Naruto CCG Review ~ Best Card Game of All Time Edition

A review and tutorial of the Naruto CCG. This is mainly because I boasted that Naruto was my favorite card game of all time in my top 10 fun card games video, and now I’m explaining myself.


Rodrigo Alexander Gil says:

I don’t know you, but you are my brother now. How does one buy into bringing this game back?

Fernando Rulers Gutierrez says:

I found this video because I looked up why the naruto ccg died and this was the first video and it was the complete opposite of what I expected I pick up 5 decks tonight from a guy who used to judge naruto and he showed me the game and we even played a few games all I can say is I wish this game was still alive. I think I’m going to ask the guy to build me a komono deck next time I see him .

Chef Bride says:


Goncalves Baeta says:

fire emblem

HiddenCardHokage says:

I think Naruto is the best although I was out of card games by then an I’m an adult coming back to TCG/ccg

shamelesscoffee says:

Kudo, I think you’d really like Magic’s EDH. It’s full of those table talk moments where you form political bonds with other players.

Zero Kiryu says:

i miss this game as well man my snake summoning deck was dumb

jdgx95 says:

i got into this game like the month it died >.< funny enough the reason i took so long was bandai screwed me over so many times with how they handle digimon and battle spirits my thought process was this has been around a long time now and naruto is not close to over it should be safe...

NivMizzetFiremind says:

So Kudou, have you played Universal Fighting System? It’s one of the few games that does not suffer from game screw as deck construction is such a huge factor in how it’s played.

Daniel Norton says:

I think the best card game is Chaotic

toonscoolcat says:

hello i’m in the middle of making a card game of my own and i would like to ask you what do you think all card game need to be good and fun

animatedAspiration says:

Fire emblem or Yokai. Your choice

Dragonfrut says:

I love this game just as you do and can agree with every point u said in this video! sadly the game is gone, i would play it again if i only could 🙁

f. nüssel says:

I still play the european version which died way earlyer and only consists out of the cards before shippuuden.
its a super fun game. as the cards are the same as the american ones before shippuuden, I d appreciate some deck ideas and combos with the old cards only as I have a giant collection and want to get some decks together to convince my friends to play it lol

Noah Smith says:

Love your passion man- I wish this game was still around strong. I never got into it, but I truly wanted to start collecting, maybe get my local group of guys who play (Magic, yugioh, vanguard, etc) into it. I was hopeful maybe you would help me out though a bit; some advice.

I want to build a deck based around Itachi and Susanoo- what would this realistically look like? I absolutely love the susanoo’s in the series, and as a collector thats what I want to go for. With my very small grasp on the games concept, if you could shoot me a decklist or advice on how it works that would really kick start me. Thanks again regardless for all your words- very clear and concise with your editing. Having it laid out like that really helped me appreciate it. To be honest when I started to watch I was extremely skeptical- “Narutos ccg being that good? no way” but while I may not necessarily think its the greatest, I can absolutely see your points even from this.

Chef Bride says:

Oh. i would love for you to talk about the fire emblem card game.

S0nic Blade Archive says:

Helllllll yeah, I remember the days of Naruto CCG with all my fellow elementary school friends. Out of all the card games I had as a kid, my Naruto ones have stuck with me the longest, and I’m pretty sure I could take everything out and have enough for a good dozen people to make decks and play around with for a while. I still remember when the Six Paths starter deck came out and I freaked out. I’d been keeping up with the manga in Jump back then, so seeing a total Akatsuki themed deck really excited me. I’ve also thought about throwing some money in it just for fun, and after seeing this I might just do that. Until then, I wouldn’t mind seeing some random Naruto videos from you here and there if you’re game for it. That with some Final Fantasy coverage, I’ll be a happy camper. You have an awesome day my dude

animatedAspiration says:


Grilac says:

EXCELLENT VIDEO. I wanna make a game based on this now… I love the way damage is handled. It sucks losing card advantage so steeply qhen losing 1 battle in other Japanes card games.

I made it to the end. Plllleeeeease make more. I live for vids like this!

Yuki Yuna says:

OMG i love this game but i used to play this with my brother and he would use Shikamaru and i would always lose. i think you should do more game reviews. and pls do fire emblem. you know you wanna talk about loli dragon.

