Kohdok Reviews Hasbro’s Yokai Watch TCG

And now a look at Hasbro’s version of the Trading Card game.


Thibault Froment says:

trop bien

Mr.DeadCardGamer says:

The power up bonus from the flip is not the points on the bottom right. That is for the advanced game. When you flip the medal and it is on heads you double the Yokai’s power. So if you have a 400 power Yokai and land on heads it is now 800. The bottom right is when you play any number of cards from your hand face down and reveal them. If they are the same tribe as the attacking Yokai so the Yokai gains power based on how many Yokai and how much power the Yokai gets per card revealed which is only in the advanced game. Zizzac covered it on his video

Cruz fire says:

I saw your forum post on light seekers what are your first thought on the game ?

kewlbot says:

the art on the cards seem very plain but i really like the simplicity of the card layout

ETHAN SP says:

so… uh… a series copying pokemon is copying yugioh now?

wolkaiser drake says:

as long as all of the kyuubi yokai have cards, I dont mind

The Deer King says:

Can I use Japanese medals for this game? I have way more of those than I do American, plus all my American medals are either tough or brave.

Mario Vicks says:

actually samurai don’t sleep is pretty eazy to understand if u know how the game play goes

Chris Clack says:

I care for the collable poster kohdok

Friggin Boom Toys says:

Man you hit the nail on the head. I got into a semi argument with someone just trying to DISCUSS some of the text. We weren’t even having a game we were just flipping through a booster pack

Tommy Cos says:


Neima Mehrostmi says:

how the power ranger dino charge going

Opal says:

Since you went to toy fair can you tell us how much the model zero is gonna cost?

BraxtonComix says:

I’m getting a vibe that they got a bunch of inspiration from every card game out there. Especially MTG, Pokemon, YuGiOh and anything Bushiroad produces in that order.

Vanguardmetrics says:

“It’s basically Pokemon’s Elite Trainer Box”
Except for the lack of sleeves, lack of counters, no card dividers, no set booklet. RIP

Randomizer 6000 says:

do you live in Canada? If you do the go to toys r us and get some hasbro beyblade burst stuff to review

Alex daily says:

well i have a haos wormquake

Josh Dracoian says:

I just found out about this card game. Maybe it’s a good I don’t get into it.

Josh Dracoian says:

Pokemons Elite Trainer Box has sleeves, dice, energy cards, about 9 to 10 packs of regular cards, and numerous other things in it.

Andozoid says:

Yo this tcg looks fun I’m a go buy it!

Alien Marcus says:

Any update on the confusing card text effect?

Oshy Splashers says:

Do you know where to buy this game? Is it like buddyfight/vanguard where it’s exclusively sold in game/card stores or is it like sold in big retailers like Target?

Rampaging Raichu says:

While card text being inconsistent Is a problem it’s by no means game breaking as you stated. Also I think your being a bit overly critical stating that is like some type of sin that they have wording errors because it’s made by hasbro who yes owns wizards of the coast but does not control what they do. Hasbro owns so many different franchises they don’t have time to oversee everyone

super cj time says:


Thibault Froment says:

trop bien

Noah Network says:


super cj time says:

Like if you like the zeroshiki more and dislike if model zero

Trance johnson says:

Can you do a Review of vanguard card game

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