Pokemon Trading Card Game Review

Everyone collected the cards but did anyone know how to play the game? Build your deck and duel clubs to collect badges. Apply different cards and strategies to achieve victory.


22Jimnz says:

Just got the rom! Great game but its hard as hell!

MrSnuggleduck says:

Ah cool, I got the Promo Meowth too, I didn’t know about the ditto or electrode extras. I also have a card I received from seeing the first movie.

I noticed the game had multiplayer but I could never find anyone with the game…

frankman55 says:

Card getting so rare 😀 Good thing I have 2 copies of it.

MartenFerret says:

I’d run my ‘Buzz, Sctyher, Chansey, Moltres deck and bulldoze my way to victory. 🙂

ImRyuGa says:

hey i used to play this game and once i beat the game there was a guy in this house that i believe was in the upper right hand corner of the map and whenever i talked to him he would say something about a rare card and only two were made. Does anyone know what he’s talking about?

Andrew Bombast says:


mysteriosupafan says:

awesome review

AnimangaGirl says:

the gene leader for me was the prof oak XD they are like twins brothers XD

piperlovegood13 says:

I picked up the game because I missed playing it but didn’t want to buy the cards again much less seek out an same level friend who played and I wouldn’t feel mean beating. It’s a lot cheaper too ten dollars including shipping. When to pay three booster packs would cost that much and you stuck with what you got.

SitarKnight says:

@GiratinaOriginAwakes I wouldn’t say better, i’d say it’s different. I love both pokemon and YugiOh, but maplestory itcg was the best for me.

Alex Kowitz says:

@TheDrummerkid770 Yeah, it’s so damn cheap, but I love it!

AnimangaGirl says:

the best game ever so good memories, it was my first pokemon game when i had 7 with my game boy color *-*

tatagliacon says:

the old pokemon card game was easy to learn, the new pokemon card game is hard to learn

Streamline Productions says:

Really , you found the Pokemon trading card game to hard to understand how to play… have you played magic.

1234567891011121314151617181920 says:

there was a sequel to this game, but only relesed in japan

Alex Kowitz says:

I found this piece of crap at a flea market for three dollars!

MrSnuggleduck says:

I know! Every time I didn’t get heads on one of those Legendary Four battles I’d just restart it.

Mostly because all of them used HP soakers like Chasey at the start 🙁

4EverBanishment says:

whats with the theatre widescreen ratio? XD

littlenooby says:

i hope u understand that ROMs are not meant to be sold… Simply a cheap and easy way to play some out of print games…

shinzantetsu says:

Ahem im 29 years old and currently playing this on my galaxy s2,so addicting.

Bloody fool says:

@Shaymin1991 Because YuGiOh’s alot better than pokemon (card game wise).

Jacob Spotts says:

I have this game and play it all the time. Sometimes u can control the coin flip by holding a or tapping a.

michael james says:

can u play with other people that have the game ?

Weeman44444444444444 says:

ROMs arent worth shit and wont even be worth shit in about 50 years! But physical copies of games will be worth shit loads in future!

Yuriofwind says:

Yeah, i had no idea how to play the pokemon trading card game, although I had a crap load of cards, i never actually played this game though xD, when it came to gameboy pokemon games i only got to yellow, and silver xD

lyrandar01 says:

No special mention of the soundtrack? The music in this game is still incredible, even by the standards of other Pokemon games on the system.

IWillSexU says:

There is a (glitch) deck you can make that you will never lose.

sunmarsh says:

I bought mine for $4 at a local game store last month. I purchased one online for about $7 a month or two before that. You might note that the game came packaged with a Promo Meowth card in the states. Also, there are two cards missing from the game: Ditto from the fossil set and Electrode from the base set. These cards were replaced by special GBC promo versions. This game also has multiplayer compatibility and is one of the few games that utilizes the GBC’s infrared port.

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