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METALMAN4Wii says:

$100 for 24 Packs on Amazon for a small business to make any money they would have to sell each pack minimum $5 each for a 9 pack I believe.

Certified Scott says:

Your fiance is beautiful Wood. She seems very shy and timid in the video (which I’m sure she’s really not with you), but it’s plain to see she makes you really happy and that’s fantastic. Hope to see her in more videos man ❤️

skelleytor says:

use that cat as a football

Patrick Leitzel says:

Dude this is the first video I’ve seen of yours. And you are hilarious. Excited to keep up with your stuff man. Cheers.

Myk iLL says:

im here bcoz of kim

Huynh Mai Dang says:

Great video guys

Andrew Pannelli says:

Honestly, don’t care about the card games, only clicked cause I wanted to see if there was an explanation for the whole, I broke up with my GF, I left Canada, I live with Billy, now I live with my girlfriend story. What up dude, people need to know these things!


He finally abused his drugs

cincyfan987 says:

More Kimberly please

TheCube360 says:

Wait, Kimberly is back again!? I only clicked cuz I thought it was yet another new girlfriend. But, she’s back!?!? OMG!

Jason Becker says:

So many eye rolls in this video

Russell Parry says:

Oh wow! I had NO CLUE you liked Card Games too! I always see you on Game Chasers hunting video games. I’m glad you share another hobby with me! 😀

Nick Neyra says:

She’s hot XD

Patrick Foltz says:

That intro… As a card gamer, I’ve never related to something more in my life.

Jacob Schwabe says:

you guys just have the cutest cats

Justin Lynn says:

She probably played Dual Masters as the bootleg version of magic xD

Joshua Titherage says:

Who is kimberly?

Alec Slundy says:

Is she his gf?

David Gonda says:

Is your proposal on line

Niko Rubio says:

Kimberly might’ve played chaotic

Rothana Pho says:

Wtf didn’t you break up?

Nintenjam says:

5:58 – *Loud cough* “Hair in my mouth” hahahahaha

Karl Steev says:


Dylan Streit says:

There’s also a video game and if you want you there’s toys of the characters and weapons that connects to your device and your character has abilities but to get them you need to scan the cards SO check the game out and make a video about it plz p.s. its a great game

Joshua Ward says:

Bootleg Magic? Maybe it was Vanguard but probably not.

Legandia says:

I love the tattoos on your girlfriend’s arm, super !

Supermike Rodanas says:

Damn she is fun,i dont know i was used to girls participating in these kind of videos just for the views.Great job both, thanks for the info i think i might take a closer look to both the game and your channel.

Ircha Gaming says:

I love Kimberly, she should be in EVERY single video from now on!

Jonathan Louis says:

Duelmasters is the game she use to play similar to magic. I have a feeling its that.

Hunter Magee says:

Is that a pimped out all chrome game cube behind you?


As an MTG player this looks awful. How many card games need to fail before they get the point.

Control Issues says:

Thunder Slug was actually one of my favorite AC/DC songs…

Tech Leo says:

Best intro of all time

Charles Curry says:

Would said “Bootleg version of Magic” have been Spoils TCG?

MrCocoNutGames says:

Was the card game vanguard?

Chris Toro says:

It would be cool to see a video about yu-gi-oh, or tech decks. Not sure why they’re such cringe topics, but that would be awesome! (For me at least >.>)

hecatomb says:

it looks alright, I rather just play Magic

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