Let’s Play LIGHTSEEKERS! (Trading Card Game)

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Thanks so much to Playfusion and Lightseekers for partnering with me to make this video extra awesome. Ask for Lightseekers at your local game store or head over to lightseekers.cards for more info!

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Elizabeth Giebler says:

My daughter is loving this game… however the paper mats are annoying. Where can one get the mats in this video?

Pupalah says:

Trish, you ever consider being on an episode of game knights? That would be awesome.

Jeremy Coleman says:

Is just like Yu GI Oh right Trisha?

Damien Fate says:

That looks pretty fun! My son might be able to play it even.

James H says:

Very nice way Better than Geek and Sundry’s Shitty Becca Scott depiction of this game.

Zackary Rall says:

Looks like a fun game

RockarchyENL says:

Just wait until you start using items and splashing other colors into your decks. Very entertaining video and this game is one to get. Easy to learn, difficult to master

EthanGaminG YT says:

Where do you buy it?

Anonymous Andrew says:

I am going out now and buy a couple of decks for my game night. Thanks for introducing me to this =)

Murray Leach says:

thanks for this trisha I love boardgames and card games and gns seems to have stopped them for now.

Kyle Labbe says:

Looks fun but slow

Chino Devine says:

Yay! So glad to see others playing the game, especially someone I adore and appreciate the content of so much!

Baron Of Hell says:

Seems like fun.

YorkDevil85 says:

Hey Trish enjoyed the video. Have you played Gwent before?

MR Howard says:

Looks amazing. ….The game seems cool too.

IceMetalPunk says:

This looks pretty fun! Like a slightly more casual MtG (or a slightly more physical Hearthstone).

Andrew Liang says:

as mtg player, its funny to see that red has card draw and blue puts everything on the board, so you see it coming, lol, love it

Jj00000rR ___ says:

Glad to see Trisha out here hustling. I hope she made her rent money off this video. Game actually looks fun too.

Gary Tinschert says:

Nice to see card and board game content. It’s usually hard to watch “let’s play type videos” thru to completion but this was fun/interesting. I have over $800 into Star Wars Destiny and my wife and son don’t even want to play it. I’ll put it up on ebay so I can get money to buy more games they don’t want to play, lol. Getting addicted to kickstarter board games too, she really loves that. NOT. (I mostly want them because I love painting the miniatures) too bad I spend at least a day on painting one miniature as they now usually come with 75 – 130 each game. Oh well, great to have so many geek options and hobbies. Finishing a 144th scale millennium Falcon now as I just had shoulder reconstruction surgery (from a BAD bicycle accident in October) and am out 2 months of my last year of a 30 year Fire Dept career because of it. Glad I didn’t abuse my sick time and saved it for emergencies (as in 2 broken ankles, a broken tibia, a broken foot, and a torn off bicep (all from off duty ice hockey injuries). I love my hockey more than games. Keep up the great work, one of my favorite subs.

Jeremy Coleman says:

Congratulations on your victorious game Trisha.

TheNoddyone says:

Always like to see you post different content. Any chance you’ll ever do a comic book review show?? I always liked that one you did on SAGA

dmrc43 says:

Reminds me of that famous game of rat tat a blackjack!

Rwededyet says:

This was good, but I wish they didn’t cut to camera 2 when Trish was talking to camera 1 (and vice versa).

Gdaddy Geek says:

Great. Now I have to buy another tcg (fist shake).

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