PKMTCG – Is it worth it to buy a Premium Trainer’s XY Collection? A Pokémon TCG Review and Unboxing

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Many Pokemon trainers ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a Premium Trainer’s Collection?

Claimed by many to be one of the most impressive collections ever assembled, this primarily contains full-art foil promo cards of recent chase cards, including Shaymin-EX and N. The the box is packed full of other goodies, from dice to deck boxes to sleeves to booster packs.

Without close examination it might be a mystery whether this gift is nugget or just another Pokemon item that’s not very effective, so let’s take a looK!

Each contains:
Full-art foil promo cards featuring Shaymin-EX and Yveltal-EX, with special art treatments!
12 more full-art foil promo cards including Aegislash-EX, Jirachi, N, and more!
2 Pokémon TCG booster packs from the XY Series, 2 sets of 65 card sleeves featuring Xerneas and Yveltal, 2 sets of tournament-ready dice
A metal coin featuring a Pikachu head and tail, a double deck box featuring Xerneas and Yveltal, and a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
A large, kickstand-style box to hold it all


MagicalHootHoot says:

I’m here cause of your Pokemon videos. Please do more cause they’re awesome 🙂

Mister Taz says:

Is this a follow up of the holiday gift box video where you started with ‘Many Pokemon Trainers ask is it worth it to buy a Magic the Gathering Gift Box?” XD

kawaiiguy91 says:

Thanks for the info. Just got mine and its every bit as good as you said.

meatrace says:

The answer: No, because Pokemon is a garbage game for babies.

Homebrewed says:

Important to note the Metal Pokemon Coin is NON TOURNAMENT LEGAL

Greg Jones says:

I don’t play pokemon, haven’t touched the cards in many years now, but this was featured next to your magic videos so I thought I’d take a look. All I can think of is – What the actual HELL wizards? You open this box and it explodes with value and awesomeness. Why can’t we get magic products like this? Visually appealing, high value, lots of goodies.

Denyan Crowther says:

Puts any WOTC product to shame. Maybe I should just play pokemon.

ENTPDuelist says:

Pokemon’s been doing aggressive reprints for expanded to try and get that format moving. I was really aggravated Shaymin didn’t get a reprint while it was in standard. That format just seemed to expensive and while Magic players may laugh at that statement to regular people it was ridiculous. I ended up quitting because of Shaymin.

I’ve just had a problem with tcg’s that it’s to expensive to play. Expensive chase cards worked before they got competition from video game card games but now there are plenty. You can’t expect people to pay what they used to when competition makes their games more accessible.

Musleblast TheUltimateGamer says:

What are the names of the music that you used in this video?

Mihail says:

Ohh its another Pokemon video again…
ohh well…
Gotta catch ’em all!…

Bluetrainer91 FireBlast says:

Oh nice to see you are reviewing Pokemon TCG Products

Sushi Sashimi says:

Over 6 months I stopped collecting tcg. Now I’m back… it’s like a drug.

Relja Kovačević says:

The real question is is it wprth to collect money for it since the day ot was announced because it qill sell out before you have the time to order it?

React. Life says:

That N is beautiful

Whatscuterthanajigglypuff says:

Im waiting for the pokemon video that starts out with: many magig the gathering players ask the question… oh shoot.

Seth Davis says:

Those full art cards look so awesome and this is coming from someone that doesn’t even play Pokemon.

yoitsgunattack says:

Your hair looks a lot better slick back over that weird part thing that made your face look round and fat

Alana Watanabe says:

I got 2 of these collections on a great Black Friday deal for $60 each! The cards are amazing and I adore them! Aiming for a playset of each trainer!

jaynen says:

Nice to see you covering PKMTCG also!

Griffin Scillian says:

This product was made with expanded in mind. Just FYI to newer players.

Kigiru Drewko says:

I can’t believe that our professor is also a legendary pokemon trainer D:

Alan Much says:

Thank you for reviewing Pokémon. I was waiting like forever because I just adore your videos. Keep up the great work!

shinwolf says:

danm that code tho…

Porkymen says:

you used the wrong price for regirock. thats the price for the online version


i got lucky, due to an error i got two of them instead the shining legends chests. i paid 45 for two of the xy collection boxes 😀

Kaktus_Tequila says:

3:54 This is the online Card! Not the real one!

pepperonization says:

sigh only if the pokemon community is more active in the country that i live in I would gladly switch to pokemon =(

Wizards need to learn from pokemon already.

George L says:

hi prof.. i dont play pokemon tcg, but is it worth to buy this for collection?

Ezekiel Hicks says:

Do a super premium box collection ho oh edition pokemon pls

TokenDuelist says:

Sadly this is the first time I’m gonna have to disagree with you on these. It is not worth the price point solely based on price fluctuations in Pokemon’s secondary market. They’ve made textured full-arts before that have been in cheaper box sets. If I were to rate the price on all of them they should honestly have only contributed $30 to the price. Most of this box is low quality product and it really upsets me because as much as I want some of these, the price is too high. Especially with it’s canadian price. This box is just not worth what it offers, but that’s just my view. Pokemon has just been slipping with the overpriced and mass produced products.

dragonmk123 says:

i just got into the pokemon online it a lot better than magics and wanting and the codes are really cool feature buy a pack of pokemon get a pack online.

mysterioso2006 says:

The ball is in your fucking COURT, Wizards.

L0j1k says:

WTF why can’t we have nice things like this in MTG?

A Juicy Orange says:

For some of the cards you put the online game price not their irl price.

Mynameis Jeff says:

is the regirock u ve shown right there on ebay a ptcgo card or ???

Gamer Alex says:

I think it is

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