Lost Thunder Set Review Pokemon TCG

With the next Sun & Moon expansion, Lost Thunder, almost upon us, we give our thoughts about it in this in-depth set review. Lost Thunder is mainly comprised of cards from Japan’s Explosive Impact, Thunderclap Spark, and Fairy Rise sets and is the largest set in the history of the Pokemon TCG. As a result there’s no shortage of exciting cards, including Alolan Ninetales GX, Blacephalon GX, Zeraora GX, the Lost March cards, etc. We give our thoughts on these and many more in this set review.

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SlowRule says:


Mugon Gaiaphage says:

This might be too farfetch’d (Hey Kenneth!) but what about Incineroar GX + Nanu for Dark Acceleration? Love the video keep it up <3

Caleb Brink says:

With typhlosion you just use malamar and blaziken gx

Jonathan Haertel says:

I understand you don’t like Tyranitar GX as much as I do. You know what, that’s okay. Alolan Ninetales GX and Mina can fill the void in its weakness.

Chaos Buster12 says:

Also, I can’t wait to see you guys discuss Black Market PS

Nickles says:

There is a counter. Tapu koko+dce = rip lost march.

Rune Blade says:

Suicune-GX deck combo i’ve been hearing about, combos with Quagsire and the new Naganadel!

Rare Candy says:

Alolan Meowth – 03:23:05
Alolan Ninetales GX – 03:48:23
Ampharos – 01:53:14
Blacephalon GX – 01:21:25
Carbink – 04:02:43
Celebi Prism Star – 00:23:41
Cofagrigus – 02:55:24
Dialga – 03:30:25
Ditto Prism Star – 04:15:54
Donphan – 03:10:02
Durant – 03:36:19
Dustox/Beautifly – 00:34:19
Espeon – 02:17:24
Gardevoir – 03:57:52
Genesect GX – 03:42:03
Girafarig – 02:34:09
Giratina – 02:43:52
Granbull – 03:54:13
Heracross – 00:19:37
Hitmontop – 03:15:26
Larvitar – 03:20:47
Lanturn – 01:47:59
Lost March – 00:05:29
Lugia GX – 04:20:29
Magcargo GX – 01:08:36
Meganium – 00:01:08
Mimikyu GX – 04:12:21
Moltres – 00:58:33
Naganadel – 03:04:22
Nihilego – 03:01:05
Ninjask/Shedinja – 00:39:20
Onix – 03:08:19
Primarina – 01:42:14
Pyroar – 01:16:00
Ribombee – 04:09:24
Sableye – 02:39:25
Sceptile GX – 00:27:31
Shaymin – 00:48:25
Shuckle – 00:10:16
Shuckle GX – 00:15:08
Sigilyph GX – 02:48:45
Suicune – 01:26:54
Suicune GX – 01:31:22
Tapu Koko – 02:05:07
Trumbeak – 04:24:27
Tyranitar GX – 03:27:02
Typhlosion – 01:03:39
Unown(s) – 02:20:55
Vespiquen – 00:44:30
Victini – 01:11:42
Virizion GX – 00:51:51
White Kyurem – 01:37:04
Wobbuffet – 02:28:07
Xerneas Prism Star – 04:05:58
Zebstrika – 01:58:23
Zeraora GX – 02:10:10

Adventure Bag – 04:27:43
Aether Foundation Employee – 04:30:28
Choice Helmet – 04:31:34
Counter Gain – 04:38:00
Custom Catcher – 04:43:11
Electric Power – 04:48:36
Faba – 04:52:10
Fairy Charm(s) – 04:55:58
Heat Factory Prism Star – 05:00:53
Kahili – 05:04:09
Life Forest Prism Star – 05:06:03
Lost Mixer – 05:10:10
Lusamine Prism Star – 05:13:30
Memory Energy – 05:59:58
Mina – 05:17:31
Mix herb – 05:21:43
Moo-Moo Milk – 05:24:49
Morty – 05:27:52
Net Ball – 05:32:19
Professor Elm’s Lecture – 05:35:32
Sightseer – 05:41:44
Spell Tag – 05:46:16
Thunder Mountain Prism Star – 05:50:27
Wait-And-See Hammer – 05:54:07
Whitney – 05:55:28

Christopher Tasso says:

I actually think that genesect magnezone ninetales would be the only really good way to effectively run genesect as a main attacker in a deck because ninetales can flawlessly setup both magnezone and the get you tools that you need to consistently stack genesect, but at the end of the day I 100% agree with zander, because what I constantly want to ask myself is what my reason would be for running genesect over dusk mane necrozma when DMN does much more damage for the one extra energy, has 10 more hp, and has beast ring at it’s disposal.

