Shining Legends – NEW Pokemon Trading Card Game Set Review!

Andrew Mahone reviews the new Pokemon TCG mini set,Shining Legends! The set contains 78 cards and will be released October 6th! Let me know what you think of these powerful new Pokemon Cards!

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AlexCoronaPhoto says:

Your Twitter name always made me wonder if you’re a fan of Enjoi skateboards.

Supreme player says:

He is good

Oschiea Torres says:

can you for more ninetales GX battles??????

Cortez Pates says:

Gyrados Celibii are key us deck bring it

darkdeath310 says:

What website can I look up on how good the cards are doing in Japan tournaments ?

Lakehouse 160 says:

Genesect is literally a non-ex, grass type version of flareon ex, with the same ability except with grass, and the same attack except with grass

Retro & New says:

I did one of these boxes and I pulled a shiny genesect and jirachi! The GX were cool too

NicKVenTs says:

Mew twos bewbs are distracting

Eeveelutions8 says:

Nice videos and isn’t it 20th October?

Whatley Ju says:

I’m hoping to make the mewtwo gx deck idk why but it seems fun

vyzual says:

probably throwing this into my Darkrai deck (standard)

Poke Collectors says:


The Lost One says:

I love playing Lunala, so i definitely want to get a couple mewtwos, btw can you tell me if a Metagross Lunala deck would work since you can move psycic and metal energy to the active and move the psycic energy with Lunala

kcinteractive says:

maybe for the venusaur it could be in vikavolt/bulu and using it make a faster start of nature’s judgment and also the genesect to ?

Eric says:

we need more d nice andrew

Sore-yet! says:

With the electric acceleration you forgot vikavolt.

Program Hunter says:

That mew is replacing my koko in my golisopod deck 100%. It makes it a 7 prize game and accelerates dce and rainbows to ANYTHING

Harinder Kaur says:


Kevin Krueger says:

Nice review! I think zoroark gx and hoopa are the game changers here…if the japan results are any indication, zoroark gx will likely be teched into EVERYTHING in place of where remoraid/octillery are now. Hoopa will also help make dark relevant in standard again. With these changes in the meta, I could see lycanroc emerging as an effective archetype (especially once buzzwole comes out)…bloodthirsty eyes into OHKO for weakness for two prizes and nerfing their draw support is just SOOOO good. Also BUS baby lycanroc can one-shot the new barrier hoopa or only one energy!

Celender Ministries says:

Can you do a raichu GX deck profile?

Weeby Whimsicott says:

I need the shiny Jirachi, Celebi, and Genesect. Hopefully prices don’t go too high

yay5656 yay5656 says:


Pokémon Cardlector says:


Ronald Mcdonald says:

When is this set coming out

Louis' Aegislash says:

October 6th is my birthday YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Cole Grigsby says:

raichu gx new magnzone ?

Rare Candy says:

Hey Andrew just a quick clarification, Zoroark GX’s GX move copies any of your opponents attacks not just the active like Zoroark BREAK. Nice review man.

Richard Halsall says:

What you think of the shiny rayquaza?

Bryson Xiao says:

I feel like genesect venusaur is really good b/c you can get 170 damage, 200 with choice band, for three energy in a basic non ex non gx pokemon. Still also can be ramped up to 240 by adding another energy!

Nick Bixby says:

I’m going to Daytona and I’m debating between playing golisopod garb, golisipod seismitoad or just plain golisopod. Thoughts?

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