NEW Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX – Forbidden Light Pokemon TCG Deck Profile

Andrew Mahone reviews his new Buzzwole GX / Lycanroc GX deck from the BREAKthrough – Forbidden Light Pokemon Trading Card Game Standard format. Buzzwole has the potential to take the game by storm with the powerful new additions the deck gets from Forbidden Light! Diance, Beast Energy and Beast Ring are all powerful new cards that take this deck to the next level!

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Kyle Goguen says:

Where do you get your proxies from?

Andrew Rogers says:

No field blower? So Garbodor just runs over you?

Isaac Omlor says:

Man I love Buzzwole decks, I just wish that they weren’t so gosh darn expensive to build.

j 1 says:

you gonna play ptcgo at all? i kinda miss it

ChaosGallade says:

Why not include baby Buzzwole in the deck as another backup non-EX/GX attacker? While the window of opportunity for Sledgehammer’s bonus damage is pretty small, it’s still another option to fall back on against Hoopa decks.

We also got a 70 HP Rockruff in Forbidden Light; unlike the promo and Guardians Rising versions, it doesn’t get KOed by 2 Jet Punches from opposing Buzzwole GX.

Devin Stoutermire says:


J0kuc says:

Buzzwole vs Ultra Necrozma, what do you think?

DeAndre Holmes says:

How do you think this deck will do against Attacking Hoopa? Is the plan to try and load up Diancie or the Promo Rockruff? Is there a cut you could see for Baby Lycanroc (Forbidden Light)? Or is it just not worth it?

Jamesta James says:

17:00- Beast Energy is the worst energy? 30 damage + Choice Band + Beast Energy + Diancie = a one Energy knockout on Zoroark that you couldn’t do without Beast Energy. They really should have waited to print all this Buzzwole support until after rotation, because this is nuts, to say the least.

SyrCowboy says:

why not the 70HP rockruff?

Mornagsis says:

will this deck be viable after rotation (asking because i can only get my hands on sun & moon base and on)

Doug Ewing says:

List looks like pure fire, my only question is do you find that you hit enough elixirs with only 9 basic energy? I run a similar list but with 10 basic energy and I still miss elixirs all the time.

schlinky pbr says:

this is the exact list i already had made haha good to know im good at deckbuilding haha

Nate Headon says:


Savage No-Scope says:

Instead of playing one of the promo rockruff’s with Corner why don’t you play one of the new rockruff swith corner I feel it’s much better than the promo one cause it hits for more damage and has more HP

Patricio Severino says:

Hey Andrew, what about Baby Buzzwole?

MrB66he says:

Just got 3 buzzwole for ptcgo I can’t wait for this set to be released!!

Alex Tokmakoff says:

I’m not really enjoying any of the formats at the moment; it has become stale

Trey Key says:

Why no baby buzz?

TheEPICDusknoir says:

I would find room for a Regirock and drop Bands for Belts. Diancie makes up for the 20 damage difference between the tools and forcing your opponent to find a Field Blower or a way to hit 230. Not being able to use it on Lycanroc sucks, but you still hit most numbers with Lycanroc.

AndreNGropo says:

Beast Energy + Diance + Choice Band = 1HKO Zoroark with one energy
Looks balanced.

Jason Robinson says:

Love the list!

Cole Beck says:

But you cant use beast energy if you have diance…

Eltyr says:

This is a bad decklist because the Tapu Lele is not FA.
Learn to play with style Mahone, it doesn’t matter if you get good placements at tournaments, I was rooting for you at Charlotte Regionals, with all those FA Leles and Rainbow Buzzwole, but then you had to drop the regular Buzzwole and disappoint all those who cheered on you.

Kuru Natako13 says:

What about the baby buzzwole. I know it can’t snipe, but it still has a base damage 30 and it practically goes overkill when 4 prizes are left? And it’s a non gx capable of OHKO hoopa with little to no effort

Juan Rubio says:

Can you do a video showcasing this deck?

Jamesta James says:

Needs a Dunsparce.

Nintendo Mitch says:

No baby Buzzwole?

Sp00nRX78 says:

Ive been testing beast ring duskmane necrozma

Poker Jedi says:

We should call this deck #BuzzSwole !!! What about field blowers in the deck. Garbotoxin Garbodor will make this deck difficult to play. Should they be added in??

Paul Semanco says:

I would take the beast energy out for Mewtwo because it still gives you the one counter against the mirror match. Just my opinion

Nate Headon says:

I think you should put in regirock so u can hit 60 damage more easily

Cesar Manuel Valadez Martínez says:

Hi, do you think that only play buzzwole is very weak to psyquick Pokemons like Dawn wings NecroZma?

Patrick Tierney says:

You don’t think Baby Buzzwole is worth a spot?

Aussie trash says:

Do you think it’ll die at all with ultra necrozma/mew?

Turner Welborn says:

no answer to garbodor and no baby buzzwole as a quick counter to Mew EX seems kinda dangerous

Riahisama says:

what do you think of regirock ex alongside diance? too overkill?

Ryan White says:

Why no 70hp rockruff? Lmao

Nicole Milburn says:

Nice list! Can I ask why you haven’t included any psychic techs like Oricorio or FCO Mew for the mirror and Ultra Necrozma/Malamar/Mew?

Ash - Ishaan says:


But I would personally play Puzzles.
But there is nothing that can be removed.
This list seems to be the most consistent version!

Definitely i would play 2 Brooklet hill and 1 rescue stretcher.

Btw great deck profile!!!!

Derek Theiss says:

Ahhh! Buzzroc!

David Combs says:

still my favorite deck

rydenbahsad says:

Can we see a table top game with this deck?

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Hey Mahone!! You made this one of my favourite decks. Loved the deck and this deck profile series. This deck is busted!!!!

elFacho says:

Personally I would cut one basic Fighting energy in favor of a copy of Field Blower. But that’s just me.

Robert Groenhout says:

I would’ve put one zygarde gx in it

cvramen says:

12:15 “Mahone’s Buzzwole Benched for 3 Weeks Amid Allegations of Juicing”

Jack's Pokémon says:

70 hp rockruff? Maybe 1/1 corner/70 hp

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