Pokemon Trading Card Game ONLINE!

Today I played the pokemon trading card game online for your amusement and enjoyment. I hope you enjoy the video! You’ve been asking me to play for quite some time. IN this video I show you how to get started playing the pokemon trading card game online as well as show you some high level play with a standard deck in a standard tournament.


Noe Siles says:

I never played but I should

Cathy Smith says:

sorry that people call you fat

Semir Ahmetbasic says:

GG Boogie my man!

LittleFellarGames says:

how u so good at this game

Apollos Lion says:

boogie that person told u the wrong pronunciation for Lugia.
LU GEE(like McGee) AH

SHSL Decidueye says:

I really want to play TCGO now 🙂

Cahooleo Vlogs says:

yo do i have to play onlinr

Maotaro N says:

This really should be what MTGO look like. I’m kind of leaning towards this instead of MTGO.

Martyna Romanowicz says:

you are realy fat yo! B)

Bo Garrett says:

okay i need help. what are the gift boxes with question marks on them. what do i do with them. thank you for the help. just stared playing and i love it.

aaronthestormtrooper says:

So in a way kind of not really but sort of this is like yu gi oh?

Seth McKenzie says:

I hope you’ll upload more of these. I’ve played Pokemon for 18 years but never tried the card game. Love watching you play and learn about the rules at the same time. Thanks Boogie!

jason sims says:

how do you use your deck you make?

Carter thepro says:

nice flabs

CCC says:

you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chavakanosr says:


Haydon Proctor says:

Dude… this is very confusing to understand… I don’t know why but it is

Zephod Babelbrox says:

Pls do moar boss

Xander K says:

i know this is an old video but i really really hope youre better at this game now :/

pokemon nerd says:

weren’t you on that pg view ne

joey vlogz says:

hi good videos

Deathstroke Gaming says:

is it me or do I hear him everytime at the beginning of the videos “hey guys it’s boogie plays games or boogie plays games”

Ismael Morales says:

i used to just play like a lil kid usuing the hp as the power of the pokemon but i just started playing the online tcg

Jonathan Ramos says:

good game man..I was really rooting for you lol

DEADslayer223 AKA:The_Killer says:

Play mcpe plz

Always Gaming says:

lugia is pronounced LUGE-IAH not LUGGH-EAA

GamingTaco says:

boogie 10/10 best prank on Jesse

Daniel dkc says:

Im team mystic

Alonso Neira says:

francis you are cool

Heartland Dreams says:

I want to see you play more of the Pokemon TCG Online. I think you did very well. But then agian ive never played the card game. Ive collected the cards since about 1998 or 1999.

SpringFreddy And SpringBonnie says:

comments 911 call the police! 18:22

Solita Furude says:

is the water deck meant to suck this much…..fucking thing keep making me lose as it never gives any fucking energy cards in mean the new one called hidden depths

Peter Freeman says:

I’m your biggest fan

CK says:

buy codes boogie, easier for competitive play. Their is online site that is pretty good that darkintregal uses. Also trade cards if you need some.

Adel Amr says:

The Goal of a seismitoad (most of the time) deck is to use the first attack, quaking punch, for 30 with ways to increase the damage. It can get powered up in a turn with DCE.

xXnOObslayerrXx Gaming says:

im on team instinct on Pokémon GO

Cahooleo Vlogs says:

do i have to plah on my pc

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