Pokemon Trading Card Game Online – Impressions and Review

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I just started playing PTCGO a couple of weeks ago and am having a blast! I didn’t quite know how to start out and couldn’t find a review that I liked on youtube … so I made one. 😀 My favorite format is definitely the theme deck format because that keeps all the players on an even play field. Best of all you can play for free and get access to a LOT of content and free cards without paying a thing … unlike some TCG’s …


Awesome music used with permission.

Spaceman makes some awesome chiptune music. Check him out!


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powers pokemon channel says:

Blaizken ex is really good for volcanion mana burner

Joseph Keller says:

Great vid. Fan of HS and MTG. Been looking for something else. Gonna give it a go!

Skyler Jelly says:

I’m a long time mtg player that’s been on the fence about getting my feet wet in the pokemon tcg you’ve finally convinced me to check it out, awesome video!

Jonn Elsey says:

I just thought that I’d post to say that I had a very similar experience. Lots of fun coming back to PoKéMoN TCG after a very long time, also played lots of MTG, Heathstone, etc. and just really enjoying it. The video sums it up completely. PoKéMoN TCG is great.

Eduardo Freitas says:

Yep. Also having a Blast. Also for the ones like me that want to play in the other formats, even then you’ll not be outmatched since it seems there is a ranked system that puts you against similarly skilled players.

Luis Aguilar says:

Great video, very explanatory.

HeroUltraOmega says:

Maybe I should play then, free after all and stuff.

Brandon Fernandes says:

bro can u pls play any telltale game

misswhitneyxo says:

Can we battle to see who is the TRUE Pokemon master?? 🙂

Druppel says:

i wouldn’t mind some gameplay of this on your channel

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