Infinity Wars – Animated Trading Card Game – F2P First Look

Infinity Wars Website:
Infinity Wars is a new breed of Trading Card Game, introducing beautifully animated cards and animated 3D battlefields. With multiple PvP and single player modes, along with player-to-player card trading and full deck building options, it will be up to you to conquer the Rifts of Reality and claim what is rightfully yours: victory.

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Dalmnolk Ukans says:

*Now I’m here.*

Svetoslav Krastev says:

and what am I supposed to write in the date of birth field, i tried many options but it keeps giving me the message: Invalid field ‘date_of_birth’ does not match rule ‘isDate’. Please help.

xthatwhiteguyx says:


GeneralGabp says:

Wonder how this game could be played with physical cards. o:

Kae bot Buya says:

best card trading game ever

Draegast says:

Hello everybody! I got a new indie game spotlight up! Infinity Wars, a f2p animated trading card game. Check it out!

Schryd Beleren says:

they should give 3 minute mark… the game is stupid u can stalled the other player until they leave…..

Malurek says:

does anyone remeber the name of a facebook card game that wasnt animated but it was kind of like this ina way? last set i remember coming out was called Blight.

_Stefan says:

Ty, nice video

EzFor says:

this game not a turn base TCG like the other. you play at the same time as your opponent. you must consider your opponent movement and plan for the next move. attacking! using ability or keep defending wait for the moment. even 1 health can be draw or turn table and win. you don’t have to pay real money if you don’t want to cause you will get Starter Deck of every factions by beat all campaign and obtain Infinity Point (IP) to spend on Booster Pack or Deck after match or puzzle and some Pack after level up.

easy to learn F2P and improve very well since the day this video uploaded.

give it a try : )

Clay Mann says:

Thanks for making this. I’ve had this game for ages but despite a few attempts, never really got into it but I liked how it looked so kept it around on the “to get into later” list, heh. You’ve made it all a bit clearer for me now.

tysej4 says:

I cringed a lot whilst watching this xD.. But thank you for giving this game a bit of attention ^^
It’s definately my favorite of the CCG genre and I really do think it deserves more attention… Thanks ^^

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