Product Review – Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest / Dualist Deck Box

Andrew Mahone reviews Dex Protection’s Supreme Game Chest, Dualist Deck Box and trading card game sleeves in this product review video.


These products were provided to Derium’s free of charge, however, Derium’s has not agreed to review the products in any sort of positive way.

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Poke' Apocalypse says:

The boxes look so nice inside and out, the sleeves, eeeeeeeeh haha regardless an honest and great review Andrew Mahone! ^_^

Thunder Rhino says:

Honestly Mahone deserves more subs than he has. He is the best competitive Pokémon channel on YouTube.

Jean Alexander says:

Looks pretty nice :O

Kittykattcyborg Tcg says:

Use the game chest to store your 10graded secret escape boards.

io says:

Why can’t you get 1 million subscribers and likes

Screamingcontrollers says:

why didn’t you show what the deck chest’s bottom part is used for? It’s large enough for a playmat tube

Jamesta James says:

You say riffle shuffling is the best way to shuffle; but every time you shuffled, the top card was your left hand card. The only time it didn’t stay that way was when you riffled, and then mashed over it. And if you watch, even then, the left hand card was always on top.

Alex Edes says:

I use Dex protection hyper mat ver 2.0 card sleeves and love them!! I also have had one or two with a little rough edges but that’s 1 outta 200 or so. I hope they are legal at big tournaments.

Brady Leaton says:

I was really liking the supreme game chest until I went online and found out it was $65

Yusuf Gunter-Rahman says:

Mahone you do not have a good shake test improve it because it misleads people
You are also SUPER biased

Tanish Sachdeva says:

Nice review and good quality products

Matt Gregg says:

Solid review. I like the aesthetic look of their deck boxes, but is the supreme chest able to fit in a backpack.

andy french says:

Sweet review, Mr. Mahone. Honest reviews on deck tech is what I’m here for, and you always deliver.

Encrypted Gaming says:


MazterP28 says:

ill need to get one of those red boxes

rodolfo gonzalez says:

Can u fit the lil boxes for the dualist and pro line box inside the chest. Cause I got both but It would be sweet if I can get that chest

MazterP28 says:

ill stick with dragon shields

DT01 says:

I like the looks of the boxes, if I had the money to buy them, I would definitely use it! The sleeves look a bit suspect, I probably would avoid those. On another note, would you be willing to review the regular old ultra pro pro mattes? They’re the most common (for me at least) sleeves I can find, so it would be cool to see what you think of them.

Richie Rich says:

Great Review

Savage Josh 07 says:


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