POKEMON TRADING CARD GAME ONLINE – Killer App or Dirty Crap? (Pokemon TCG)

Girl I wanna squirtle in your wigglytuff 😀

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pokemon-tcg-online/id841098932?mt=8
ANDROID: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pokemon.pokemontcg&hl=en


OmniArchon says:

this shyt is no yugioh …next

Moist Snail Poop says:

I guess this is the closest I’ll get to seeing you play MtG

Phijoker Jamman says:

Thousands of people will probably explain the Pokemon rules to you so I’ll just say nice video, would like to see you have a proper intense battle in this game tho and if you need some one to help you or battle you in this game, you know who to message.

Andrew Evans says:

And Jew gets legendary pokemons on his first boost pack. Kappa
Btw, you beat your opponent either if you draw all 6 prize cards or if you beat his active pokemon when he has no pokemon on bench!

Drako Sheer says:

awwww, it made me smile seeing jewbagle my childhood ~


You can win either two ways: collecting all your prize cards (6 total)
knocking out all of your opponents Pokemon on the field~

also, double tap and card to see its information, and yah you can do this for your opponents cards too ~

Overkill is also a must :p

The first person, cant attack on the first turn, but will have have the energy advantageous

poke-tools. are like runes, they stay on and help, and dont die away, unless it says so

you can trade with other real people, no computer, just pure pvp >:P

uhmm, you can make theme decks, create them yourself from all the cards you get

In the game there pokemon with “Basic” on the card, these cards can be played the moment you get them

then Evolution Pokemon or Stage 1, obviously evolves from basic pokemon, the basic must be down for 1 turn before evolving

then there Stage 3, same rules. stage 1 one field, then evolve

and thats about it, hope you give the game a try later on ^ ^

always getting updates and like loads of cards, with like 9 types of pikachus, all different moves and ect~

Link Brighton says:

People say Yu-Gi-Oh is complicated, but they have never seen this game, like after watching this video I still don’t understand it, I’m just gonna stick with the Pokemon games that don’t involve cards

Nicholas Emmanuel says:

jew bagel play yugioh duel link

Shell says:

Hey Jew have you tried Bleach Brave Souls Yet? Sorry if you have Already 😀

Zach Griffin says:

Reduced BY 20… not TO 20 lol I cringed sooo hard

Purple Potato says:

where i pokeland legend? pls play it mooooooorre

Al M. says:

You won the game even though their were pokemon cards on the opponents bench because you took 6 prize cards. Theres 3 ways to win in TCG. Either you take 6 prize cards, your opponent decks out or if you beat all of their pokemons in play.

El Nikolo says:

On a non-rooted/non-jailbreaked phone either on Android and on iOS _no app_ has the ability to “deinstall” another app without the user accepting this. One app even cannot read the data of another app. That would be a hell of a security flaw. That’s some eery conspiracytheory you have 😉

hindy almsaed says:

you can trade with other players

OmniArchon says:

plz boo ,squirtle away with you awesome water gun…k.o

Isaac Clayton Vernon says:

I want to teach you how to play this properly xD

Yung Badman says:

jewbagel if you played this often you could make a killing on youtube

Laura says:

I used to play in local Pokémon card tournaments, it is triggering me you didn’t know how to play and how the prizes work 😛 really want to play this now ^^

Kraedi says:

My name is Zach and this video offends me 🙁 triggered and reported!

Azucat Grabs A Neko says:

I hate it. Its Ipad only

ImAsian says:

play pokemon rush…. you may like it. its not your regular pokemon game. its more like a board game

Andrei Stefan says:

try monster park 😉

Joshua Manuel says:

play monster park best pokemon mobile game ever

Yuri D'arc says:

Bagel…… why aren’t you gonna be the P2P nerd by buying booster packs in stores just to unlock packs in the game

Kutoy says:

Only available on iPad….

Klaas says:

Only on Android? Always this racist shit..

TheKingNekro says:

I downloaded TCGO a few years ago because I used to collect Pokemon cards as a kid but never knew how to play the game. Didn’t expect it to be so fun. Needless to say this game was addictive as fuck. A few months ago I sold my in-game collection on Ebay so I had an excuse to stop playing it. I only invested maybe $20-30 into the game but I made $60(and I sold my collection for wayyyy less than market value, just wanted to quit the game ASAP because Summoners War took over it’s place for me).

Yes, they let you trade cards with other online players. There’s a whole “economy” of trading to the game where every card has a well known value, and even unopened booster packs can be traded and are used as the main form of currency. There’s websites where you can look up how many packs each rare card is worth. It’s was fun trading with other players trying to get the best deals(aka fleecing noobs who don’t know how valuable their cards are lul) and trade your way up from junk to gold.

If you’re interested in playing this game some more, Jew, let me know. I’d be down to re-install it and send you some cards for free. I got rid of my valuables but I still had thousands of basic cards that you can use to make some pretty fun decks.

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