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Pokemon Trading Card Game Game Boy review!

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Three Musketeers TV reviews 2000’s Pokemon Trading Card Game for the Game Boy!

Martijn talks about one of his favorite videogame series; Pokémon, a groundbreaking action-rpg with lots of tactical depth behind the cute exterior. This is a review about a videogame, made into a card game, and that card game being made into a videogame again. Got that? Still following? Are you feeling dizzy?

No? Good! Let’s check out if Martijn is able to kick some cute, fluffy butt in this game!


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Eruantano says:

Great review!

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Hi, I’m writing from vexgames.co.uk – we’re currently putting together the second edition of our gaming magazine Avid Gamer (you can read the first issue at issuu.com/avidgamer).

For the second issue we’re doing a feature on underrated gameboy games and just wanted to know if you’d like to write a review on a particular game? Would be a good way of promoting your youtube channel as well!

If it sounds like something you’re interested in please email missioncontrol@vexgames.co.uk – look forward to hearing from you!

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