Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game review

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JaxTwins says:

Thanks for the excellent review dude

listenchristian says:


exussupremebeing says:

My boy, that shirt is wicked!

Kirill Shubin says:

Check out this cool rickall artwork: http://rdbl.co/2jlVePs

AmatMiguel says:

so in other words, this game should have house rules

Kristinn Pálsson says:

It looks a little bit disappointing. Was hoping it to be more of a bluffing/lying game something like Werewolf but maybe with more strategy like the plot in the episode. This seems to rely a lot on luck. Could have been developed more like The Resistance or Secret Hitler. Since the episode had a lot of characters I would have like to see a big card deck like Cards Against Humanity, making every game more unique so the owner wont get tired soon.
I’m as well bit disappointed in the artwork it is clumsy and clustered.

Brad Krall says:

Where can I find that awesome shirt?

Binal says:

Not like you spoiled it for me because I’ve watched all episodes out. But… To say Theres something funny with Mr poopybutthole then a few moments later show that image in the background… Yeah.. spoilers

TheProdigalSon is back ! says:

Nice but Morty is not a creepy teenage pervert kid

Thomas Signer says:

Too bad this is now $60 + when it should be $10.

Coach Bengiovanni says:

This is the $7.99 Deal of the Day at Coolstuff Inc today. I was underwhelmed by the standard mode and was hoping to hear the advanced mode was better. Thanks for the honest review as always.

Average Dave says:

Felt exactly as you did. We changed the rule that if you die as a parasite, you’re out of the game. Without that, there is no incentive really to continue as a parasite. Still enjoyable though 🙂

mattygamer says:

Rick and Morty is not on Cartoon Network

Aaron Rigney says:

Also the name comes from a old sci-fi movie called total recall, pretty sure they were inspired by it (as many other sci-fi sometimes fantasy) when making this episode.

Rick and morty is great, also this game is alright haven’t played the advanced version yet but it seems like a blast!

Casey Roller says:

when playing this game in advanced mode, can’t you just change the rules so that the identity card of player characters doesn’t change so that you have a solidified role as a parasite or a real?

Keegan Ollerhead says:

Hey man, great video. Just wanted to let you know that Rick and Morty started as a Back to the Future spoof, like the first ever incarnation of them was literally just doc and marty

Alt Rick says:

This sounds like werewolf with more steps

newkillerstar26 says:

I have the game coming in the mail, but as a fan of the show, it makes sense that you’d have a character who means a lot to you, even if events cause you to change your mind about them, thematically speaking. Thanks for the review though. I’m very much looking forward to this.

Achidi Frick says:

If you get any good homebrew rules going, do make a video about the changes. I’m interested to hear about it.

William Rodriguez says:

That shirt! Automatic thumbs up!

Brian Ciuppa says:

Second … Where can I get that shirt?

TheZjensen says:


prokiller grape says:

I like your shirt
where did you get it?

Zero Bad Ideas says:

saw this at the store this week. i’ve only been a fan of the show since the second season, and that episode specifically was the episode that convinced me to go back and watch the season from the start, so i almost bought the game without even considering what it was about.

EDIT: this sounds awesome a hell, I’m going to see if I can pick it up tomorrow

Komninos Maraslidis says:

I like how Mr Poopybutthole is the artwork for “Real”

wh3elson says:

Are you ever going to do a full tokaido collectors edition overview?

Christopher Everett says:

Where can I find that shirt?

J El Ingles says:

I thought the game would be better.
Great video dude

EvenFlow406 says:

Are you going to review Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park?

B Smith says:

Love this game, waiting in expansion pack to come out.

Declan Fisher says:

Only a couple episodes have the word rick in it…

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