Joseph r.x Billington says:

i think they should bring back naruto ccg but call it naruto to boruto ccg and bring boruto characters into it but before that make a 29th set with naruto the last and sage mode madara and the 30th set would be boruto
PLS READ (yokai watch)

stevena strikefreedom says:

Hi Kudou XD love the video you made on naruto. I have try the game and play it a few times. I do agree that the game was fun and sure have many unique play. But just like all the sad back that you say, i just did not like how competitive it became and the game lost it balances after that.

The coin flip play, you can still enjoy such a build in buddyfight TCG {Dungeon world} where you can troll with coin flipping and many more. You should try it out and maybe you might enjoy it as much as you did with this set.

Lastly, I totally agree with you on what card game you love should not matter what others think of it. I personally love many other card games and still continue to play them on a none competitive level just for the sake of fun. But if balances card game for my personally enjoyment and fun would be Victory Spark XD i love that game so much and still enjoy it even after it stop production. Maybe we should just make a dead come back for all card game with our close friends that still play them.

Look forward in seeing more awesome video you made.

Ranukeh Shiga says:

You’re videos are great! (i wish u had a better camera tho)

ares5gamer says:

Gimmie your multiplayer rules!

mangamanzx says:

fire emblem card game

Spellbounded says:

Can you fill me in on how you play with other people? Is it onine? Random people in card shops? The game died long ago, so I’m very curious

Leng Thao says:

i wont lie i do miss playing naruto ccg although i stopped playing when that “eoj” thing came along. nowadays i just slowly collect the cards.


Do you still play?

Behorn says:

wait theres a final fantasy and fire emblem ccg

ManMo says:

Please, can anyone answer my question, there is a card “naruto uzumaki (six tails) that you play from the reinforcement deck, it states : “When this Ninja is put in play, discard all other Ninjas.” so, do i discard only my ninjas? or does this effect includes my opponents ninjas? thanks in advance.

1for3 I like comics says:

Yu-Gi-Oh is better. Need proof? Well that sucks because I possess none at all.

Jia Bryant says:

Do fire emblem

ares5gamer says:

my favorite deck to play was and will be naruto lightning.
inhope you cover fire embl2m!

IamMe says:

Honestly cover all three! I’d say Final Fantasy > Fire Emblem > Yokai for me though.

shamelesscoffee says:

Also yugioh had Arcana Force, for the coin flip effects.

CardGamesTV1 says:

it’s still alive…make more videos 🙂

Naruto CCG Forum

FreedomReigns1000 says:

I didn’t know Fire Emblem had a card game.

This game is better than Weiss Schwarz? owO

TheWill A. says:

Sorry man, MtG is way more complex and interesting than this. You’re just fanboying ridiculously hard here.

Bobby M says:

cover fire emblem

All about you says:

Awesome video bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My channel is dedicated to the Naruto ccg, please feel free to check it out. We recently had a big event and it was a blast. Here’s a link to the vid

Darryl K says:

Hey dude. Are you going to talk about how the dbz game was compatable with this game?

Also, when i post my card game tutorial can you tell me what you think about it?

Emmanuel Cadet says:

love of God do fire emblem

The Darkest Vader says:

Great Review. My only wish is that you went more in-depth with more basic things. Like Card limits, characters of the same name, deck size limit, etc.

I also have a question: In the case of Water Prison during an attack. I get that it gets injured/dies, but do I also take damage?

If it’s not too late, I’d also be very interested in a Yokai Watch review. If you’re referring to “Yokai Watch Inspirits” and not the Hasbro game.

Edit: Nvm, you literally made the video 3 hours before I commented lol

HappyWhale says:

I want to try playing, I’d like to buy a box or something. What set is the best to buy?

Valronic Lehre says:

I was introduced to this game as it was on its way out. The depth of the battle system was fascinating but I never was able to get a deck of my own, and nobody around where I live really played it. Sad panda.

Satans Trash Bin says:

If you don’t play the beyblade tcg you aren’t a real tcg fan

All about you says:

By the way there are many tournaments going on!

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