How to play the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

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In this episode I teach you how to play the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game – a fantastic synchronous competitive card game where you battle with your favourite characters from the Final Fantasy game series.

00:00 – Intro
02:57 – PlayArea Description
03:52 – Setup
05:28 – Active Phase
05:43 – Draw Phase
05:59 – Main Phase 1
06:08 – Generating CP
07:28 – Spending CP / Playing Cards
13:00 – Attack Phase
15:44 – Taking Damage
17:06 – Party Attack
19:20 – Special Traits
26:22 – Main Phase 2
27:06 – End Phase
27:57 – Summary

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RainMasterXD says:

This seriously is like magic and vangard together.

Shynkz Diablos says:

Questions about summons!
If I were to use a Cyclops to make the opponent lose 3000 power this turn, can he use 2 Golem to give a certain card the effect or he can only use 1 golem over my cyclops?
Still trying to figure out how the summoning stacks stuff on either attack or block works!

Brian Brennan says:

Can you form a party to defend from an attack? Or are you limited to one blocker per attacker/party? For example, if someone attacked with a 2000 power forward, could I block it with two 1000 power forwards to kill it? Or if someone attacked with a party of two 2000 power forwards, could I block it with two 2000 power forwards?

Also, when forming a party, is there a limit to the number of forwards you can use in that party? For example, you used 2 here, but could I use 3 or more?

yugioh monstershot says:

Do you or your opponent have to reveal 7 cards or reveal cards until the crystal equal 7?

Synthwave says:

im stupid after watching this i still dont get it

MBreezy Samurai says:

I wanted to make a note that when you party attack, neither card gets the First Strike bonus. Partying turns them into a single card/damage. You only carry over the First Strike ability if both cards in the party have First Strike. This is on the official website Erata.

Marcel Gehrmann says:

i have a question on 15:10 you say when a card gets dealt damage the power geos down? is that true or just not not spoken very wlel. When my oppenent has a 5000 atack i use a summon to deal it 2000 Damge, can i block then with my 4000Power unit and my unit will life casue the power of my oppenent gets down to 3000? or did the units just gets destroyed when they get damage equal to theyre power like in all other tcg ?

King EDD says:

So say if my card had 9000 power and it attached a card with 6000 power. So does my 9000 now have 3000 power? If so, when does he go back to 9000? Can only one card attack once per turn

JaceMD015 says:

As an MTG player, I kinda feel bad seeing cards played without sleeves. Does FFTCG has the same size as the MTG cards? Im really interested as soon I see this.

Gumbogaming says:

I had to thumbs up just for the music in the beginning before I even watched the video!

Adrian says:

thanks for the great vid! had a couple of questions that i hope you can answer:
1) can you un-party characters? If so, when can you do this?
2) can you remove backups from the field without a card specifically instructing you to do so?

Jon Berle says:

also can I have 3 of the same name character on the field at the same time ? Icons next to name ?

xombl3 says:

its like just like cardifht vanguard

Neceal says:

Quick question, can you use EX cards without getting damaged like a card?

deadcobra93 says:

This sounds like vanguard?

Jon Berle says:

What is the difference when a card that says damage until end of turn vs a card that just says damage ?

Jon Berle says:

What are Monster cards ??

QuantumStriker 003 says:

The card artworks are awful

Julian Gold says:

I’ve got a question. Your opponent attacks; you elect to block, and are allowed to use a summon to help defend. Do you need to create the CP for the summon, or can you play it straight from your hand?

Johny Khouri says:

Your video is really good it teaches and encourages people how to play Final Fantasy Trading Card Game but you did not say that we can or we can not attack twice on the same turn.

Arbitrary Buy's says:

how many times can you attack per turn……… and if I put 1CP card into the brake Zone does that still give me 2cp

Johny Khouri says:

Thanks for all your hard work you put in to this video and teaching us these new experiences we need to play the game.

Takazero OwO says:

Thanks for the explaination, the quick start guide left out some key parts that this video explained.
( ‘ – ‘)/

Korey Hardie says:

Thanks for the video, been thinking about getting into this game and now I think I will, a good general overview!

ヌリシルヴァン says:

To be sure, the Summons can be played at any given time right? So for instance, let say the enemy attacks with a 7k, can I say “I dull my mage / discard a red-card and summon ifrit which inflict 4000 to your attacker, which I then block with this card with 4000 power, it has more than the remaining power of your attacker so it dies”

KekLordGrey says:

uhm… why cannot ewe use the original card game from ff7?. BS

Remtrox H says:

So first of all I wanna say THANK YOU that starter deck instructions were a joke, and ive been playing almost every TCG for long time now(at some point in time or another)I do have a question that no one has gotten back in touch tho and I don’t remember seeing it done in the video—- Can u play more then one backup in a single turnor —- can u play more then one forward in a single turn I know youll still have to generate the CP if u can

D Griff says:

Loved the video!!! Did you do the editing for the video yourself? I’m interested to learn how its done if you could give me any pointers it would be appreciated.

KekLordGrey says:

geezzz… how to f up a cool card game…. a simple card game….

Lestat says:

It’s basically magic.

Dark porter says:

I was thinking about start playing bit it looks awkward to play

Freddie Duran says:

I’m not a fan of the card artwork. I figured since this is a simple game coming from a huge franchise and has already been out for the last 5 years overseas then making an English version they would of hired some new artist and create fresh glorious artwork for the English version. Instead they use game art. Game art is fine… in games where it belongs not on a card for a card game. Game art on anything else beside the game itself looks cheesy. The card itself and its design layout is too generic. Not in the sense that it has the same elemental layout as every CCG and TCG card does but how they put it all together. There’s no custom elegant frame around the card, on some of the cards they used the same image twice. The picture on the front and a transparent version behind. Others they simply copied and pasted on the card from the game. The description box is just a transparent box with no pop. I find it sad when you got a kickstarter game that can only produce as much as people give in money have far better artwork on their product without any franchise to back them up and is basically a nobody company in the industry, yet they produce a better product visually. Big franchises sometimes cut too many corners. I heard the artwork for this game was great then I saw myself and was really disappointed. I’m not the biggest fr fan but a good card game is a good card game and if it is I’ll try it out. If I like it I’ll buy it even if the art isn’t the greatest. I’ve yet to try this game but I do want to give it a go. Fantasy is in the damn game name, so there should be some dope fantasy art to look at as you play lol.

yugiohkid1996 says:

on your opponents turn can you activate cards from your hands if you have the cp for them like in response to a action your opponent does also could you discard cards to give cp on your opponents turn in order to use effects and or activate stuff or summon a blocker

Scott Wallace says:

Great video!

Julian Gold says:

Nice! Would be really helpful for you to play through an example game

Raycapone The Art Designer says:

This vid will help thank u I’m going too watch this more than one time thank u 🙂

Chris Keough says:

Hi great vid very helpful. Just a couple of question if you can help me out with
1) is there a limit to the number of fowards and backups you can have on the field
2) can you still active abilities even if a card is dulled?

Justin Campbell says:

I cringe not seeing cards in sleeves

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