Johnny vs. The Pokémon Trading Card Game

If you grew up with Pokémon in the late 90s and early 2000s, you most likely delved into this as well. What was probably my most expensive hobby before Yu-Gi-Oh entered the scene, the Pokémon Trading Card Game challenged players to build decks and compete to be the very best. Of course, I never did any of that, I just wanted the pretty cards.

This video is done a bit differently than the rest, as it’s more of a reminiscence of the cards themselves, with three guys talking about their experiences with the game itself. I begin to describe the actual card game and how it works at around the 12:07 mark.

With that said, see you guys next week with Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo 64.


Rera The Shadow of Nakoruru says:

Johnny was THE real reason on how I got myself into Yugioh…

Wil Jam says:

Hey Jonny do you like taking your hat off in this review and just tuoching it

Vilkas Brecht says:

My Charizard got stolen….

chad bleach says:

I got a Playstation by trading a picachu

Skeletor 64 says:

Pokemon should have ended after Platinum.

scrub titan says:

I play the game with my freinds, and I have INSANE luck. I pulled 3 FA Sycamores at about 30 dollars each.

Romess1 says:

That guy @ 9:36 sounds like Microsoft Sam

Sparse Dunes says:

Easy deck guide: Make a deck focused on milling. Just be that one asshole.

PhoeniksoftheStorm says:

i would actually love more of these videos where you guys just sit and talk about your memories with a franchise, i know there aren´t gonna be that many of those types of videos but it would be entertaining

Brodie Golemon says:

Actually I don’t have a Holographic Machamp as my first Holographic card I lost count to be honest and the only one holographic card I got was a Mega Gallade EX or any EX I actually had a Japanese Pikachu but I lost it and the only Japanese card I have is a Water Energy card

SuperNorstShow says:

I would like to see Johnny vs Magic the Gathering!

Blizzardtron says:

In 3rd grade I had a pikachu riding a wailmer card…3 days after getting my brother traded it for a freaking horsea.

Silver Blade28 says:

I gotta say YuGiOh is the much better quick to learn game compare to that complicated mess to be honest..Even if nowdays YuGiOh lol. owo

P0w3rGam3r10154 says:


Serious gamer 13 says:


KokuroSame says:

Did I miss something, you can’t sacrifice Sangan the same turn you normal summoned it. Johnny’s cheating!

xXflawlesscowboyXx says:

God damn Johnny where in the world is my Yu-Gi-Oh! review and retrospective!? Especially since the new movie came out, I’m sure it’s a great time for the nostalgia to come back.

Nick Karavolos says:

pokemon conquest

DerpyStudios Yu-gi-ohTCG says:

PokémonTCG copied yugioh

Foxocommand o says:

“We’re gonna make this quick”
17 minutes long

Jacob Blackman says:

the review starts at 12:19

Peridut says:

I always preffered Yu Gi Oh over the pokemom TCG

Nick Karavolos says:

pokemon conquest

FreezyPhazon says:

When me and my freinds thought whoever had the most HP would win. So bootleg cards were OP

the name is joob says:

in my school everyone is in to card wars the physical version not the mobile version even some of my teachers play I am a god in my class I beat 10th graders

TomFatTheTomcat 1 says:

God dang you Ryan the only 1 out of the three starters I don’t have anymore

Slayer says:

I stole so many pokemon cards from toy stores where they just had the booster packs somewhere in the back of the store lol

Jose Vicente says:

do magic the gathering

Joseph says:

Still waiting for the Yugioh video. Hopefully sometime soon?

android 16 says:


natkatmac says:

During my youth, I went on a school field trip where a guy in the adjacent seat was showing off his Pokemon cards. I took a look at them, and none of them really interested me. Except for one: Lugia. At the time, the movie starring Lugia and the bird trio was the only exposure I had to the franchise. So what did I do? I stole it, of course. Slipped it in my pocket when he wasn’t looking, and claimed it was never in the pile he gave me. He was very distraught, but still somehow bought it.
I’d feel guilty, but the dude was an ass. Like a legit personal schedule reduction so they could still send him home early every day without having to hold him back and get his ass out of there level of ass.

Itsame Mario says:

Damn man you’re cards were confiscated? When I was in primary school I used to bring my yugioh cards in all the time or my game boy, as long as I didnt try to use them in class and only used them for breaks it was fine

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