Revived Card Game: Bakugan Battle Planet

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The Game Artist says:

Not a bakugan pack opening channel

Dan says:

Not a bakugan channel.

Proflugia Sh says:

Not a Bakugan channel by the way.

Moises Santana says:

So this is a bakugan pack opening channel now?

Hyperlink says:

That is literally Dark Hole

fenix fenix says:

dude low key all ads are bakugan related

I am Suupreme says:

That holographic card looks like the old Pokemon TCG foiling, where the cards were sparkly instead of being completely shiny.

Lib tard says:

Not a bakugan channel

Nick Carrier says:

This is my favorite bukagan pack opening channel!

God Is A High School Girl says:

Watched the Bakugan show as a kid. Dragonoid was more Dark Magician, the ace creature of the main character. Dan didn’t really have a non-villain foil, but the closest Bakugan to Blue Eyes would probably be Helios.

Caio Prado says:

Wait, you watched your own video to do this video? Talk about meta

Anthony8851 says:

5:00 Blue eyes ultimate dragon

Luna Drarga says:

Yu-Gi-Oh is king of games 😛 Also interesting to see that Bakugan is still actually alive, wasn’t heard of it for years since I’ve seen the anime. Having more games is very nice but kinda no game beside YGO get into memes. MtG is I think even older and yet no memes or I didn’t seen any and YGO? All the time for whatever reason.

Cybernetic_fighter_Z_The_Hell_Kaiser_Of_Long_Names says:

Can we just talk about how THICC Dragonoid got over the years

roji says:

This guy implies that Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t already killing itself

Shady Oak says:

“im not a Bakugan channel”

aggregor says:

Review Pokémon

Sam Davis says:

Did you just unironically say this isn’t a Bakugan channel?

T C says:

Do they use yugioh or mtg sized sleeves.

NimrPanther says:

Commenters don’t understand Dragonoid Chaos MAX

Kingus Dingus says:

anyone see the bakugan show they didnt even play the same game as the toys and by the end it just turned into monsters beating each other up

Radian says:

Wow i remeber these they where my child hood.

Awkward Birb says:

Some other possibly obscure spin off I remember seeing besides the Dungeon Dice Monsters for Yugioh was also the Dice Masters series, and they had a Yugioh version or something.

KhaPha says:

bakugan content on MY yugioh duel links channel!? >:[

Gavin Reid says:

Bakugan was my number one favorite thing when I was a kid. I don’t know how I feel about the rebooted game but at first I didn’t like how it worked. Although I want to try and play it then decide

Jesse .Sist says:

This is not a ‘whatever is happening in the video’ channel lol

Wolf Haar says:

Man this brings back memories… Wish I wasn’t a broke college student so I could get my hands on it and see how the new game plays. Hopefully it sticks around for a little while

MOHI master says:

“Commenters don’t understand Bakugan”

pokemans 2334 says:

You don’t shuffle the gate cards

TamMyBoy says:

Ra Sphere Mode : The Game


Commenters don’t understand mAgNeTiC mArBlEs.

Daeus Millan says:

Please actually do bakugan Content, even if it’s like once a month

Peasham says:

Someone who’s actually personal when unboxing Bakugan?
Me want more

Miguel Lopez says:

“Not a bakugan channel…”

king_panther cj says:

I use to play bakugun on my wii

The real DUELIST says:

You played bakugan never knew

Filli S. says:

For the love of God, let him review what he wants. It’s his channel and the comments complain the moment he does one video not relating to YuGiOh.

Raphael the human says:

Its time b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b brawl

DeAndre Cruse says:

anyone else get a bakugan commercial in the middle of a video?

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