KMC Silky Sleeves – Trading Card Game Product Review

Andrew Mahone reviews KMC Silky Sleeves! These sleeves claim to be perfect for tournament use. Watch as Andrew decides for himself whether that is true or not!

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Carlos M Traverzo Acevedo says:

I really like product reviews, you should do more!!! The only KMC good sleeves are the hyper Matt and the Premium

Roughly52_TCG says:

This is why I use dragon shields I’ve used the same sleves for 4 months and only 1 has broken

Author Unknown says:

I never had a problem with any kmc sleeves I’ve used before.
I think your just too rough on your cards and sleeves.

Riahisama says:

Lmao these are terrible

TC1OZ says:

KMC used to be better quality than dragon shields; rumour has it they changed manufacturers again but so much old shitty stock that they HAVE to sell!

MiniMads says:

Not really relevant to the video but…

you’re testing a deck for Worlds with ZYGARDE EX in it!?

Anime Club says:

you should put the result of your evaluation in the title or in the description, because they look cheap affff and garbage, and some people may reead the title only and mahone publishing a video about it, so the may think they are good

Erick Mahar says:

kmc when to trash after they changed manufacturers

Evan lugo says:

Can i have A deck?
cant afford one…

Tanish Sachdeva says:

The sleeves are nice. Hey mahone, I m thinking of buying kmc perfect fits for sleeving my ultra rates. Is it a good choice.

Mohawk Drake says:

Ultra pro matte r pretty nice to shuffle

Marcus Navarro says:

I feel like watching Don’t mess with the Zohan now

garrett swanson says:

thats bad, back when i was playing in tournaments kmc sleeves were amazing, lasted forever

ForeverRanger 91 says:

I will stick to either my tried and true Ultra Pro Matte sleeves or Dragon Shields.

Cybno says:

KMC is just bad. Dragon Shield Matte and Eclipse are probably the best on the market.

Darth Vincenitus says:

I use different sleeves based on the game. For Pokemon I use Ultra Pro Pro Mat, for Magic I use Dragon Shields, and for Star Wars: Destiny, I use Eclipse. I find that Dragon Shields are the best because having played Magic for 8 years, I have never ripped a sleeve shuffling. When I play with Magic cards that have no value, I do riffle shuffle and I have not split one. For my 6 different Magic Commander decks, I have them all in Dragons of various colors. I wont put expensive cards in cheap sleeves unless theyre are being displayed in a binder.

Jacob Guy says:

i love KMC aleeves but i only really use the hyper mat tho

Poké TUBE says:

Lovin that playmat

Tanish Sachdeva says:

I would prefer ultra pro matte sleeves for the tournaments.

Breanna says:

KMC aren’t what they used to be :/ supposedly they’re back to being good but you’d have to find that packs that say “New Formula” on then but my personal opinion? I only use Ultra Pro Eclipse matte Sleeves and Ultra Pro Black mattes. Former for the shuffle feel and durability, latter just for the quick shuffle feel in tournaments. You should do a review and get your hands on some Ultra Pro Eclipse sleeves, maybe you’d like them 🙂

Beaverbi says:

2 things
How long to ray/vika
And can we get that playmat and if so where

gravesaw says:

Kmc back to that bad quality

Stanley Valle says:

I bought some since i heard they the best out there… yeahhh no. While play testing i ripped some sleeves just like you did. Eclipse is hands down my favorite. But to each their own! Good review!

Eric Marentes says:

Thanks for the review video. Helps me with my next purchase.

Robert Rodkey says:

How is KMC even in business with this quality control

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