ParadoxBrony says:

Jirachi and Celebi aren’t Legendary Pokemon, they’re Mythical Pokemon.

chibiraptor says:

Donphan with Electrode GX. You go behind on prizes, but you’re not going to be giving up any more prizes anyways.

Dianci + CB lets you hit 120, which 2-shots anything anyways, guzma resetting the attack doesn’t suck that much.

cemeteryhill says:

Wow 6 hours?!? Holy schneike!! Gonna have to take a day off & listen to this monster playing PTCGO all day….some day.

Natural Harmonia Gropius says:

It’s not Lost Mixer, it’s *Lost Blender*

Zetax Yo says:

Heracross could be fun, pair it with shining legends venosaur and promo lurantis for extra damage

gammafighter says:

Plasma fist should read:
Plasma Fist (LLC): 160; this Pokemon can not be sued due to any of the effects of this attack.

Wilson Xie says:

I think every ray deck should have a one of heracross, since vikavolt is a stage two and it accelerates perfectly

Rasmus Lund Møller says:

6 Hours?! Fuck me… I thought Omnipoke’s set review was long but this takes it to a whole new level 😛

gammafighter says:

On sigilyph gx, I think the idea is to KO their Basic Pokemon with the main attack, and if they KO sigilyph with their own GX, then they also give up two prizes.

Max Dubs says:

Great video candy crew! Btw unknown hand won a league cup in japan (or did well, not sure) with verizion and its gx attack helps you pick up everything in play! Ptcgradio made a video about it if you want more info! Love to see more than one opinion on “each” card once again great video!

Ramon L Morales Diaz says:

Wobbuffet works on a check for Ditto. But I dont like it anyway. (Wobbuffet)

Turntwig says:

Jeez, why is this 6 hours long lmao

TheSecondFate ! says:

Slight suggestion. Not hating. I loved the review as a whole.

I’m not sure if some of the thoughts were pre-written down or pre-recorded, but sometimes the reviews were a bit repetitive. On some of the cards, One of you guys would say an example and the next person would literally say the same example in the next sentence. I feel like the next person just saying ditto, or I agree, would be a bit better from a listener perspective.

TheRedScizor says:

That’s a lot of damage… I mean cards.

IZSM says:

Celebi Prism Star: Use Greninja GX and Raichu. There are so many cards that could be better with this. All it needs is a new card that can copy an attack from Celebi.

Dubious_discZ says:

A 6 hour video, not even movies are this long! *BUT* You guys helped out a ton with the timestamps!! Now I really cant complain

Greatdragon999 says:

This setup is clean

Natural Harmonia Gropius says:

The set is HUGE!!! I cannot even resist a 6-hour vid

Daniel CABRERA says:

awsome work. will be very handy to add in the comments area the time stamp to switch to a particular pokemon

ThemFilthy Metronomes says:

Celebi Prism Star keeps shock lock alive, as you don’t need the cycled out devo spray, the coin flippy scoop up, or the weird setup of Acerola to continuously devolve and reuse Raichu. Sucks that it’s a one-of only, but hey it’s all the deck has at this point

Michael C says:

There is no time I would EVER want to play Jirachi Prism Star, which is a sad thing to say. Celebi Prism Star on the other hand would work really well with something like the dark type Alolan Muk coming out when your going for a mill strategy. I picture Durant + Celebi Prism Star + Alolan Muk being pretty good. Jirachi & Celebi Prism Stars should be stronger for sure.

Jack YT says:

>get in
>6 hour Rare Candy video to watch


Walkingart says:

great video keep up the great work

Wilson Xie says:

mom said one more video

jacksonmr says:

Answer to lost March- shining Jirachi or porygon-z from burning shadows. If the evolution meta gains tons of traction, these guys will become viable very quickly

The Trader says:

Will a rainbow or counter energy meet the requirement for the second attack?

White Kyurem – Water – HP130
Basic Pokemon
[C][C] Field Crush: 30 damage. Discard your opponent’s Stadium in play.
[W][W][C] Freezing Flame: 80+ damage. If this Pokemon has any [R] Energy attached to it, this attack does 80 more damage.

Austin Belsky says:

The best use for Mina atm is to power up an Altaria GX in 1 turn. It’s seen play in Japan for that

Quasar Jumper says:

Shuckle gx and salazal rare and alolan muk gx deck could be brutal

itsinmyvein says:

Kenneth is savage with his ratings.

SSP AMV says:

wait wait wait. 6 HOURS?

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