PKMTCG – Is It Worth It To Buy a Pokémon Tin? A Pokemon TCG Review and Opening

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Many Pokémon Trainers ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a Pokemon tin. Once used as a way to introduce new cards into standard, Pokemon Tins now attempt to deliver needed reprints, a stylish storage system, and a barrage of boosters. But is this an item that raises the value of your Poke Dollars, or an

While this review will focus on the recently released tins for sun & moon, it is also going to attempt to take a larger overview of the product, examining past trends and making future predictions. As always, my evaluation of this product is just that, my own. In the end it is your evaluation which matter most. With that being said, let’s take looK!

A Pokemon Tin contains the following…

* 1 of 2 foil Pokémon-GX or previously EX cards:
* 4 Pokmon TCG booster packs.
* A code card to unlock the foil GX cards as well as a playable deck in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

There’s a lot of value here. Excluding the tin, which I will discuss in a moment, if we use an over the counter price of $4.00 each for the Pokemon booster packs, and the online code at $1.00 each, we see a total value of $17.00 on this product. At an average cost of 17.99, it means you are paying 99 cents for the foil GX card.

Now, if we wanted to be a bit more conservative here, we can look at the fact a booster box costs about $100 for 36 packs, thus bulk buys result in a cost of about 2.75 each. That gives us a bulk value of 11 dollars and, thus means you are on average paying about 5.99 for the included foil GX card. Oh, and of course there’s the included tin.


warhead4337 says:

this dude is such a dapper man…just saying love the vids

Kawyku says:

Hey Prefessor,
Where could I find these codes for Pokemon online? I just started getting into Pokemon (I collected when I was younger, but never played) and would appreciate some codes. 🙂

Allan Pitanga says:

actually there are some “deckbox-like” tins, and they even have a little space for dices, counters, etc. They are pretty cool in my opinion! (and, of course, you can fit a sleeved deck inside the box)

JustinPlays says:

That’s an error tin with the furious fists pack

BlueSwordWing 5369 says:


Philminator says:

Can you get EX GX cards in booster packs? I’ve been playing MTG since day 1 but I’m tempted to start Pokemon just to collect and maybe play solitaire but not sure where I should start.

- Pyroxx - says:

Okay… so I had two of those $60 mewtwos my brother traded me because he didn’t like legendaries. I sold them at a yard sale for $1 apiece because I had no idea what they were worth. :,(

IronCow Tom says:

I think the Furious Fists Pack in your Solgaleo Tin was an error!

ENTPDuelist says:

As a former Yu-Gi-Oh player I can’t bring myself to buy a pokemon tin. Yu-Gi-Oh came with more boasters, more promo’s per tin. Yes, Yu-Gi-Oh promo’s were usually worth it too.

ArcGames says:

I left a message

G Romero says:

Tins would be insane if they had full art trainers. Or a promo full art trainer.

Tripp says:

How does this guy only have 279k subs..?


hey brotha quick question.. where do u look up the cards worth ? thanks for the vid man your amazing

Hayden Hotchkiss says:

prof, what’s your shampoo?

Darkskiller TV says:


Peter Koutoujian says:

That furious fists booster pack was not supposed to be in there. U r lucky. That is an old pack

OjaKing13 says:

In another one’a these he had a secret Alakazam. Must be nice.

GabeS Stuff says:

Why was there a furious fist pack

Alice Baker says:

I very much enjoy your reviews. I hope they continue!

Swampy Swamperton says:

That moment when you get both legendaries in the same tin 😀

LeMoose says:

Love the pokemon content and Cinnabar Island gym badge

Clean Water says:

Heh, thanks, I was a bit of a over excessive kid I guess, to the point I litterly saved car pack wrappers, guess I’ll just save a few mostly for my self

Shadowtechnik says:

They are expensive, no

Daan says:

booster boxes

Jay Q. McBurger says:

Great videos. Thank you. What about elite trainer boxes?

Joseph Figueroa says:

hello professor! i luv ur videos. where do u get ur card value/price information?

Derek Huerta says:

Why are you so fucking likable

jacksonh_56 says:

Thank you for providing breakdowns of Pokémon products that are so well said and easy to understand. Love what you do man.

Allen Martinez says:

You are gay as gell

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