MegaCorp Futuristic Cyber Business Trading Card Game …what do you think!?

A Futuristic Cyber Punk Trading Card Game, you win by either buying your opponents corporation, or bankrupting the Corporation.


Customer Service :


Joseph B says:

I contacted them on Facebook because a rule was missing from their Ruleset. I was responded to by Mark himself (creator). He apologized for not responding sooner, explaining that it was around 3 AM where he lived. He personally woke up and added the rules to their google document and had their rules guy look them over. Never in my life have I had a conversation with a Game’s creator and had them go out of their way at 3 AM to fix a problem for me, it was really awesome. Wish these guys all the best!

Marcel Cybula says:

This card game is too niche and targeted for people who like buisiness, so for Rudy yes it will be a great game, but if you want something that will succeed and make you money as an investment this won’t resonate with the wide variety of card game players such as magic fans who may particularely not give any fucks about buisiness or the wide array of kids that would prefer medieval fantasy type things rather than this cyber buisiness weirdness.. but i guess south asia might have a different mindset

Alexander Saldivar says:

looks like crap

Joseph B says:

I got permission from the Owner to put a mod up on the Steam Workshop for Tabletop Simulator, if anyone wants to playtest the game the mod can be found here:

JuanTheBone says:

The entire game premise just seem rather niche.

Ifeno says:

I love Rudy’s passion in this video. He’s so fired up, it’s fantastic to watch.

PikaNinja TCG says:

I love the concept of this game! Sounds awesome

Zigeye says:

Ya this is sweet. You should do a giveaway on those goldcards. $100 a pop, DAMN! But I bought couple starter bundles. Would have purchased 3, but they were already out of stock on one of the play mats. Let’s hope this takes off! Force of Will was to hentai for me, but this one looks classy and quality.

Snowy says:

reminds me of Android Net Runner. it could be good I’ll definitely give it a shot!

Fred Jones says:

This guy could sell ice to eskimos.

mssj4gokou says:

So the game is Shadowrun: the TCG.

Evil Gary says:

I really want to play this, but I just started to get back into Magic with Hour of Devastation.

Justin Hillman says:

Did you create this tcg bud I have a great tcg idea but am confused on the cardstock and how to print if I should use ink or jet printer

MagnaRagnus says:

I want to buy, but they dont ship to Germany 🙁 *im sad*

Logan Armes says:

“for the record it could be harmful to try something new……” – Sheldon cooper, big bang theory.

Nefashus says:

guys i am investing in quality ass bleach. in some years my investment will double or trippe since the demand for bleached ass will grow. just saying it is not too late to invest

Ratchetfan321 says:

Rudy for the next Tolarian “In Response” episode debating MTG finance.

Keith Heath says:

And those corners are why this is ruled out for something I would collect. I am way too hard on cards to have square corners, rounded ones are more forgiving

Judge .Dredd says:

Me like it!

Matthew P. says:

This seems like a game made just for Rudy and people like him. I doubt it would work with the market at large. That being said, I’d have to play it before I make a judgement.

AWWYEEAA _ says:

Wasnt compensated, just given like 100 boxes lol

Zerthimon says:

Thoughts on Weiss Schwarz?

Chuck says:

That’s it Rudy, I’m finally thumbing down one of your videos.

Just kidding you mother fucker you know I can’t do that

Reiki Raichu says:

C for Control is now a card game

jasminf0x says:

This sounds interesting but since there’s no local source for the cards it’ll be impossible for me to find someone to play it with 🙁

Mims Zanadunstedt says:

Anyone find out how much the mats are selling for?

Vintage MTG says:

Sweet game idea, can’t wait to try it!

Rootsradical808 says:

I love shadowrun and cyber punk stuff, wouldn’t mind just trying it but cash flow is limited and I’m into MTG commander so we’ll see!

TheDango Bailey says:

richard garfield already did a cyberpunk tcg, and before that there was at least one other back in the late 90’s

FlipFlops says:

your name is mark now

MrInfernal71 says:

rudy i dont know if you have played the game yet but i bought the digital download of the decks and have been testing it. the cards are overpowered. turn 1 wins are super common. i just want to be able to invest in this but if the game isnt fun then i wont be able to sell this game you know?

NotAGoodUsername360 says:

So basically the core idea is the merging of mana and health into a singular capital, and then the competition coming from making sure you don’t run out, nor let your opponent get too powerful?


FG Eclipse says:

what a dumb card game

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