Munchkin Collectible Card Game Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at the Munchkin Collectible Card Game designed by Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson!

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Bob Dole says:

Ah and another case of black bordered cards… some of the cards Tom has shown, have allready been damaged. When will htey learn, when will they ever learn?!

Son0fAggression says:

Who needs a ccg at this time and age with all the amazing lcgs out… waste of money

Ryan Zmolek says:

Seems like a weird mash of munchkin and mtg. I like both a lot, but never felt they needed to be combined.

El Gatoman says:

Shadowverse also has 20 point life limit. I guess a lot of games copied MTG?

Steve Jackson Games says:

Thanks for the review and kind words Tom! Eric and Kevin made a very cool game, we’re glad people are enjoying it.

Also digging the purple beard! -HS

RinconGeek says:


Why is it purple!!!!!!

Munschkin CCG!!!!!


TheGreatHamEl says:

This looks God awful. “Bluffing” alone isn’t really a mechanism. It’s guessing. If you want a two player game where some bluffing is baked in but you have interesting choices to make, get Raptor.

ajamison says:

Realllllly turned off by the art and design. Looks incredibly dated.

Carlos Eduardo Saldanha says:

When I read Eric Lang on the design I thought “oh well, here we go for another clone of some other famous game” and I was not mistaken. It’s sad to see Kev’s name on the design as well. Kevin designed good games and this looks like a stain on his reputation.

The game is awful. Don’t know what’s the target audience but I’m not seeing average players or people new into the hobby getting into this one. It looks like a dumbed version of Magic: The Gathering…again… it was already done before. And guess what? Magic still stands, the other games flunked.
The artwork is hideous. The tongue-and-cheek saturates really quickly… a game that has some tongue-and-cheek and had a brief period of fame, The Spoils, got saturated by it’s humorous approach. A “silly” game will always be silly and that’s why the original Munchkin is still played, because the original Munchkin is not trying to be some game else. And Munchkin is a game you play once or twice and move on. This one… dunno what they want from it but it will be in the same level of Munchkin replay.

I’m a sucker for xCG. I’ve played almost every xCG game in the market. I look into this game and I see The Spoils again (a M:TG clone that wants to be better and cheaper than M:TG). And in 2018 I don’t want to see a cheap knockoff of a previous and/or successful game… for that we already have the CMON latest trends.

Rikhavok says:

My friends love Munchkin. But we never play 2 player games so this won’t get my attention.

Pasquale Cirone says:

Such a well presented overview and review. Well done! I loved the art, the game looked fun. I was thinking of dipping my toe back into a CCG, but then I saw how much bluffing was involved. Alas, the game appears to have a mix of things I like but also things that turn me off. Nothing about the game would outright ruin the game for me. However, since there are so many games out there that I’m eager to purchase and play, this one won’t make it into my collection. Thank you again SO MUCH for the great review!

Rafael Brandão says:

Uh… did Tom lose a bet or something?

Marissa McConnell says:

only one damage for cheating I think 🙂 I agree that this game is really good. I was never really a munchkin person, but this game is great 🙂

Johannes Sjolte says:

Unzap … so funny

Baa Humbug says:

Something looks different. Tom did you get a haircut?

Violet Olszyk says:

I like the spoofing because I’m not a huge fan of CCGs but they are everywhere. I like that I can treat boosters like “expansions” instead of obsessing about specific cards. I guess I just like the idea of a casual CCG. I also do like Munchkin but like that this is not Munchkin and Eric Lang’s game designs are really solid.

Brian Ciuppa says:

Worst. Game. Ever. IMHO.

Delia Blitz says:

I really wish all those text-heavy games were digital games with online matchmaking, because I don’t have any English
speakers around me.

Supersamurai Sunday says:

Munchkin is the absolute worst game I have ever played so I am staying clear of anything Munchkin related. Really dislike the art style also.

mRboylls says:

I think my only negative for this game is I dislike that it is called munchkin the card game. I feel like it just already makes it less popular because it is the lesser of a gaming giant

JevousGaming says:

Aaaaand Tom has a purple beard… Just felt like pointing that out.

James Hutchings says:

re the art, the word you were looking for might be ‘shading’.

Markus Schmidt says:

I never played Munchkin, but what I’ve seen from the artwork, I really liked. Looked like a zany Fantasy parody in the vein of Donjon, though without animal characters. Now the new look is rather incoherent, and in particular the 3D designs looked more like the aseptic 3D animation movies like Madagaska. Game might be better and different then original Munchkin, but based on this video I really would have prefered, if they would have stayed with the original style of artwork.

barrybadranath says:

Your hair…

Mike Kirsch says:

I’ve been playing munchkins for 7 years now. Anyone who hasn’t played it should definitely try

Christopher Herkner says:

So it’s Hearthstone but every creature has the “morph” ability from Magic.

matthlowder says:

I don’t need another CCG, and I won’t support Steve Jackson Games. All the company does is stand on the shoulders of other Giants, rehashes its own work, or pedals to nostalgia. None of it with much Innovation. None of it with great artwork. None of it with great production value. Very little of it with replayability. I find all of this company’s games shallow and condescending. This particular graphic design and symbol layout are dated dreck.

Matt Hunt says:

Thanks for the review Tom – just convinced me to give this one a try! I never understand why Munchkin is so divisive in gaming… Munchkin has been the most played along with King of Tokyo and Space Flux in my gaming group since we started a couple of years ago. As we only meet monthly these games are quick to get to the table and make us laugh so we can play them with a bigger game on a night that can vary from Small World to GoT. I think Munchkin deserves more love.

Key Key says:

Unsure…I would probably just get it to play with my brother but it doesn’t look that great. Couldn’t this have just been a 2 player card game with some mini expansions? The booster boxes are cheap but the cards are worthless. We still have yet to see if the game will stay consistent like Magic or if it’ll go down the path of poor management like yugioh or cardfight. Those games are good but poorly managed.

Brenton Swenson says:

I think an LCG is the most I could be convinced to be try these days. I’m not sure any game with a CCG model will draw me in again, regardless of how fun it is or how much I like the theme.

William Simkulet says:

Ugh. Not mtg is not mtg.

Guillermo’s Game Room says:

I have in-depth video guide to what the cards say/do. Go and check them out

sybmike says:

This looks like a physical Hearthstone clone.

Zap Rowsdower says:

That artwork is horrid.

Bob Dole says:

“ZAP” and “UNZAP”? Really guys? REALLY?!

Excelsius says:

I don’t want this. I want someone to bring over Fire Emblem CCG from Japan.

MassEffectFan113 says:

First. RIP.

willtuck says:

By what metric can that art be considered good? The “when compared to Sentinels of the Multiverse” standard?

Retro-Matic Gamer says:

It’s 2018… who’s stupid enough to put out yet another TCG?
(Sees Steve Jackson’s logo on the box) Oh, of course… go figure…

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