Lightseekers Switch Review – The Digital Card Game

Lightseekers The Digital Card game for Nintendo Switch reviewed by The Flannel Fox, thanks to Play Fusion for the review copy!

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Barrettfloyd82 says:

I think I’ll get it when there is controller support.

AJ Walker says:

I only heard about the game because I saw it was coming to the Switch. That said, like you, it grabbed my interest and made me seek out additional information via YouTube and learned it’s available on the Kindle Fire as well. It’s a great game and I hope to one day play it in real life with real cards since there is real life organized play in certain areas.

Yusei255 says:

Not a very good game TBH

Richie Tozier says:

i learned how to play it at my local library, Do not regret it!

Katie says:

You probably should have given an overall rating along with the switch score since 5/10 clearly doesn’t represent your feelings on the game.

S.iCE☆ says:

We need Pokemon Trading Card Game Online on NSwitch!!!

LJ Polintan says:

I have been playing it too on my phone all this week! Was so excited for it to hit the Switch and I’m glad i can link accounts. It just sucks that the battery drains super fast 🙁 Ok… we gotta play soon! Haha.

Cqllel says:

Awww that sucks. Touch only.. :c Might as well play it on your phone then. Especially since it’s online only. I guess that goes for the singleplayer campaign, too. I also don’t exactly wanna play with 10 fps with my phone, so I’ll be playing on the NS anyways.
I hope they add controller support and docked support. And fix the battery drain. I hate getting finger prints on my screen :c

InfinityReptar says:

I still don’t understand rarity of cards.

LiangHuBBB says:

Been playing card games since 22 years MTG, HS etc.
Gotta say this game is an overall simplified version of MTGA and Hearthstone, but still fun though and it’s for free.
Wish I could play it on TV as well, too bad there is only the portable version useable.

ravenriser says:

Downloaded this to my switch…but uninstalled due to no TV support. Once they fix that I’ll DL again…

Lightseeker Cessilia says:

Nice review.
I have played Lightseekers a while now and really like the game. I play physical cards with others at our local LGS as well as on my android phone. I know that they are working on the controller issue for the switch, as that is the only thing keeping it from docked mode. I am not a coder, but hope that isn’t too hard to do so it is quickly resolved. Otherwise, the game is available in real life, on iOS, Android, Amazon, and now Switch. Also, the booster packs are able to be bought with gold in the game which you earn through leveling up, or you earn more gold by scanning in physical cards and leveling those up as you play.

Justin Johnson says:

Downloaded the game and then instantly deleted due to no controller support

Shawn Gabrish says:

How hard would it have been to make a joystick a mouse? Lazy!

Your Player 2 says:

This looks pretty fun, but man it really makes me just wish Hearthstone would come over to it! And no controller support’s a bit hard to swallow :p

Bill Cosby says:

I wish they would just port Heathstone or that Magic Arena game

Kevin says:

Anyone else getting 4hrs of playtime on a fully charged Switch?

C Wilson0351 says:

Top 100 guy here. Hmu anytime ign: Sartec

burnummaster says:

Check your switch brightness settings if you only get an hour. I played for more than 2 hours before charging

Kaguya says:

I’ve tried it today and I find it completely wasted as a potential hit seller. sure the Light Seekers fanatics that have issues with the mobile version will be flocking to the Switch version as a replacement but for a home console edition its 4th rate due to the touch screen only controls and despite it being nothing like Light seekers Arena of Valor did it right by allowing control options on day 1.

SwitchedOn says:

Great review thanks. Sounds like needs a LOT of work.

KrimzonFlygon1 says:

My finest moment: the other guy had Spirit of War, I had Withering. He drew a card whenever he took damage, and took damage every time he drew a card.


Adrianna Amato says:

I was curious about this game but I always get discouraged with card games. Think I’ll pass.

Jon Idoncair says:

ah yes booster packs, the only acceptable loot box even in real life :3

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