Lightseekers Trading Card Game (Game the Game)

Players Virginia Brazier, Aman Adumer, and Forrest Brown join host Becca Scott for a game of Lightseekers Trading Card Game from PlayFusion. Taking on the roles of Tenebra, Dolo the Mighty, Treanu, and Orion the players join the fight as they enter the world of Tantos to see which element reigns supreme.

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Jesse Ward says:

Is it just me or is there weird lighting in this video? Like it keeps changing. Also, theres a lot of misplays, they should get an on set judge for game rules.

Butterarmy says:

Right away when they shuffle the card from anti gravity snail, that is incorrect, you keep that in your hand

Elliott Hinkle says:

Knock off mtg

MadJack says:

These episodes are becoming more cringy to watch, why is their no Will Wheaton tabletop anymore 🙁

Josiah Guerra says:

Forrest would have won or got second if it weren’t for that minus 15 hp junk.


CXV Gaming says:

Might give this a shot if I find it in my country. I’m tired of the sweaty matches of Yugioh and MTG

Rockarchy Reviews and News says:

Noooo, that card goes to hand not deck lol. Card disadvantage now haha. It’s all good.

Matt Gween says:

How did none of the players notice the Wall of Bones? This show really needs a judge. Not following the rules is going to turn me off of this series.

dreadknot69 says:

No thanks, already have Summoner Wars. Everything I needed from Magic/Hearthstone but all in one box. (and no, not the app Summoners War)

b1oody 67 says:

Virginia kept forgetting her defense card (wall of bones played at 22:30). which really bites her at 33:05

Dragonman0007 says:

Do more Escape!

lordmcfuzz says:

Why can’t they produce an episode where they actually follow the rules. Why are they playing “invisible cards” to move the game along…. Good editing skills could be used instead.

Conor Winterburn says:

I was given the introduction pack at my game glub

Andrew Wilson says:

Thanks for this video! I like the series, and I have been enjoying the game, so it’s cool to see you combine the two 🙂

Congratulations, Aman! Funnily enough, most of the game’s I’ve played so far have been red vs. yellow (same as Amon vs. Becca), and red has won every game. After seeing Forrest play, I’m looking forward to trying green.

The Hat Clan says:

Love this game dislike this video… gave it a thumbs up to help spread views for this game around the US

Hymen Hitman says:

This game looks like shit

The Hat Clan says:

Wow so many mistakes in this video… maybe teach the people how to play before filming or get people that already know how to play before filming a game

eddie drood says:

Becca, good job hosting a game that suffers from runaway leader syndrome early on. Trying to keep it watchable and fun is not as simple as some may think.

luketfer says:

Guys suggestion for the future, maybe play through a game or two first BEFORE recording so people don’t completely flub the rules? It worked when you’re on twitch because you’d have chat reminding people about things but it just doesn’t work in this format.

It seemed like almost none of the players understood the rules in this one and it has been an issue several times before.

thejessta says:

Becca ayyyyy

Gintautas Tamošaitis says:

They play this game wrong. Attack cards can only be used to attack target defend should be used against enemy not the target…

Jorge Leon says:

wow… you gotta select your guests at least so they have a similar skill lv.

Darrell G says:

Looks simple enough, but there seems to be way too much healing going on. Except for Purple, who doesn’t seem to have much. Although she did cost herself like 12 points of damage between forgetting her Bone Wall and Tenebra’s ability.


wil wheaton.

Andres Gonzalez says:

So annoying that Virginia didn’t read her cards.
One thing that pisses me off a lot while playing these cards games is that some people forget to read their own cards, as well as their opponents.
Rule #1 of playing cards games: READ THE FREAKING CARDS!

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