Is This The Future Of Trading Card Games? | LightSeekers TCG

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John Brown says:

It’s based off a online game app… hmm. It seems like overdoing it. I wouldn’t get into it.

Aranisus says:

It reminds me slightly of Chaotic TCG. And it didn’t end well for this game.

I’m sceptical.

Goblinkaiser says:

I would have wished that you show some of the cards and “artworks”.

Alexandre Homobono says:

Man you talking fast

ironwolf113 says:

I gotta say the multiple ways of getting money does sorta help a newer game like this, but yeah this is more for children. As a adult, I am a little over TCG’s for a number of reasons, but mostly the mind set as I have gotten older I just want to be able to buy the product I want for what I pay for and boosters are just archaic as hell to me now. Now that being said I do like card games, and really I have gotten more into LCG’s/deck building games with set expansions. Call of Cthulhu is the one I still buy besides FFG not printing it anymore, That to me is where a real future lies for older table top enthusiasts who are tired of the TCG market.

The Goth King says:

It’s not for me, maybe some younger people will enjoy it but it’s just not magic.

president of daikaiju says:

so…the makers of this just used a machine to read my mind and make my (wip) game BETTER?



You sound and look like you want to die.

Giovanni Rodriguez says:

It’s an alright game.

PipPupPop says:

Thank god. MtG is kill. Let’s get some other game of the ground. I thought L5R might be it and then I played one game for 2 hours… It’s wayyyyy to lenghty.

Polly Sage says:

I can’t wait ’til this tech gets more widespread creating ips and concepts that are a lot more interesting. A small step for tcg, a giant leap for technology as you might say.

Christian Erdakos says:

New intro is horrendous plz change it back

ActionBastard461 says:

I’d like you to go a little more in-depth next time if possible. Try and do a test math really quick if at all possible, even if you blaze through it. But at the least just go over some more mechanics to the game. Either way, I’m going to look into this game. Looking forward to more videos on this series for sure!

Andrew Shaw says:

Hey Jeremy, what kind of settup do you use to show your hands while also showing your facecam? I am planning on starting a channel where I teach economics, and I think that settup could be very useful. Thanks!

Billy bob joe says:

Yo is this chaotic 2.0

bob bobby says:

nice to see some non-drama content (not that I dislike the drama, just think you need to no let it take over your whole channel 🙂 )

JIhn Ham says:

Do hero clix

Dank Nova says:

ALL new TCGs are a “rip off” of the big trio (Pokemon, YuGiOh, and MTG). Everyone will say it plays like (insert one of big trio here).

Angel Of Death Uchiha says:

Everyone Please Support My Channel Thanks!

ToujoursJacques says:

Meow meow

Bilal karim says:

3:03 this when he says I want to come it at this way is what mends my ears and mindset want to listen to him

Anu Vlad says:

Yeah?? But how’s the card quality?

Ms666slayer says:

So you are going to cover Yugioh based on your intro, I’m a Veteran since practically the first expansion so I can help you, BTW don’t invest on Singles in Yugioh it’s pointless they are going to get reprinted.

Hymen Hitman says:

“It has a rule book that will explain all of the rules”……thanks Jeremy……..

Jesse Tablebeast says:

Dude, spend some of that money on a comb.

The Idiot Reviewer says:

I’m pretty sure Eye of Judgement is the 1st card game that is truly uses AR, not Light Seekers.. and in japan, there is tons of arcade games that uses TCG as a means to play the game.. like Dragon Ball Heroes…

so TCG that uses AR isnt anything new..

matt606 says:

Hey Jeremy, could you look into Force of Will. It’s very small right now but I’m getting into it and it seems pretty damn cool.

Chino Devine says:

Being that the game is new, I can understand trepidation to it’s future viability and continuing growth. I will say that the game is more complex than face value would dictate by it’s younger age accessibility and cartoon styling. While it may seem to be more of an add on to the app as that’s sort of how it was originally intended, it’s actually got legs of it’s own and has started growing quite a bit in hobby stores that have supported it.

Additionally, I’ll also note there’s not a single micro transaction in the app. All app add ons are physical ones to enhance the experience, be it a figure pack, accessories, or the cards themselves. You never need to drop a dime on the app if you don’t wish to in order to play the game from start to finish. You will, however, miss out on certain in game content, so you may miss out on some side content

Morpheus Reborn says:

Is Lightseekeers a Skylanders ripoff? Because that’s what it seems like.

Lucas Lotozynski says:

This is more like a skylander card game rip off. It will be in clearance bins in 6 months. Zero long term value as it is mass produced.

siegfried greding says:

It’s a cool concept but things like this will not take over until augmented reality glasses replace more phones in the 2020s then it will be like a Yu-Gi-Oh anime style version of the game.

UnsleevedMedia says:

Let’s try to stay on task. I have nearly 15 games to get through this month still and I want to reward you all for sticking by me. At the very minimum we all deserve a few moments off from all this madness. Look forward to this series not sucking.

Victor Leyva says:

Thank you so much for reviewing this game!

Beest Lee says:

Great Video nice change of pace look forward to the next one

James Plays says:

Thanks for doing this. Loved it! Looking forward to more.

ironwolf113 says:

Can’t wait to see what you think of Warhammer 40K. Would recommend you try to play before painting. Painting is a bit of a time consuming investment, so make sure you like the game first! If you like aspects of it, but you want something more faster and with fewer models to paint, but still want good looking stuff, look up a game called Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. Its GW’s more competitive arena sorta game and its very fun. I like it, but I really want something like it in the gothic sci-fi sorta setting, but when it gets brought to game night I usually will get someone to play with while other games are being wrapped up.

Sven Kopperud says:

This looks interesting, plus its nice to unplug from the crazy bullshit, ya know? Gotta keep your sanity together somehow 😀 Because I know how that goes lol

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