LIghtseekers Card Game – Gameplay and Rules Walkthrough!

Check out the LIghtseekers card game here:

This video is sponsored by the makers of the Lightseekers card game. Big thanks to them for both sponsoring the video as well as sending some decks so we could learn the game and show it to you.

Lightseekers is a collectible trading card game with some pretty unique card types including hero cards, rotating buff cards, and combo cards and more. Its easy to learn and fun to play.
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Big bad Lane says:

Dude your so thin now I think that you are such an inspirational person keep up the good work

Erick crow says:

He looks so good!!!!

TheNub325 says:

got dam you look so tiny now

Andrew Lent Productions says:

What’s with the microphone and lighting??

Blane Corry says:

Luke dies

Raymond macias-celestina says:

Dude! Didn’t even recognize you. Keep up the good work

jarrett maltry says:

Wait this is actually fun to watch boogie this could be a good card game to play on stream or the channel so we can learn a new game as a community

Matt Crampton says:

you actually won boogie, when he gained 7 from being attacked he didn’t decrease his health by 3 first from your attack.

VenetianAzure says:

Love ya lots boogie!

galaxy man . jpg says:

who is this?

David Ingram says:

This game looks really fun

Greek Panda says:

Damn boogie looking fresh, lemme get ur digits

Matt K says:

I saw the thumbnail and at first thought this was an old video when you were much younger.

I hope you’re feeling as good as you’re looking, bro. Keep it up.

Joshua Waring says:

Lookin’ good

The Prepubescent Squeaker Doge says:

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Tom Letowski says:

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Comixs Fan says:

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TopNotschGaming29 says:

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logan germann says:

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Nemesis says:

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CarrotVision3D says:

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Dovahkiin says:

Please make more vids about this! And also play a game of magic against someone

The Dark Light says:

Why did I get this as an ad?

MTG 102 says:

“Magic lite”

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