More “FAILED” Trading Card Games…and the Collector’s who buy them

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Greg Savacool says:

It’s why MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon are still around after 25, 16 and 18(?) years later respectively. My current Yu-Gi-Oh cards binder has lost value since I put it together back in 2008 and left it be a couple years later, but I have a single card worth $400, so they still have plenty of value.

Rodney Hedger says:

The MLPCCG started dying when Enterplay had issues with getting stock from their printers in China to the USA & then off to distribution and started going more downhill when the top players found combos to make OTK decks. They supposedly released a new expansion this year, not seen it.
You wouldn’t happen to be sitting on any boxes of the Battletech CCG? As that’s something I wish I bought more of, but like the Decipher Star Wars & Star Trek CCGs, could never work out how to build a deck.

cheekytikis says:

Like the way he just tosses the boxes about

Ryan Johnson says:

Could you do one on Dead Lands? Or is that game pulseless?

magicrainbow aids says:

I remember the dbz game.

Pastor Chris Stewart says:

Got to love L5R I have a ton of cards and have played since it came out….wish there were players near me

toby gaffney says:

It’s just so odd how a tcg a hobbie has to have value I thought the value was you playing and enjoying your hobbie

Angel De La Muerte says:

back in mexico i remember there was a game called Mitos y Leyendas, it was a TCG too and actually it was very very good and quite popular at the time but then… Yugioh came and it was the time when everybody was playing that F$%# game, even now on Mexico there are just a few stores with magic but this game i was talking about just died because of yugi coming to the market, i think i still have some card from that game with me anyway just to point out another game that actually was good but died, keep on the good work Rudy, and just today a friend of mine became your patreon so you better treat him well or else i will hunt you down and i will cast ember shot on your face!!

FatPanda54 says:

I like your insight, but boy are you full of yourself.

Slimword says:

I miss playing Vs System Marvel / DC. I thought it was a fun game. With all the comic book movies out now, you’d think they have tried to revive it. I can only imagine how much money they’re leaving on the table by not bringing it back.

Arensi says:

Rudy let’s make ourselves a cardgame and get rich – we can pocket all the black lotus and Mox equivelants

Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things says:

The company print too much sets and should do limited runs since they should know that most tcg don’t really last past the first main run!

Chaplain Mitchell James says:

L5R was a storyline game.
Story ended.

Dul Fish says:

I bought a pack at dollar tree of dragon ball z heros villains like 3 years ago for 1 $

Dain, son of Nain says:

I was expecting card wars…

david white says:

The Tomb Raider CCG is still being played and has a cult following and mostly for the solo version which is rather rare in CCG.The price for the starters and boosters is pretty inexpensive but kind of difficult to track down.I recently picked up 4 starters and 112 booster packs for $40 dollars so the price is not bad,and yes,the game is very fun.

Rorschachqp says:

I remember cracking L5R Imperial Edition and selling the singles at the local Frank And Sons show back in like ’96.

Captain Chompers says:

Oh shit, I didn’t know you were located in Jax! I’ll have to visit one day.

Bek F says:

I used to buy tomb raider ccg packs at the flea market when I was little. I knew it was a card game, but I never learned how to play.

mgdarenz says:

Tomb Raider was a decent game. I played in 1 tourney in the late 90’s. haha

Munteanu Catalin says:

Legend of the five rings was a very good game, but sadly it was destroyed by corporate greed. It was advertised as a complete revamped TCG experience devoid of things such as card rarity and similar charcateristics that make the price for a TCG go up. Sadly they didn’t deliver and the game failed because it was expensive as hell to even create any competitive deck. And for those that like expensive gameplay, MTG exists.

Justin Beddow says:

I love dead card games. Really card games in general. I’m a collector. So I buy up just about any TCG, CCG I can. I just bought a booster box of TNBC off eBay last night. Love it. Thanks for giving me more ideas for dead sets to look into.

Magnus McCloud says:

I’m wondering if you picked up the Simpsons Card Game.

Salem Kane says:

Whoa!! Never knew Lara Croft from ps1 had cards

Maggie K says:

The original DBZ has recently been re-released as Dragon Ball Super. From what I’ve heard one of the biggest reasons the old one failed is the game itself was overly complicated and clunky to play. The new one simplified it a lot while staying true to its roots.

zandiskoul says:

Everyone I’ve met loves L5R but the DBZ is collector value more than TCG value. Playstyle was very dry and linear when I play in 2004-2005.

Laura Cruse says:

Hey, are you selling the tomb raider booster packs? I’m a fan and am looking for it! xx

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