I remember playing Rage way be in the day at my cousin Adams house. I can’t remember all the rules but lets look at the cards anyway.

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Lex Pullman says:

So refreshing to see cool stuff that’s not magic related

Mystical Glimmer says:

One of the first, next to Wyvern CCG, Netrunner CCG, and Vampire the Eternal Struggle CCG…great stuff. Like VTES, the fansets are legal in tournaments! If i remember correctly, they do a world championship every year as well. I pretend, Hyborian Gates doesn’t exists.

Justin Enright says:

Still begging for Spellfire. TSR responded to MTG really quickly; I’m pretty certain that they beat Vampire TMQ and Rage to market. I remember playing it while also buying MTG Revised. Unfortunately, by that time TSR was falling apart. Frankly, it has always pissed me off thar WOTC bought out TSR. Nothing could say more about what is wrong with WOTC than 4th edition D&D. #Oldschoolgaming

drunkenmonkey328 says:

Warlord: saga of the storm

Cory Frymire says:

no wonder this card game died lol

RBT says:

Jyhad! It is similar to this in that it still has a very active fan community and gets reprinted every so often through kickstarter and the like. It also was a great translation of the feel of the Vampire the Masquerade RPG to CCG format.

Donny says:

I actually just opened a sealed Duelist Magazine and it came with a Rage TCG card, seemed cool. It was from Umbra I think. What about Jyhad and Net Runner? I don’t think either of them really did well but idk.

Paladin Demo says:

Rage on!

rum runner says:

Wow…that’s taking me back. I loved all things White Wolf Games in the 90s. After old D&D but before 3rd Edition/D20, WW was the king of the RPG world.
I wish someone would make a decent “Vampire: The Masquerade” movie. Hell, they could do an entire World of Darkness Cinematic Universe!

Joshua Gannon says:

Loved Rage, though my personal favorite TCG has been Magi-Nation. If you can look past the cartoony, pseudo-anime art style (an art style that never bothered me), you’d be treated with a tcg with pretty unique mechanics that makes it stand out to this day.

Joshua S says:

Do Vampire: the Eternal Struggle sometime in the future. Great vids. Keep up the good work!

Potus111Trump says:

The first ccg i played

John Sirbu says:

Yes, Please cover more dead TCGs and not that ones that infinite booster decks like MTG or Flux.

Jason collins says:

Hell yea! Had this one as a kid. Your opening comments take the words right out of my mouth man!

DataSeven1 says:

I played Doomtown back in the day. I even have my Jokers still.

Starmixologist says:

You should look into DoomTrooper

Edwin the Magic Engineer says:

Jeremy, if you or others are interested, I have a LOT of booster packs and like 6x starter decks of Rage.

Flameshot X2 says:

I still have the two original World of Warcraft starter decks lol that would be a good one to see

Jason Roach says:

do doomtown or monty python

job schumacher says:

If you open that whole box one pack will have a foil. The rage foils put any thing MTG has ever put out to shame. This game was the one that created the idea of foil cards in ccg.

ravioli says:

have you heard of dinosaur king

Yeoman Archer says:

I miss the old LOTR and AVP card games.

Jason Vaughn says:

Silver fangs were my group , the art was like shit from Brom , amazing . Yeah wyrm lost me , was cool but too much to keep up with .
The political aspect of rage and jyhad were far more advanced than magic and the combat in RAGE was very satisfying.
Feign feign , entrail rend!!

Mtg Budgetbrew says:

I use these flip Werewolf cards as wolf tokens in when I play magic

Vrynix says:

The dead TCG The Wheel of Time. I loved that game. Shame it only lasted for a set and two expansions.

macs rutledge says:

this game was sweet, also loved the RPG Werewolf

Patrick Dwyer says:

I loved this game!!!! I still have 2 decks! And a bunch of spare cards!!!

alex pagle says:

Again I will shamelessly petition that you do something on Highlander, Warlord, Doom Trooper, 7th Sea, and Shadowfist.

Also Entrail Rend FTW!

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