Is it worth it to buy a Pikachu & Eevee Poké Ball Collection? A Pokémon Trading Card Game Review

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Many Pokemon Trainers ask the question: is it worth it to buy a Pikachu & Eevee Poké Ball Collection. No doubt in anticipation of the upcoming Nintendo Switch game, this collection features two new foil promo cards of Pikachu and EEVEE, as well as a sculpted figure of the two. Of even more interest is the included Pokeball which is actually a deck box and is stuffed full with 5 Pokémon TCG booster packs, and a Code card for the Pokémon TCG Online!

So is this product just a quick cash in for those who can’t wait a week for the new Nintendo game to come out, or a joyous and innovative collection offering something for collectors and players alike? Let’s take a look!


Spam Armor says:

Dear adults: this is a waste of money.

something thingy says:

No professor no. Only mtg no pokemon

Ifeno says:

Love the subtle little nudge at wizards with the “this is a bridge between online and paper” comment.

promontoryID says:

If that’s how the pokeballs are going to be, then they should stick with tins.

Alex Steward says:

Almost treated myself to this for Xmas. Went with the Yu-Gi-Oh Legendary Collection instead.

ShellGaming says:

I wonder how many takes it took to get one without dropping the pokeball :p

Alexandre Malo says:

Great video as always!

Reccaman says:

you should cover the qr codes and show only the text code, so they dont picked up too quickly and allow more time for others

Number Six says:

1:29 Doesn’t have to. The McDonalds printing that just happened extended it.

GodsPerfectIdiot says:

Even if it’s a C is sad if Wizards made this it would be shooting for the stars

saturneternal says:

Thanks for the insight, at first I wanted this, but seeing that the pokeball cannot hold sleeve cards was the deal-breaker for me! Thank you! Very informative and professional video! 🙂

Juan Ghigliano says:

Supporting the channel, Pokemon is a no go for me.

George Barbari says:

I literally had to go back in your channel and see if this was the first pokemon tcg video you’ve made. Didn’t know you covered other TCGs! Great video Prof!

Mistah Ed says:

If I ever get this, I’ll just try modifying the pokeball deckbox to fit sleeved cards

Megan Thompson says:

Thanks Professor. More Pokemon videos, please. I don’t play Magic, but I watch your videos because they are so well done and tell me what is most important.

itskevinthoryo says:

RIP Stan Lee

the9file says:

Thanks for the Poké-content.

Mega Totodile says:

Out of curiosity, did you try putting cards with official sleeves from elite trainer boxes in the pokeball?

superkirbykillblue Nieto Pinto says:


Sause Cricket says:

Ok. If the latch was stronger and was a wee bit bigger to hold sleeved cards. Pokémon is in the right. For now there in the wrong.

Brandon P says:

Man that’s disappointing. I watched for the deck box and it’s junk. Oh well. New project. If you can’t buy it, make it yourself!

Awesomedude956000 says:

So does the item come with multiple pikachu and eevee cards? I ask because when the camera is at an angle above the package, the pikachu and eevee cards look thicker than just 1 card. 7:41

נטע אצילי says:

pls, return to the earlier logo. It’s far better

Living Joker says:

UNSLEEVED ONLY? I’m getting flashbacks to starter deck boxes.

Broken Games says:

sub-standard product.

Ricardo Margouilla says:

Pika pika… I like your evaluation.
However, it looks like financial value itself eould have justified a higher rating if you had evaluated a MTG “bundle”.
It feels to me like the pokeball’s obvious lack of efficiency could have been the difference between a A or a B as it only represents an issue that is still compensated by the rest…
in my opinion, looking at the video, the bundle is a B+ (or A-), with or without the Pokeball.
The fact that the pokeball is bad is maybe just taking it towards B+. But it is strange to downgrade the whole thing because they gave something extra that is not great…
What I mean is that following your video, you would have given a B+ or A- to the product if there had been no Pokeball. The said pokeball is just (ill conceived) gravy.
Don’t you think?

alber says:

i hope they don’t replace tins with this. i think the display value of tins is way higher and both are not usefully to hold cards anyway.

Matttaro says:

Great explanation of the product! Also sweet Suicune pull! I was thinking about buying this because the deck box looked so cool to put my SLEEVED rare cards in but….why was no one in their thinking room considering sleeved cards? I understand the peg system somewhat because it keeps the ball all round without a hinge sticking out. Even if the pegs wore out, I saw this as more of a display case, not for bringing it on the go for tournaments or battles. It would just live on a shelf. But not big enough for sleeved cards? Bah. I can only put my bulk in there :(. I left a LIKE!

Ben Kindel says:

I was pretty bummed that the online code for the promos doesn’t also unlock the Pokeball as a deck box online. That would have been great. The physical Pokeball box definitely isn’t a usable deck box, but I love how it looks on my bookshelf. It’s so big and glossy and colorful, and I have enough random stacks of cards laying around unprotected that I can make use of the storage compartment for something.

LucarioNinja92 says:

I think I’d prefer the tins, they shut tightly and are good for storage.

Number Six says:

I don’t think either shape is useful for card storage. The tins should just be rectangular to hold cards more naturally. They know how to do this as we’ve seen it with the Elite Trainer Box. Also of note is that TPCi has fixed the ETBs design so the cards fit fully inside the inner box. No more crushed or bent cards when putting the outer box on.

CKG 1130 says:

Have they try the cardfight or yugioh deck with sleeved in the pokeball deck

Bastien Clarke says:


CrazyMangoz says:

Man if that Pokémon deck box could hold sleeved cards it would be so amazing

SSP AMV says:

I swear the product design team doest have an actual tcg player on it. If they had, the pokeball and steam seige pack wouldnt have been a problem.

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