My Old TCGs 9: Chaos Heroes (Homemade Trading Card Game)

Let me know what you think of this game! Is there anything youd like to see brought forward to The Chaos Galaxy TCG???

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Kiwi KJ says:

Honestly search light’s got the best art lmao. Love him

Dank Gaming says:


Crimson Maker says:

ancient cards would be an awesome addition to chaos galaxy. Am I right people? 🙂

JediTemplar11 Gaming and More says:

Next set for chaos galaxy confirmed??? XD

Sports Master 21 says:

Your TCG are brilliant

Potato Tomato says:

0 dislikes!

The Drawing Board TCG says:

Would love to see a ‘Bub’ palcium card. Maybe 10 attack 50 defense…you can choose to kill this card whilst it is on your planet to give another card in play 10 attack and 50 defense

Brodinite Vision says:


Daniel Elkin says:

I like magmol. I would also like to to see 12 headers war snake in chaos Galaxy I think it would be a cool no planet card that has like a 12 snake archetypes maybe idk. Cool game

BOB theo says:

12 headed war snake

Skyscape TCG Productions 2 says:

Practice definitely pays off.

Monsterverse TCG says:

even back then, Zack was amazing! Great video, Zack!

Gus Bowles says:

Add shield bug to chaos galaxy

Game Dungeon says:

Honestly you should make all these cards into chaos Galaxy cards.

Game Dungeon says:

Make a floop de floop in chaos galaxy

Anzko_The_Gamer says:

U sure made a lot of TCG’s through out ur childhood. I only made 2.

Metapod 88 says:

Chaos heroes from a chaos galaxy!

Andy Zhang says:

You’re awesome!

Nicco Taylor says:

Amazing! I would lovemto see Shield Bug in chaos qalaxy!

WhoGaming says:

I really love your old tcg videos! Though have you ever thought of the fact that somewhere down the line chaosgalaxy will be one of your “old tcgs”? Feel old yet? xD awesome video man!

Laws Live5 says:

It would be cool

Firemind_ HD says:

Can you make 12-headed snake and swordsterman in Chaos Galaxy?

Creature Chaos says:

This is hot n spicy

UltraSpaceNinja says:

War snake sounds badass, redo that artwork.

Crazigaming says:

I wanna see floop de floop in chaos galaxy

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