recently after pokemon go dropped I decided to give a shot to the ‘pokemon trading card game online’ aka Pokemon TCGO. I downloaded it for ipad and I’ve been really enjoying it quite a lot. I found out if you buy IRL cards you can redeem them in game so I bought a bunch of cards and I wanted to unbox them for you here


Pokémon Star says:


venomaura says:

this was uploaded 5 months ago, so you probably know this already but you can buy booster pack codes for 50 cents a pop from a website and they’ll email you the codes itself so you can redeem them online without getting the physicals. booster packs are in game currency to get any card you want.

Zygarde 7564 says:

I just saved all those grey cards that come in every booster pack ever and I decided to just use the giant stack of grey online cards to redeem them.

joe mersed says:

This guy is funny

Tommy Knut says:

how the fuk can you afford so much stuff dude!? you get some kind of fatso pension?

munster8472 says:

there not called ”intro packs” there called THEME DECKS

Arthur Guerrero says:

2:10 had me dying lol

FEARlessONE says:

The packs are 5 bucks a peice

Ifteekhar Khan says:

bro you are awesome

Cahooleo Vlogs says:

i cant play it man No andriod Pokemon tcg

pillowcloud 1 says:

People like to collect more then play.

Kaien Lu says:

you are FAT

Matt Sydal says:

francis I can teach you yugioh if you email me at
and I can setup a chat if you want

Kaien Lu says:

is it ok if i can say……..

mcpe player says:

i think that it is not a rip off

HighKing 9000 says:

BoogiePlaysGames:Sun/MoonUltra needs to happen..

Kevin Orourke says:

we want Francis

Geoff Sarlo says:

Amazon has a decent price for Pokemon cards about 3.40 a pack

P P says:

Are you still playing a year later? I just discovered this game and I love it. And of course I have already fallen into the trap of buying a whole load of crap as well.

Geoff Sarlo says:

30 cent piece of plastic but it is a badass shiny gyarados

Lilly Fitzpatrick says:

your the best  boogie

shanethehedgehog says:

stay safe… big macs are ou to kill you

GabeTheGamer says:

I have that pokemon on a stand.

Manikin Magnus says:

Can you please add more videos of you playing Pokemon!!!

Shy Luigi says:

it’s gary-dose

zac comp acadentel chanle Carmichael says:

I love pokemon I play the card games

Luca Shameh says:

I don’t know if you’re still playing Pokemon, but we live in the same city. I’d play with you IRL! I’m a regular at Arkadia and I’m pretty sure I ate a pistachio cupcake your wife made a while ago.

Gray sheep says:

hi I’m a fan

lgordon2815 says:

I feel the same as you do.. I feel so hard and now I’m hooked.. I played red as a kid and now I’m collecting all this beautiful shit

N says:

is there a way to change our username or player name or create a new acc using same email & be able to transfer our old game progress?

The Pokemon Master 365 says:

Firsty it is pokemon. secondly exs cost 30 dollors so sell them. If you get two in a twenty dollar box you make a LOT

bungfrumps booce says:

gyarados not jaridos lol

Scrox Rox says:

In my country, it’s $10 per booster pack so don’t complain.

Kaien Lu says:

sorry about that

MatMicMar Fan says:

I watch his videos because he’s fat

Shaydon Agius says:

Can you please watch bride of chucky

Shy Luigi says:

your not broken your perfect

LegendaryDerek says:

your super big

Thugga says:

Gosh, shouldn’t have wasted my money on Pokemon cards. This video saved my money. Thanks boogie


No it’s not booster packs are about five dollars so is a deal bro

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