillyKidd says:

Y’all forgot to post the Game the Game of Outbreak Undead

DanSteww says:

Becca is my favourite geek and sundry member, I love this series.

Kielsram says:

Sounds interesting. I might try it

Mark Halvorsen says:

This is a great game, and less imposing than the video implies. Thanks for coverage, but perhaps 2 vids next time? Seeing the mechanics in action would prove helpful, and multiplayer is worth separating. Keep up the excellent work!

Jiro Conwi says:

Artifact should have been somthing like this. NOT WHAT IT IS NOW.

ö. . , says:

What witchcraft did you use to create the perfect woman?

TzarNicco says:

Gimme dat sweet sweet cringe

PorkusPie says:

This channel is such a disappointment considering how good it originally was. Now it’s just board game advertisements over and over….

OsamuWu42 says:

So….red and green are broken got it.Seriously its not a bad game its unique(given i played MTG, Yugioh and Pokemon) so it has staying power at least and the fact it has an app. however i don’t know about accessibility, it seems easy but its going against 4 big shots now: Force of Will, MTG, Pokemon, and Yugioh. Kaijudo duel masters and chaotic were snuffed out and vanguard can’t say on much of it. However the reason why i said red and green are broken just due to the fact Green has a lot of staying power (ie heals) and red is pure attack(red burns everything decks)

azure sky says:

I just watch these to see Becca Scott being literally my dream woman in different cute outfits.
Not even going to lie, totally Shameless about it.

Mr Snedie says:

This reminds me of the sand paper blow-job girl: /watch?v=GH1ruMGpTVY

RedicronPrime says:

This card game looks interesting!

thejessta says:


Pipe Smoking Boardgamer says:

Becca Scott – please check out my GAW! 🙂

realm says:

Love this game

Jenny Cranston says:

I don’t understand why the game doesn’t trust it’s players to pick their targets or why they built in a mechanic that makes it easier to win when you’re already winning? These seem like HORRIBLE design choices.

Murray Leach says:

But where’s Outbreak Undead Game the Game from last week?

Joshzwa Revilla says:

1st comment
and by the way this games looks awesome expecting it on game the game

TheTrueJion says:

what as happen to tabletop? is it gone for good?

Danger Level 10 says:

Can she teach me how to stretch this thing in my jeans?

jo holloway says:

team four star did a better video for this, last YEAR.

lordlothair says:

Love what you guys normally do, and understand that sponsorship happens to keep things running, but a trading card game? Nope. Money pits, even ones with lots of accessories, are still money pits.

Debrief says:

This game will crash and burn. Bringing out a TCG when magic exists is a death sentence unless you are really something special, which this is not. If L5R couldnt survive in TCG form, no fuckin way this does.

Joel G says:

I am so glad you do these videos to help understand how to play the games. But this game has too much info! I was interested in this game but just hearing the amount of things to remmeber on a card and what does what makes me less interested in it.

Shock & Awe Gaming says:

So… this is just a mash-up of MTG, the WoW TCG, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

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