Lets talk about “FAILED” Trading Card Games…and the Hidden Market for them

TCG = 1,000’s of TCG’s are attempted with a 99% fail rate. If every card in the game can be obtained by making a small purchase, or if the manufacturer does not market it as a CCG, and maintain a STRONG secondary market, then it is NOT a TCG…and will fail with the rest.

Less than 1% of all CCG’s make it past 5 years in production.

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drcobane says:

@Rudy do you have or heard of the TCG by Melissa Benson called Wyvern? Or
Spellfire by TSI pre Wotc

Heinoussubset says:

I wanted to get get in to force of will so now I know what cluster to start in now it’s time to ave money to get packs

Craig Stuckey says:

Who remembers Netrunner?

Dustin Neal says:

would you consider selling some of the force of will boxes ?

Dylan Mahoney says:

How do I contact Rudy I really want to talk to him about some of the force of will stuff I am willing to buy some if it but idk if it works like that

ultor europae says:

Uhuu i lewse my 6 dollar investment..

Shatteredhorizon says:

Maybe I’m a weirdo or something but to me I would open them and collect them despite the fact they don’t have value

The Tyson Truth says:

would you sell 1 each of these extra odd ball booster boxes?

Myownlittleunivers says:

The booster boxes for force of will seem to be going for 90+ on ebay… where are you finding them for 20? Asking because I want to try the game out

Ayla Guerassio says:

You got some pogs laying around somewhere too? >.<

David Brooks says:

There are some decent value chase cards in legacy lost still. (Force of Will)

Michael Vuong says:

you can still use all your useless tcg cards for tokens and etc so its not all bad

Geoff Sarlo says:

Woohoo Rudy got 2 free nightmares from the mystery box.

むうむう牛チャン says:

I am interested in those Force of Will cards if you would want to sell some of those to me :V

C2 Wavelength says:

the got sued by the olympics for the logo

joel wise says:

I bet people would buy that nightmare before christmas tcg i loved that movie it was sweet.

Mr.foster says:

Can I keep your force of will “crap”

purple_star _man says:

anyone remember chaotic?

AdvisorOfDark Gaming says:

Does anybody know about spellfire?

Chase's Channel says:

I love love love doomtown ccg

FelineIce says:

I love to buy old cards. Artwork on cards is very nice sometimes. Also the low chance to be able to understand it.

joel wise says:

Charge a dollar a pack and make 4x your money and open them for patrons with there magic boxes if they want to include a extra dollar or 2

Henning Schmidt says:

FoW Displays in Germany are about 105€/display. That Franchise is freakin’ breaking the habbit here. If you dont need your Displays, hand ’em over to me ^^

Anyway… I remember a Star Wars TCG back in the 1990’s. Failed and ate all my money when I was a teen…

rawer Burst says:

Imagine a giant card game mix

Felix Arroyo says:

L5R!!!!!!!!!! sued by the olympics because of the logo RIP

Michah Taylor says:

Yeah… I didn’t know L5R was dead… It was my favorite tcg ever. I stopped playing it about six years ago.

Justin Hartley says:

Cardfight Vanguard is an excellent tcg!

arcanix51 says:

the L5R CCG got pushed out in favor of the LCG format (living card game) and this is due entirely because of the buy out by Fantasy Flight. they want the game to be driven by the RPG aspect of everything. and the RPG is -HUGE-. when i sayy huge i mean people show up at convention to LARP in full costume and those LARPs drive the game. L5R is probably as big in players as D&D or Pathfinder is… and there might even be a fair bit of overlap because what pen&paper gamer doesn’t play more than one game?

Jonathon Olson says:

Did Force of Will recover? The Seven Kings of the Lands Displays are priced quite normal here in Europe at the moment.

Roy Brown says:

I just started playing Force of Will as my cousin got a few decks. I enjoy it. Soooo would you sell or give away a few boxes. My local store has nadda. 🙂

Jeremy Hale says:

Rudy; I would love to get a hold of some of the old Middle Earth game…any leads you can give me (not very trusting of the EBay community, already got burned there once on Middle Earth cards)

Mason B5 says:

Weiss schwarz just didn’t get noticed by the public yet
But why is it like $90 a box jesus

Boogemane says:

What about Duel Masters, Rudy?!

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